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  1. Support helped: There seems to be a bug in ESA when the realm in radius client settings is set to anything except "Current AD Domain". When set to "current AD Domain", the radius auth is working.
  2. Hello Forum, i have two Installations with Sonicwall and ESA using Radius. One is working fine, the other Sonicwall keeps telling me "Failed to decode RADIUS reply (check the shared secret)". There is not that much you can do wrong with the Shared Secret so i'm a bit out of ideas. If i remove the Sonicwall as a client, ESA Radius logs "INFO EIP.Radius.EsaRadiusServer Invalid Auth. packet received from :" and Sonicwall gets a timeout. If i have the client, ESA Radius logs nothing. Is anyone using this or has any ideas for RADIUS? Thanks in advance.
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