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  1. Any help with regards to how to videos/steps ..????
  2. about 110 endpoints.....all my servers are running in a VMWare environment...desktops are not virtual....i cannot answer your cloud solution question..i am sure you are trying to find out if if the cloud version of Security Managmenet would work for me....but not having had my hands on the interface, i do not know which i would prefer...i am leaning towards having one management server onsite vs cloud.....
  3. Coming from v5 and looking to go to V7...the new Security Management Center is a little overwhelming looking at some random videos i have found online. Is there a support doc that outlines how to set this up from beginning to end? possibly a video series ? I plan on setting up as new and migrating endpoints over as i get updated endpoint software installed on each client. My current environment is either running endpoint AV for Windows pcs and also file security on windows servers....with about 6 or 7 policies set up.. Nothing complex. I would like to keep the v7 admin as simple as possible.