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    LesRMed received kudos from Outcast in New SIM cards detected indefinitely -- "When SIM card is removed" unusable   
    US support strikes again! Totally useless!!
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    LesRMed received kudos from HexousKoneko in Eset Endpoint v8.1 LiveGrid connection problem   
    There is another topic with the same issue
    We're experiencing the same issues since upgrade to 8.1. It's random as far as the users; some are remote users in another office or working from home, and some are here at our main office. Sometimes they resolve the issue on their own after a short period, some after a few days, but I have a couple of others that are still showing errors after about a week.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to peteyt in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    I'm split. I wouldn't mind if Eset introduced it but there's the debate if AVs should basically focus on being AVs and leave the other stuff to other users.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Ed Spurrell in ESET Mobile Security Free on my new Samsung cell   
    I hear you. The last 2 replies from the support tech by email was totally useless to my issue. They must be replying to another ticket and not mine. I just don't understand it.
    I am getting more help from this forum than the actual tech support.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to TheSkymanDC in ESET Network Attack Protection (IDS) is non-functional   
    This was never resolved for us.  The recommendation to turn on advanced logging was of no use as the reboot cleared the problem on that computer.  Randomly happens every few days.   I chatted with ESET Support and no one can give me a resolution.  Very annoying.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to peteyt in Create and/or store MFA codes in ESET Password Manager   
    I believe what the user is meaning is using the password manager as an authenticator. Found this for 1Password https://support.1password.com/one-time-passwords/
    What this basically seems to suggest is with some password managers you can use the app to also show the 2FA codes, similar to the Google Authentication App. I myself use an app called Authy for this.
    This is an interesting idea but not sure what i think as having your passwords and the authentication tokens in the same place could also be risky 
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in Eset Updating Hung .............. Again   
    I will also add that running an Eset engine update which is over a 100 MB download at system boot time is not desirable activity at system boot time. This may very well be the source of this sporadic Eset update behavior issue. An engine update should be delayed to after Windows has fully initialized itself.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in Recommended website secure !   
    I will also add that this posting is out of scope for this forum. This forum is about Eset product questions and issues.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to NewbyUser in Buy Licence officiel for nod32 website and act.33   
    Gotta love the Good Deeds Service touch lol. 
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Marcos in Website is clean now   
    This forum is not intended for disputing blocks or detections. Since the malware has been removed, the website was unblocked but the applications will continue to be detected.
    Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to NewbyUser in Website is clean now   
    Glad you got your site clean, if in fact you did as it is debatable. but, while I am not in way part of Eset, I don't see the PUA classification being removed, you literally advertise being able to hack other people's IG accounts which is actual malware by definition, and illegal in every country I'm aware of it's laws, so you should be happy with just being classified as a PUA. and call it a day.  Password stealing trojan seems more appropriate to my view. 
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in Eset Updating Hung .............. Again   
    If the Eset update hang issue was related to this, it would have not resolved itself after a system reboot as I see it.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to peteyt in NSO and Pegasus back in the spotlight   
    What I find funny is the people behind pegasus keep saying this person and this person etc. weren't being tracked by the software and the next thing they say they don't have access to customer data so can't see who/what their customers are spying on, which contradicts the previous statements 
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Marcos in Rootkit   
    It appears that everything has been said and continuing the topic makes no sense for other users either. Having said that, we'll draw it to a close.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to peteyt in ESET Tech Support   
    My guess is that this is just included in case the user requires remote help, and it is just there to cover themselves i.e. it's made quicker by the fact the user has to already agree to it. I think they would still need to send the download, but it gets the legal stuff out the way ready. I could be wrong but I think this is probably most likely
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    LesRMed gave kudos to T3chGuy007 in Upgrade after upgrade after upgrade   
    Thanks for the clarification, but it would have been nice if the hot fix and feature update were released on the same day.  This way, those users who like to keep their devices up-to-date would have had the option to install v8.0.2039.0 or v8.1.2031.0.  I would have never updated our PCs to 8.0.2039.0 if I had known 8.1.2031.0 was going to come out a week later.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in Suspicious Chrome extension   
    The bottom line is this.
    There are and have been so many malicious Chrome Store extensions, any corp. admin that lets employees install these extensions "needs to be shown the permanent exit door." Browser extensions need to vetted just like any other installed software on corporate devices; if that is even being done, by standalone device testing not connected to corp. network. Only vetted extensions should be allowed installation on devices attached to a corp. network.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Chas4 in HTTP protocol checking blocks Arris modem pages   
    Thanks, I usually have to wait about a week for them to respond and provide the cloud link they use (also I shared it via a cloud link in my email reply back)
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in ESET LICENSE HACKED!!!   
    Eset in the U.S. now uses Live Chat only: https://helpus.eset.com/ . Something BTW I personally detest.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to rekun in Negative effects when system is not restarted after ESET update   
    Okay, are there any plans to add this to server products as well, as they are even harder to get a reboot window for?
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Marcos in NOD32 Gamer Mode Shortcut (?)   
    I recommend contacting your local ESET distributor and asking for the feature while providing more information on the use case. The more users will request it, the higher chance we will consider adding it providing that the feature would be useful for many of our users.
    Since everything has been said and explained, we'll draw this topic to a close.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to XR219 in Command line options for epi_win_live_installer.exe? (especially silent)   
    I should add that running the command manually epi_win_live_installer.exe --silent --accepteula --avr-disable from the command line on the machine, with admin rights also does.... you've guessed it... nothing (or its doing it very slowly in the background, I've waited an hour). So clearly the switches for the on prem ESMC don't work with cloud protect. Frustrating would be one word for it.
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    LesRMed received kudos from MichalJ in MSP License quantity update   
    This worked for me:
    Login to ESET MSP Administrator Press F12 Go to Applications > Local Storage > https://msp.eset.com Delete the key PendingRequests Reload the ESET MSP Administrator portal (Ctrl+F5)
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    LesRMed gave kudos to karsayor in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Automate the "rerun on failed" trigger
    Detail: When upgrading Endpoint or Agents to latest version, often it might fail on some computers due to many reasons. It would be nice to have the ability to automate the trigger on these because as of now you have to constantly monitor and rerun many times the task. Using a dynamic group also doesn't work since the task will run when computers joins group but if it fails it will not run again.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to URBAN0 in I Am Very Ticked Off!   
    itman would be undoubtedly the person to award for his big contribution of helping others on this forum 👌
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