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  1. "Marcos posted a couple of days ago that ver. 14.2.23 was pulled from the Eset update servers due to a technical issue." THANK YOU. "How did you verify this download was indeed ver. 14,2.23?" I ran it, and in the lower left corner of the splash screen was the version number.
  2. NewbyUser, No that's version 14.2.19. However, this mislabeled 14.2.10 offline installer is actually 14.2.23: https://support.eset.com/en/kb2885-download-and-install-eset-offline-or-install-older-versions-of-eset-products
  3. Eset NOD32 version 14.2.19 will NOT update to the latest version 14.2.23, even after clearing the update cache, on several Windows 8.1 machines. This is an Eset bug that needs to be addressed. Manual download and install is also NOT possible, because the newest installer is STILL version 4.2.19 or older. Please address. Thank You. https://support.eset.com/en/kb2476-upgrade-your-eset-windows-home-product-to-the-latest-version#download https://support.eset.com/en/kb2885-download-and-install-eset-offline-or-install-older-versions-of-eset-products
  4. Thanks, I realized that after I posted. I guess I was being annoyed with notifications about startup item changes, which can be disabled separately. I appreciate your help.
  5. Thanks Marcos. That's a bummer. I guess it's a feature request or perhaps a design flaw. Our goal: Not be annoyed by informative popups, such as definition updates, BUT be notified when a custom HIPS rule blocks something.
  6. It would be a very good idea for you to report the bug as well. The more they get, the more likely they will fix it. You can report the bug in two ways: 1. Through Eset: Just open Eset NOD32 and click on Help & Support, Submit Support Request; or 2. At this website: https://www.eset.com/int/support/contact/ Thanks.
  7. Thanks for your reply. The notifications should display when minimum verbosity is set to Warning as I explained. I have no desire to set it to Diagnostic or Informative as a workaround. I hope Eset fixes it.
  8. Reported this bug to Eset: BUG REPORT Details: My custom HIPS rules are set to "Notify User" and Logging Severity set to Warning. Under Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity of events to display - It is also Set to "Warning". Bug: No desktop notifications appear when a HIPS rule is triggered. But they should appear because "Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity" is set to Warning AND the HIPS rule is also set to Warning. Note: If Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity is set to Informative, HIPS notifications appear. See Attached Screenshots and Forum post with all the details of this bug: https://forum.eset.com/topic/28730-hips-notify-user-not-working/
  9. Found the Bug! Desktop Notifications, Minimum Verbosity of events to display: If Set to Warning, no notifications appear. If set to Informative, notifications appear. HOWEVER, if you look at my HIPS rules above, they are set to Warning. Therefore, if Minimum Verbosity is set to Warning, notifications should display - but they don't. This is bug.
  10. Here are some screenshots. The rules work fine, just no Eset Notifications. I've tested this on a few different systems with NOD32 - same results - no Eset notification. Bug or am I missing something? Thanks for your input.
  11. When a HIPS Deny rule is created, and "Notify User" is turned on, a display a notification does NOT appear when the rule is triggered. Bug? Thanks. See: https://help.eset.com/eav/14/en-US/idh_hips_editor_single_rule.html?idh_hips_editor_single_rule.html
  12. Agreed. Poor decision. But it's done.
  13. Updating Eset NOD32 to the new version 14.1.19 fixes this issue. You will be prompted to login to your license manager account by Eset NOD32 in Windows after the update is installed and you reboot.
  14. Thanks. I tried it on one my accounts and stills says "not connected". Eset NOD32 v.14.1.19 update was just released and is prompting to install. The release notes say: Added: support for device association with myESET Hopefully it will be fixed once I update.
  15. I don't have anti-theft. I have several online accounts and they all have the same bug. The new license manager is broken and needs repair. It should never have been rolled out without proper testing. I submitted a ticket. The reply was: Please be assured that your comments have been shared with the appropriate parties and formally noted for further review.
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