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  1. Hello MartinK, Thank you for your respons. In case a user does not know their preboot password anymore, we need to identify which workstation the user is working on at that moment. As the user does not know their preboot password (for what reason), he/she does not have access to the Windows Operating System to provide us unique details of the workstation (such as Computername or ip-address). The only unique point of recognition I can find in the preboot login page is the Workstation ID. In our EEE (Deslock) environment we use this all the time to match the workstation the user is dealing with, with the device in the EEE Server environment. This is also described as part of the procedure for decrypting an FDE disk in KB7150: https://support.eset.com/en/kb7150-remove-eset-endpoint-encryption-from-a-workstation (Verify that the WorkstationID value displayed matches the Workstation ID on the client. How do I find my Workstation ID?) (I was almost certain at some point this was also described as part of the password recovery procedure, but I cannot find this anymore). Also thank you for clearifying the usage of the usage for the Encryption Recovery option under Help. From my view this was the only point for matching the Workstation ID (and then from that point on do a Password Recovery). I can see from your point of view why this has been blocked.
  2. Hello, I am missing some options in ESMC that would allow me to quickly find the Workstation ID of a device through the ESMC console. As far as I can see, the only option for this is to use Help - Encryption Recovery It would be nice if you could also see the Workstation ID under Computer Details or (even maybe better) see the Workstation ID as a column row in the Computers overview in ESMC. At this moment when I log in with an account that has limited rights (on just one Static Group for example) I cannot use the Encryption Recovery option under Help, although I have set the Encryption Recovery Read and Use Rights in the Permission Set of that account. Any thoughts on this?
  3. @MichalJ For business proposal I would say data removal and data loss prevention would be the main reason. A possibilty to report the laptop as stolen (through a task in ESMC) so the person who then has the laptop, cannot use it and will be notified how to contact the owner of the laptop. Tracking down the laptop or making screenshots and/or photo's by webcam would not be priority (and I can imagine this is violating at least the GDPR rules).
  4. Hi, Not sure if this is the right topic for this, but why does the consumer version (Smart Security) have options for anti theft, while the business products don't offer this feature? In most cases the data on business laptops are way more valuable for users than data on consumer laptops. It would be great if Endpoint Security could have Anti Theft which could be managed by ESMC and also is accessible for the laptop owner through https://anti-theft.eset.com
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