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  1. Only ESET people have access to any files you upload on the forum.
  2. Are you looking on your computer or on the server? You should be using file manager (or whatever your host calls it) to look on the actual web server.
  3. This was an issue with Outlook. It should be resolved now. If yours are still appearing blank, go to File-->Account and check for updates.
  4. Is there not a way for Eset to stop and restart itself to negate a restart, especially on a server? Server reboots are, like Rekun said, hard to get a reboot window for.
  5. @pudding69 Honestly, do you really think comments like this will help you get anywhere?
  6. It is working this morning. Thank you!!
  7. Created a new one and got the same results.
  8. I found this entry in the Logs collected on the PC that I think is the issue - HTTP Request to "repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/eea/windows//manifest.erm" opened with status=20011 and response=404 Logs attached ELC_logs.zip
  9. We're using ESET Protect Cloud AV and File Security for Windows Servers (3AK-ACH-MEN). I've had an issue trying to run the AIO installer on two servers yesterday and now a PC today. When the new File Security was announced yesterday, I created a new AIO installer (maybe didn't need to do that) and tried to run it on two different servers, but kept getting the attached error. Today, I'm setting up a new PC and using the AIO installer I've been using since we moved to the cloud version. I'm getting the same message at the same point in the install. This comes up almost immediately after clicking
  10. I haven't had any problems at all and I've been on and off of the forums all day.
  11. I did what the instructions told me to do (see below). And since that's the only Management Agent in my cloud console, that's the one I modified. Nowhere in it does it reference any certificates.
  12. So basically, I get to do a manual agent install on all my workstations. Not cool!!
  13. @MichalJ Is there a way to change the certificate on the "cloud server" to match what's on all these clients?
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