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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, Target OS - Windows 7 Pro x64 + Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise x64 Target - does it on both an individual computer, also a dynamic group Software Version - Endpint 6.6.2046.0, I do my servers manually but could try one i guess via a task to see Task was just to install Endpoint - Activation has a seperate task against the not activated dynamic group ERA Server deployed on Server 2012 R2 Thanks
  2. Hi, Just like to bring to your attention a couple of bugs found whilst using ERA 6.5 ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.5 (6.5.522.0) ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version 6.5 (6.5.388.0) 1. When creating a software install client task (in my case Endpoint AV and Endpoint Security) - the task stays showing as Running even though its actually completed, the product is successfully installed and the agent reporting on it correctly. Doesnt matter how long you leave it for, its stays blue and status running. 2. When editing a Agent Push Install Server Task - when you re-type the password in, after inputting the first character the cursor defaults back to the start of the password so the first character you have typed in actually ends up at the end of the password (appears to be ok when creating the task for the first time, just when subsequently editing it) Thanks
  3. Symantec Messaging Gateway. Trend Micro WFBS and SMEX also has the ability to set rules to scan inside zips and delete them at server level If Symantec, the worlds worst vendor of AV can, anybody can ill ever know!
  4. Hi Peter, I have double checked my server settings as suggested and confirm that everything is setup how it should be for the virus scanner to scan insidie archives. However it doesnt explain the fact that in any given hour of the day my own Exchange Quarantine mailbox can accumulate 300+ emails marked as spam and the majority of them contain an exe inside a zip!!! Id say that over a whole day if we get 10 that are actually caught and moved the to Quarantine folders Infected Items saying XYZ infection has been found we have had a good day! Surely the AV side of EMSX should be catching these and marking them all as infections, not just the odd few, even if the rule side of deleting anything with exe inside an archive cannot be achieved? 99% of the mail i get quarantined that has .exe attachments is just marked with SPAM. Example- even though inside of this email has a zip file containing Invoice.pdf.exe attachment Then 3 minutes later i get So why are all .exe archives not being stripped out like the last example and appended with what was found? Either that or we are a very very unlucky company and get hit with the newest variants all the time that have been undectected and not added to the spam updates yet. Then im having to comb through my Quarantine mailbox everyday that contains thousands of spam mail, 95% containing .exe infections, trying to fish out any legit ones it may have caught gets pretty tiring; very quickly. When then i have to do it for clients on managed contracts who dont have onsite IT personal aswell you can start to see how ive gotten angry with this issue!? Its alot of my time wasted daily. Im not ESET bashing here so please dont think I am, im trying to give constructive critisism on issues that end users in the real world are facing - issues i know you are not ignorant nor already unaware of.
  5. Likewise Reformit - we too are resellers and if it wasnt for this fact that we have many clients using ESET on our so say, id have sacked ESET off and got in a mail security product that is actually secure as soon as i was told this basic, necessary feature doednt actually exist! We are very unhappy resellers and an end-user at the moment!
  6. Unfortunately not Peter (thankyou for your reply)- we recieve many .zips that are legitimate from a wide range of sources - far too many to whitelist individually. How come the AV program itself does not scan the zip file and see the .exe and quarantine it anyway? As an AV it surely has the ability to scan inside of a zip file even if it cannot delete the whole attachment yet at mail server level? If i zip up a folder on my desktop and then scan it with Endpoint then it scans all files inside the zip folder. Where does the difference lie?
  7. Thankyou for replying Marcos. Why is this not possible in a product designed to protect a mail server? Its a mail security product your offering then that isnt actually secure at all! Is this a feature we can expect in weeks/months? Im shocked that this isnt possible.
  8. Hi all, My mail server is being hammered daily with 1500+ emails with zip file attachments containing exe. Id imagine most are the CryptoLocker! Eset is catching 95% of them and moving them to my Exchange quarantine mailbox but still there are some getting through to users Outlooks! I have amended my SPAM threshold scored to as low as i can possibly go without catching legit mail (currently score 64) Please is it possible to just have Eset reject/delete anything that has an .exe inside of a zip file? I dont understand why it is not scanning all zip file attachments anyway - and should detect the .exe anyway and delete it???? I cant just block zip attachements accross the board as we have legit zip files that come in from many sources - too many to add manual whitelist entries for. Surely this is possible, but ive combed over and over the settings and cant find where to do this?? Please help me find this setting. Mail Security for Windows 4.5.10019 running on a Server 2008 machine running just Exchange.
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