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  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, because ESET's North America support team sucks! I've sent in very detailed info about problems I've had in the past, and usually 2 to 3 days later I get some BS response just like you did.
  2. My mistake. I forgot I had switched over to the server forum.
  3. I've seen this occasionally and it's always right after a reboot. It usually seems to resolve itself on it's own. Maybe the next time the client "checks in" to the server??
  4. There is another topic with the same issue We're experiencing the same issues since upgrade to 8.1. It's random as far as the users; some are remote users in another office or working from home, and some are here at our main office. Sometimes they resolve the issue on their own after a short period, some after a few days, but I have a couple of others that are still showing errors after about a week.
  5. I personally have not been able to find a way to change it. From what I've found, I believe it is hard coded to 10% of your purchased licenses.
  6. Any ETA on when the Cloud portal will be back up? I've been getting this message for several hours now.
  7. Only ESET people have access to any files you upload on the forum.
  8. Are you looking on your computer or on the server? You should be using file manager (or whatever your host calls it) to look on the actual web server.
  9. This was an issue with Outlook. It should be resolved now. If yours are still appearing blank, go to File-->Account and check for updates.
  10. Is there not a way for Eset to stop and restart itself to negate a restart, especially on a server? Server reboots are, like Rekun said, hard to get a reboot window for.
  11. @pudding69 Honestly, do you really think comments like this will help you get anywhere?
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