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  1. that's how we roll...accidentally helping users solve issues... p.s. btw, what was the issue that you chose from the automated selection?
  2. Great question! We have updated our licensing for ESET Internet Security (EIS) and it now functions (replaces) the "multi device" license. So yes, you can use EIS to install multiple products, for the list, see regarding how many devices, that is 'technically' answered by and, but that may not give you the answer you want..meaning, afaik the current model is 1 license = 1 device, so a 3 user EIS license would allow you install three different products in the kb6405 list. For your specific device combination, you could always (and probably should) contact Sales to determine the best option for your situation. For example (and this is an example I have not verified as being more cost effective, Sales would have to tell you), but you could get A: a 4 user EIS license to cover your 2 pcs and 2 androids B: a 2 user EIS to cover the two pcs (or any two computers in the list) and one Android license (from Google or Amazon) to cover your 2 android phones (per kb2393, 1 android license is good for 5 devices).
  3. Equifax Hacked

    Some key points from the 7,200 word TOS, as reported by CNNMoney -Monitoring doesn't start until next week (shouldn't it retroactively start in July when the breach occurred?) -You are giving up some of your rights to sue or join class action -They aren't promising to fix your credit, just monitor it
  4. Thanks for providing great info about the issue and the troubleshooting steps you've taken to attempt to resolve. There are a few other steps to try that I've learned from our Technical Support agents, but I would rather that you open a Support case so they can track this issue, because it's something we will want to make sure we resolve not just in this instance, but for others as well -- opening a case will allow our TS agents to escalate this to development if needed to resolve the issue. Email Tech Support using the online form: Or you can do live chat, right now:
  5. That's a US license. You can get US based support but you'll have to figure out how to contact from your location, by phone or live chat is available. Maybe, use a proxy to access Live Chat: Phone: +1 (619) 630-2300 Hours of phone support: 6:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Time [GMT-8], Monday - Friday
  6. Here's some good resource information to see the difference Marcos describes, along with links to instructions for setting up HTTP proxy
  7. We also have a new firewall wizard-type article that takes you through each method for configuring the firewall
  8. All the methods for unlocking your device are here:, if you're still having issues, contact your local support.
  9. Cant unlock my phone

    Ok, I recommend waiting for technical support to get back to you, but we do document one more additional step for unlocking, After that, there are still other (more intrusive) ways to resolve, but that's for tech support to determine.
  10. Cant unlock my phone

    Sorry, I know this is frustrating, there are three methods for unlocking and it sounds like you've done two of them, the third is using to unlock, so that is an option to try as well:
  11. A new version of ESET SysRescue has been released. See the ESET SysRescue Download page for more information and to download the tool. How do I use ESET SysRescue Live to clean my computer? Changelog Added: Midnight commander and Gnome partition editor utilities Changed: Update the distribution's software packages to their latest versions Changed: Update SysRescue documentation Fixed: Creating Live USB from ISO fails Fixed: Missing Help for Live USB boot Fixed: Inconsistent installer menu booted from ISO and USB Fixed: Bootable USB creation fails on Windows 10 Fixed: Product entry missing in Application menu Fixed: Create/Erase Live USB does not work when system is booted from USB/CD-DVD Fixed: Threat exclusions do not work Fixed: Create Live USB process fails with error Fixed: Erase Live USB process fails with error Fixed: Local drive not available as scan target by default for Computer scan Fixed: Task panel disappears after Desktop refresh Fixed: Update ability of scanning engine databases on LiveUSB by enlarging the data partition Fixed: Inability to update scanning engine databases due to erroneous link Fixed: Launching applications using the .desktop files requiring terminal Fixed: Icons disappear from Desktop after selecting few icons Fixed: GParted: Program should start after closing Fixed: Linux: Create Live USB process fails with error Fixed: "Erase Live USB" tool did not display any information when empty USB drive used
  12. New build on Pre Release today

    The PCU upgrade will work with 10.0.390, and should work now using the instructions here
  13. Thanks for posting the solution and for the feedback.
  14. Can you doublecheck that Hitman Pro Alert is really uninstalled (no traces left)?
  15. We have pretty good KB instructions for the troubleshooting wizard as well,, let us know if that doesn't work so we can make sure we have the most relevant content updated there to help with issues like these.