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  1. Wow! Thanks for your post! Yes it does work fine. I did not have the full path. I only had wlmail.exe. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  2. I could not get the wlmail.exe exception to work. I had to disable deep behavioral inspection to be able to use Windows Live Mail.
  3. which is what i can't understand as when i create the file i get the message that it was created successfully. only when trying to import from the location where it was exported do i get the message that the operation has failed. But, thanks again for at least I know I can do it via a jumpdrive.
  4. wow! what a novel idea! I don't know how to explain it but i saved an export file from my other computer to a jump drive and then I was able to import the settings from the other computer to the one i was not able to import to. Thank you for this. At least i know i am able to restore settings in this way but still clueless as to why I can't do it with export files created on that computer. Thanks for this idea though. I will use it!
  5. i just tried with a non numeric name. No luck. I did not password protect. I never have. although on my other computer that is configured the very same way I have no issues with it importing.
  6. Yes, I already have this checked to display hidden files. Also the file is named correctly as you have stated.
  7. In the past i have exported my settings to an external drive to a folder dedicated to my Eset exports. When this problem arose i considered the very same thing you mention. I then tried exporting to a folder created on the OS boot drive and had the very same problem. Eset representative collected log files and said they would investigate but had no estimation of when I would receive the results
  8. I have uninstalled Eset Security and reinstalled, and also uninstalled using their tool in safe mode and reinstalled but i still have this issue. I can successfully export my settings to an xml file but when i try to import the settings i have exported i get this message in red letters: "the operation has failed". I am at a loss on how to correct this as i have the same version of Eset on another computer (both are Windows 7 computers) and I have no issue on the other computer. Eset even took control of my computer to see the problem and were unable to come up with a solution. Anyone ever encountered this problem before? Many thanks!
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