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  1. Hi Forum, has anyone tried using a "run Command" Task to call homebrew or installomator? This would really help to have a simple install and update tool for basic software. homebrew might have problems when not running in user-context. installomator is developed for usage in mdm-software so this might work. Thanks in advance! Christian
  2. Hi Forum, i'm a bit stuck here trying to set up Apache http proxy with authentication. Apache proxy is st up to forward Protect Agent Replication from WAN to protect server. It works as long as i don't enable Password auth I followed this Doc: Apache HTTP Proxy installation - Linux | ESET PROTECT | ESET Online Help 9.Optional basic authentication curl test works curl --proxy proxyserver:3128 -U esetproxy:............ https://protectserver:2222 logfile: - esetproxy [25/Oct/2022:14:43:50 +0000] "CONNECT erafix.intern.woelfel.de:2222 HTTP/1.1" 200 1611 "-" "curl/7.68.0" Agent-Communication does not work: - - [25/Oct/2022:14:44:09 +0000] "CONNECT protectserver:2222 HTTP/1.0" 407 760 "-" "grpc-httpcli/0.0" Error: Replication connection problem: failed to connect to all addresses (code: 14) for request Agent got the right policy with username/password set. Any ideas how i can further investigate? Thanks in advance!
  3. Okay, thanks! Another Reason to use iPhone Transfer or iTunes Backup. iPhone Transfer includes Authenticate-Data.
  4. Hey Forum, is the Data of ESET Secure Authentication Part of the icloud Backup? If i restore an icloud backup on a new phone do i have to set up all my 2fa- accounts again? Thanks !
  5. Hello Marcos, thank you for your help - so we will have to wait for automatic upgrades on versions 9.1 Until then i'm trying to semi-automate this and buiilt a dynamic group, but i can't find the status. In "Installed Applications" the "Version Check Status" is "Outdated Version" Is this searchable in dynamic group templates? Thanks!
  6. Hey Forum, we have some clients that apparently not get automatic updates. Installed Version is 9.0.2046.0. Automatic update is activated. If i get Documentation right the client should update itself at reboot. I restarted several times old version is still there. Is there any logging on that feature to find out why automatic product update is not working? Thanks in Advance!
  7. Hey Forum, a colleaque just told me he often runs into "wrong password" issues at his Lenovo Thinkpad P14 because he can't change the keyboard layout. He changes the keyboard-layout at login-screen to german but he still can't log in. Are there any known issues with that? Thanks in Advance, Christian
  8. Hey Forum, are there any known issues with ESET Full Disk Encryption and Firefox Certificate Store? A customer reported several occurences where firefox reported a broken certificate store after setting or changing the encryption password in FDE. Said it never happened before installing FDE. Maybe it's a coincidence with installing Endpoint Security at the same time? (Which should not affect certificate stroe as well?) Thanks in advance! Christian
  9. Hello @Peter Randziak i am running tests on two intel macs and until now it works as expected. A customer just asked for native ARM built, is there any release date for native M1 support? Thanks! Christian
  10. Hello Forum we just deployed the v9 MDC-VA three times from scratch but still have the same Problem: The Hostname is configured as the local ip-address. Config-Screen: Set Hostname = host.name.com VM-Console: Shows Hostname = host.name.com ssh shell: hostname says host.name.com SSL-Cert-Deployment (with DNS-Name host.name.com) days: Hostname mismatch Retrieve mdc-Server-config via PROTECT-Console: Hostname = local-IP-Adress How can i change the hostname in MDC-Config? I only found it in the database. Would it help to get ssl-cert with IP-Adress SAN? Thanks in Advance! Christian
  11. Hello Forum, we would like to block unwanted remote-access-tools and so we set potential unsafe applications to "agressive". Should'nt this setting block something like teamviewerqs.exe or similar tools? I just tested this and it was running without report or block.... Am i getting somiething wrong here? Thanks in advance! Christian
  12. Hey Forum, we didn't tidy up and had an "Restart Computer task" from November 2020 with checked "invoke ASAP if event missed". The task did not run on all computers, a couple of updates nothing went wrong but after update to protect 9.0.10 the missing computers just restartet. Zombie-Tasks in Spooktober! So don't forget to tidy up triggers before upgrading! @ESET - any ideas why this trigger fired again after this upgrade and not the ones before? Regards, Christian
  13. Okay, customer is testing intunes now. So you think protect on-prem will be left behind Protect-Cloud over time?
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