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  1. I did what the instructions told me to do (see below). And since that's the only Management Agent in my cloud console, that's the one I modified. Nowhere in it does it reference any certificates.
  2. So basically, I get to do a manual agent install on all my workstations. Not cool!!
  3. @MichalJ Is there a way to change the certificate on the "cloud server" to match what's on all these clients?
  4. I did the migration by following this article: https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/?cloud_migration.html Everything went fine with the migration for all the local endpoints. I spent the weekend remoting into PC's that are external to our network to manually install the new version. Everything was running fine. I did an edit on the agent to lock the policies (see below) so they couldn't be changed on the workstations. Within seconds, every endpoint that was turned on went red with the Peer Certificate error. As far as I can tell, there is no way to edit or change a certificate anywh
  5. Geez! That makes for a lot of work on my part. Any idea what would have caused this?
  6. Is the "Agent Upgrade" task what I should use to re-deploy? I ask because I did that, but it's not running on the clients.
  7. I recently migrated from a local ESET install to ESET Cloud. Everything was fine, all the computers were being updated. I made a change to the agent to lock some of the settings. Now all of my computers are reporting that the Peer Certificate is Invalid. How can I remedy this?
  8. I just migrated our company from EAV to EPC. All the existing policies were migrated over. I had it set to not show when Windows required updates. The policy still shows "No Updates", yet I'm seeing warning in the console. What am I missing?
  9. Anything you upload here can only be viewed by ESET personnel.
  10. I did, that's why I said if you got it to work on a couple of them, then you did better than I did. LOL
  11. If you got it to work on a couple of machines, you did better than I did. Even though it said success on every computer I ran it on, it didn't work. I finally gave up and I'm about to embark on a migration from my local setup to the cloud as shown here https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/cloud_migration.html.
  12. That's what I was looking for! Thank you @MichalJ!!
  13. I guess I should have added this to my original post...I've tried using the remote deployment tool and even though it shows successful, nothing changes on the computers. It seems that the only way to get them to show up correctly is to manually uninstall and manually install the new AIO installer.
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