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  1. I've sent an activation task three times now from ESMC (I know, definition of insanity) and it still showing it needs activation. Tasks are showing successful completion. I've verified that I still have licenses available. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. @MichalJI actually opened a support ticket yesterday (but haven't heard back from them yet). Good news is though, your solution worked perfect! Thank you!! Thanks for the info on the units column! That makes sense now.
  3. Our activated server count shows 7/7, but I only have 6 servers. I even looked under the AV licenses to see if a server got duplicated there, but no luck. Any idea why this would be off or how to correct it? Also, what is the "Units" column referencing?
  4. @naumiI didn't mean that you needed to change the language on your computer. I was just stating that we can't all read German, so translating it for us would be nice.
  5. Open the GUI. Click on Computer Scan--> Show Log
  6. I couldn't agree more. This is one of my big pet peeves with ESET!!
  7. Thanks! That did the trick! Now I can sleep at night.
  8. Did anybody ever have any luck with this?
  9. We have 2 ESET licenses (multiple seats under each license), one for Endpoint Antivirus for Windows and one for File Security for Microsoft Windows Servers. One of our virtual host servers is showing up under the AV license but with the correct File Security Product Description. As far as I know, it's not causing any issues, but I'm pretty anal about things. How can I move it to the right license, and will it affect the functionality of anything?
  10. I guess nobody ever got back to you on this? I'd like to do the same thing. i.e I really don't consider a printer a rogue device.
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