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  1. In case anyone comes across this thread, here is the official eset forum link to the Release Notes for 14.0.21: https://forum.eset.com/topic/26001-eset-windows-home-products-version-14022-have-been-released/
  2. I find it odd that I can't post links to Eset's own website. If it's on Eset's website, you should allow posts about it in the forum. IMO, the forum rule illogical.
  3. Note: Eset will notify you when this update is ready to be installed over the next few weeks. I personally would stay on 13.2.18 and wouldn't update right away until any bugs are corrected.
  4. Marcos, this issued occurred in three separate offices, so it's likely you will be hearing more complaints. If it happens to another machine, I collect the eset logs before fixing. itman, Thanks good idea. I saw that in the instructions for the Eset Removal Tool.
  5. "BTW - Eset is going to try to update on those image restored devices. Are you blocking the update? " What do you mean? After the image was restored, we uninstalled Eset 13.2.16 and did a fresh install of 13.2.18. No point in waiting for it to auto-update to 13.2.18 again and bork the internet. The issue was that 13.2.18 gets staged and once the machine is rebooted for whatever reason, it's all over. Internet is gone. At that point you either try to reset network settings or restore a backup image.
  6. Eset Support refused to report the bug without logs (Case #438185). Since the small business clients wanted their internet back immediately, we restored a backup image and the eset logs are gone. I hope Eset management takes note of this issue and the lack of support by Eset. Two clients have switched to Kaspersky and won't be renewing their eset licenses. A simple update from Eset 13.2.16 to 13.2.18 should not kill all internet on Windows 8.1 machines and to top it off, uninstalling Eset did not restore internet either. Even the safe mode eset uninstaller did not fix the internet. Not g
  7. itman, Thanks. Do you know which command will likely fix the Eset problem? Which one to try first?
  8. It happened on 4 more Win8.1 machines and a Win7 machine. Is there anyway to do a Network reset on Windows 8.1 or otherwise fix this Eset problem other than restoring a Backup Image??? This is a serious bug. Thanks.
  9. Thanks itman. Yes, this happened to a total of 4 out of 10 Windows 8.1 machines in small business environments for me. The Win10 workstations had no issues.
  10. Marcos, re-enabling it with a clean install of 13.2.18 works fine. The problem started when Eset automatically updated to 13.2.18 and broke the internet on 3 Win8.1 machines. Suggestion: Do not lock someone out of Eset settings just because Eset can't connect to register (evaluation or otherwise). Eset Issues: Uninstalling should reset protocol filtering - it didn't. The Eset Uninstaller Tool should have fixed it - it didn't. IF THIS should happen in the future, how can this be resolved? I'm assuming there is something in the registry that Eset did no reset. If you can poi
  11. Resolved - the long way: I restored an backup image. The 13.2.18 update was prepared but not installed. I went into Eset advanced settings and disabled Protocol Filtering*. Then uninstalled Eset and rebooted. Installed 13.2.18 using the offline installer and internet is working again. *Could not do this with a fresh install of 13.2.18 because you can't get into settings without registering and you can't register without internet. You can't even activate evaluation without internet. Not happy Eset.
  12. On 3 computers, we lost internet after Eset Updated to 13.2.18. Tried uninstalling - no internet. Tried reinstalling - no internet. Tried uninstalling again - and then running Eset removal tool in Safe mode - still no internet. Help!
  13. I updated my post. Issue resolved. You may delete or leave up for those with the same issue. Thanks Marcos!
  14. RESOLVED: Eset Updated and required reboot. Eset NOD32 v13.2.15 Win8.1 This is email alert is being generated on multiple different workstations today: During execution of on the computer XXX the following warning occurred: An error occurred during installation of the edevmon driver.
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