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  1. Maybe it had something to do with admin logged in at console then me rdp in as admin...leaving session running and disconnected. It always seemed that the update would work on its own as soon as i logged both sessions out then logged back in with one. The icon in taskbar never showed up for any user other than first one logged in. Taking this scenario, i set start mode to terminal for the server policy. I have not had issues since. Maybe a coincidence?? I dont need icon in taskbar on servers...i can run thru start menu... thanks for looking on to this
  2. I uploaded log file almost 2 weeks ago...a simple reply that you got it and are currently reviewing would have been nice
  3. i am asking which option in need to select in ESET Log Collector...if i choose all its 186mb...largest file i can upload here is 100mb...i do not have onedrive or dropbox... I see no line item in the list of items in ESET Log Collector that references advanced update engine log
  4. I had the logging on when this happened again on one of the 2016 servers. As i stated, i have 2 servers with same polices. The other one has experienced the same problem but it is currently updating fine. The current one stopped updating on May 3. I logged in yesterday morning and as soon as i opened the gui, it updated on its own. I turned on logging right after this. That update right before 8am yesterday was the only one it did then stopped. The esmc console shows last connected time as current (within connect time i specified in policies). One thing i do notice is that when i rdp in to the server, the eset icon is not in the taskbar. I have to open up via programs list. I still think it has something to do with a combination of the admin logged in at the console and also rdp session to same server or a combination of logged in one place and not the other. I ran the log collector but its 186mb which is too large. I did run all option. Let me kknow when options i need to choose for the logs to capture and i will rerun it.
  5. The other server ( the esmc server) stopped updates on May 3. As soon as i logged in to it...it updated....i enabled the advanced logging oin that server also....see if i can capture nnext time this happens....
  6. ok...maybe i will log out of the rdp session to see if i can reproduce problem
  7. do you want me to try to leave it running to possibly capture the problem again or should i run the log collector now after the diagnostics has only been turned on for a few minutes?
  8. i enabled the update engine logging...how do i gather logs with ESET Log Collector? i never used that tool
  9. yes... i had to go back and read my reply...no where did i mention mirror and i said in first line that the endpoints use proxy to get their updates
  10. The esmc updates directly from eset servers and both endpoints use proxy to get updates from the esmc server. One of the 2 protected 2016 servers is the ESMC server. As i mentioned, when i noticed this on the other 2016 server (stopped updating on May 1 when i discovered yesterday May 2), as soon as i logged in to the server, just leaving it as desktop and not opening anything, it updated on its own. Its not an issue of the esmc server downloading definitions for the file security endpoint as the last time this happened, one of the 2 servers was updating fine. I have a total of 8 endpoints (6 windows pcs and 2 servers) on the ESMC. They all use the custom Management agent policy I created and the windows pcs have no issues. I noticed this problem a week or so ago when both servers wernt updating. I logged in to each server just to see what the actual endpoint log files said. I originally thought it was something i changed in the server policy but now thinking back, i logged in to both and they started updating again on their own. How can i reproduce a random issue?
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