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  1. I'm not sure that the notification behavior has changed, I would have to ask. The typical behavior is that the notifications begin at 14 days. See "License is expiring in 14 days: Your Protection status icon will turn yellow when your license has 14 days remaining or fewer before it expires." Either wait a couple of days to check, or maybe the user disabled the notifications for license expiration, under Advanced setup > User interface > Statuses > Application statuses > General > License expired...
  2. Can someone provide a screenshot (maybe a pic of the phone from another phone), I would like to see what "all black" means, especially in relation to the OP who said they were able to see a message directing them to Kb2949, so maybe it's "mostly black..."
  3. You tried to Sign in to ESET AntiTheft and your email and password didn't work? What I hear happening sometimes is that when some users setup their phones, there's an option to create the ESET AntiTheft login, but users don't realize they're creating a new login--can you try the Forgot password on the Sign in page to reset the account login, then once you're back in there (assuming that you did create one and can get back in with that email, hopefully you didn't sign up with a bogus/fake email) then try resetting the EMS password following steps 3-5
  4. Sorry to hear this, if you haven't heard back from tech support, make sure you have a case open by contacting your local ESET partner for support. There are few ways to setup the password protection, and therefore sometimes different options for resetting or disabling. Based on what you've indicated, it sounds like you may have setup Antitheft, and so you should try to reset the password via (or disable Antitheft from there). Reset password on
  5. What version of EMS are you using? If it's the latest version and your EMS password isn't working, have you tried
  6. I've moved this thread into the ESS forum. Can you give more details about what's not working -- ESET Password Manager isn't opening or enabling or running in browser, which browser are you trying to use it in etc.?
  7. Were you able to find it?
  8. DESlock Client 4.8.16 has been released and is available to download. DESlock Client 4.8.16 Fixed: Removable Media Encryption. Fixed a problem introduced in v4.8.15 which would cause Windows Explorer to hang when inserting Removable Media. This would also cause the machine to hang during shutdown. Fixed: Full Disk Encryption. Fixed a problem which affected the previous versions installation process when over installing, or performing an installation repair, when Full Disk Encrypted. The installation would appear to hang and/or the machine could blue screen (BSOD). (Over installation of the same version is possible when using an updated Merged Installation package from an Enterprise server, or when switching installation language.) Fixed: A problem with Managed Uninstall codes (Enterprise Client only). Fixed: A problem upgrading from old client versions (v4.3.112 and v4.3.114) which would cause Windows to not boot after upgrading. This affected upgrades from those old versions to all releases between v4.8.3 and 4.8.15. Support Resources Download DESlock ESET Knowledgebase—DESlock Support ESET Knowledgbase YouTube channel: DESlock video tutorials
  9. Banking and Payment Protection browser displays "Protected browser could not be started" or error 0x847695d0
  10. Update troubleshooting:
  11. yes, the same is true for the /US site, I think all the download pages are being updated to match but haven't happened yet.
  12. I would recommend contacting ESET Customer Support for this issue
  13. Additionally, the redirect seems to be fixed and working properly so additional tickets can be submitted using the in-product web form as normal.
  14. Sorry about that, I tested that and I'm seeing the same thing myself. There is definitely the added benefit of automatically attaching the relevant system logs using the in-product support request, but until the redirect is resolved (that's what I think it is because the form itself is still working properly), you can still submit a support request using the web form:
  15. I will update kb3694 with the latest download link I will fix the errant hyperlink in the Forum Announcement. Thanks and sorry. Fer