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  1. Thank you NewbyUser for the link confirming the situation
  2. Thank you for the reply Marcos and Foneil. So basically a previous single multi-device EIS license was £40 and a 5 user license being £59.99 that I could use with Linux is now with ESET Protect Entry a minimum of 5 licenses for £169.80 and if I want a gui(Cloud Console) then it is £212. If I understand correctly. So a 430% price increase, in the year of Linux too :p (£40x430%=£212. I know some of that is VAT but not being VAT registered I have to pay). An option of buying less licenses would leave a more viable option for home users. I presume there are so few home Linux users it's not worth ESET's time.
  3. Hi, I see that NOD32 is close to EOL. I am a home user on Linux. The email from eset suggests purchasing ESET Protect Entry / ESET Protect Essential. I am a multi-platform license user and so my understanding is that I will not receive a replacement product. Moving forward both options put forward by eset seem to have a minimum user license of 5. Have I misunderstood or is there an eset product for Linux that supports one user license? Thanks Richard
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