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  1. Looking to create a master Windows 10 image and clone 5 pc's using Acronis SnapDeploy. All my current endpoints are connected to an ESMC server. Should i include Endpoint AV install in the master or wait until each clone is made to install endpoint and agent? What is the proper procedure with regards to cloning WIn 10?
  2. Why do you say upgrading in the following weeks is crucial?
  3. You misunderstand my question....i dont want to update the older 5.x and 4.x endpoints on some of the older xp and 2003 computers...can 7.2 manage the older 5.x and 4.x endpoints? If so, how do i move the older endpoints to point to the esmc server for policies and updates?
  4. Is there anything special i need to do when creating policies specific for the older endpoints? How do i move them from era to esmc? do i just change the admin server ip in the 5.x endpoint to point to the ip of the esmc server?
  5. I have an older 5.x ERA server and a dozen or so endpoints connecting to it. FOr various reasons i need to leave some on the older 5.x era server but will migrate a few to newer 7.x platform. The endpoind connection are a mix of 5.x Endpoint AV and 4.5.x File Security. Can ESMC 7.2 manage any off the older 5.x or 4.x platform?
  6. I got this error on a couple older win 7 pcs when i tried to install new version of endpoint AV...turns out that both those computers were way behind on windows updates....as soon as i got them caught up then eset installed....20H2 just came out didnt it? Are you using the newest versions of software...i know only the latest will work on the latest feature releases of Win 10
  7. I thought that license structure was for a thin client connecting...?? every client connecting is coming from a windows 10 computer which all those have Eset endpoint AV installed...even Microsoft licenses Office like that..if the connecting client has Office already licensed then the terminal server does not also need a license..the TS uses the "license" from the client
  8. Should i install Eset File Security on my Windows 2016 server before or after i enable "terminal server mode"? I know most other apps need to be installed after server has been converted to an RDS server but not sure about AV
  9. I realize that...but why all of a sudden does the latest endpoint/agent all in one installer that i created on ESMC locally all of a sudden have an issue? I have created at least 5 or 6 AIO installers over the years and have done the exact same thing without issue
  10. What is the combo of endpoint/nic that has issues...i am in a holding pattern upgrading my 2016 server endpoint until i hear what the cause is.
  11. I created the all-in -one installer via ESMC on premise...never had issues in the past with previous AIO installers i created..if i run the AIO instller via the network share i get no Smartscreen popups...only if i copy the same installer to the local desktop will i get the popup...
  12. I created an all in one instal package for latest version of endpoint AV and agent. If i install from server share there is no issues. If i copy the install file to the desktop, i get a smartscreen pop up which blocks the install. While i can bypass the smartscreen and install anyway, why is this happening to begin with? I have never had any issue over the past few years creating install files and installing from a copy of the file from the local desktop (Windows 10)
  13. When i choose the endpoint then click Actions at the bottom, the only item in the list that would apply is remove. CLicking this is the same option/process as removing the endpoint from the management server itself. I am almost done with my upgrades. I will just ignore for now then delete and recreate new task at new time i need to update
  14. Is there a certain combo of endpoint version and/or network card driver that has the bug? I am in middle of upgrading all my endpoints/agents but will hold off on the 2016 servers after seeing this...
  15. I have one endpoint that will not update via a task. The overall task itself is 99% green with completed status but it always shows that one endpoint in yellow. How do i remove that failed endpoint from that upgrade task so that the task itself shows 100% success?
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