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  1. Here is a full pcap log using Wireshark with default stock settings (only hitting start and stop). I simply hit start, refreshed this page ( https://www.eset.com/us/home/antivirus-linux/download/ ), and then downloaded the file. After the download finished, I told it to stop capturing. The only other tab open was here (the forum). This is of the 119 MB file. Dropbox link (since your forum says the file is too big) https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7wijaz1ohsjkcp/119.pcapng?dl=0
  2. YES, I am able to run the smaller file. The smaller file installs 4.0.90 (if I recall correctly) which is an older release. I am able to reproduce this at random (having no control over the outcome). I eventually install the 119MB release which is not the release I was expecting or the file size of 124MB as suggested on the website.
  3. When downloading from here https://www.eset.com/us/home/antivirus-linux/download/ I end up with different versions (at random). So far I have downloaded which is 83.9MB and another that is 119MB. I am downloading the 64-bit from your USA servers. Whatever CDN you have setup is giving me different versions depending on when I download. Can I please have a direct link?
  4. I am thankful your installer stopped me from making what likely would have been a big mistake (see attached screenshot). And I am pleased to learn you do indeed have a 64-bit edition. I would note, however, somewhere, and I'm sorry to say I cannot locate where, but somewhere there is a link on your site offering only the 32-bit download, which explains the initial confusion.
  5. As you may or may not be aware, Linux, in general, is moving away from the 32-bit. Many Linux distros still offer 32-bit app support, but their releases are now 64-bit by default. And in some cases, 32-bit distro releases are a thing in the past. I noticed ESET Nod32 Anti-Virus is a 32-bit application, and I am wondering if you plan on releasing a 64-bit application in the future? At the moment, I had to install more than a few 32-bit dependencies to launch your installer ( eset_nod32av_32bit_en.linux ).
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