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  1. ESET NOD32 9.0.425.0 update

    People using older versions of ESET products are being asked to upgrade to the latest: I'm sorry about the communication regarding this, I don't think we have anything yet that explains these updates.
  2. The steps in the KB article (lmkbtfy) should walk you through exporting the config and importing the config: Import or export ESET configuration settings using an .xml file I realize the KB shows the latest version but the steps are the same. If you think it would be useful to show the export from v10 and import to v11 in the KB, let me know and I can see about updating the content to show that.
  3. In the Online Help I see the following ( If you are running ESET Log Collector for the first time, ESET Log Collector requires the End-User License Agreement (EULA) to be accepted. To accept EULA, run the very first command with /accepteula parameter.
  4. This post isn't directly related to ESET but the results can be applied to the work we do regarding our technical documentation (for which I'm responsible). We care about the quality of our support documentation and are always looking for ways to improve it. One, very important metric is user feedback, which is always in short supply. There is an ongoing study to help determine how readers define documentation quality, based on 15 empirically tested information quality dimensions (modified from Wang & Strong, 1996).If you can complete this small, anonymous questionnaire will really appreciate it. The results of this study will be analyzed and prepared for publication/presentation when enough data has been collected.Thanks for your help!For more details, see:Wang R. & Strong, D. (1996). Beyond accuracy: what data quality means to data consumers. J. of Man. Info. Sys., 12 (4), p.5-34) .Zacarias, D. (2015). The Complete Guide to the Kano Model: Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction and Delight.
  5. ESET Doesn't Respect Affiliates

    We’re sorry for your experience with the Affiliate Program. We continually make changes to improve the administration and customer experience and we’re hoping that the changes to the processes we’ve implemented will help partners like you now and going forward. First, for other users that don’t know, the ESET Affiliate program is an ESET North America program that allows you to make money from your website for marketing ESET products. More information can be found on the ESET Affiliate web page: For your issue @ep2012, the default policy is set to automatically deny the application for every new member to the Commission Junction platform. This is by design. One of the changes we’ve made to the process is to allow new users to contact us directly via Commission Junction and we are committed to a 24-48 hour response time for such requests. We’ll look to address this in our content as well to make this more clear.
  6. ESET Doesn't Respect Affiliates

    I am connecting with those responsible for this program (the person you named is no longer with ESET and this program is handled by others now).
  7. We published this as temp solution: Module update failed: "Your license file does not contain a Username or Password. You can update only from an update mirror."
  8. Forum Feedback

    The Report option is correct, I think. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't view those as overtly "negative", others use that to comment on a post or thread and the Reports list for Mods is a good place to not lose track of these. As long as you leave a comment regarding why you flagged the thread or post, it should be fine.
  9. Cannot deactive lisence do you know which license-owner type is associated with the license (i.e., Security Admin or License Owner)?
  10. upgrade instructions here:
  11. License Manager

    I've relayed the request to add a license to ELM without having to activate it. We've updated the Online Help to make note of this. Added the note: Only an activated license can be added and managed by ESET License Manager. Adding a new license to License Manager requires activating a License Key by completing the activation form.
  12. Facebook

    there are few companies that work with Facebook's Malware Checkpoint feature, ESET is one of them. The screenshot you uploaded is not for ESET though. If you receive a Facebook notification for ESET, our product allows you to run the scanner from the browser. For more information see Why does Facebook require that I scan my computer?
  13. Samsung Secure Folder

    I'm asking our SME (subject matter experts) where the recommended installation of EMS is.
  14. License Manager

    Sorry for missing this thread -- after you click "Add license", enter your License Key and click "Add license" again, you will be taken to the Activate form in order to add the license to ESET License Manager. So it seems you can't add retail box licenses to ELM for safe keeping, but I understand why you would want to do this--I'll mention this to Product Manager and I'll update the Online Help to be more clear about this.