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  1. @ewong look at this line: MSI (s) (7C:04) [14:19:50:909]: Product: ESET Endpoint Antivirus -- The app that you are trying to run is not supported on this version of Windows. See https://go.eset.com/acs23 Windows 7 doesn't support the new Code Signing platform (a.k.a. ACS / Trusted Signing) unless you have a ESU license and install KB5006743 or later as per here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/topic/kb5022661-windows-support-for-the-trusted-signing-formerly-azure-code-signing-program-4b505a31-fa1e-4ea6-85dd-6630229e8ef4 Basically you're stuck to latest version that was released before 9.1.2066.0. See also https://forum.eset.com/topic/38212-install-failing-on-2008r2-servers-with-acs-support/
  2. Hi, same problem here with Win Server 2008 R2 x64 Both task and manual attempt fails
  3. Thanks Marcos. Currently, the only way to install the pre-release version in ESET Protect Cloud is to perform an upgrade from 11.0.2032, but this can be tricky on workstations that were affected by the problem. Anyway this is good news, hoping that the fixed version will be officially released on stable channel ASAP.
  4. @Marcos, do you have any prediction on when the patch will be released? Many of our clients are asking us what to do with the affected workstations (we are at 10% of total installed endpoints and still growing). Are there any settings we could tweak to mitigate the problem, beside installing v.10? I'm trying to avoid mass-redeployments on hundreds of machines. Thanks
  5. Hello @ShaneDT , we're keeping removing ESET completely and letting users with native Windows 10 AV. This is the simplest solution for us. I hope this will get fixed soon Gabriele
  6. I thought this could be somehow related to this . Unfortunately, even after Browser protection module update 1336, the problem persists and is affecting more and more clients. We're keeping uninstalling the product, as this is the only solution we found for now. @Marcos should we keep going with our ticket with local ESET support?
  7. Hello all and sorry for this delay. @SBIT thank you for your comment, that gives us a possible workaround. @Marcos I've managed to create a manual dump and I sent you a download link as you requested. Our ticket is #00677791. Please let me know if advanced diagnostic logs are needed. I can confirm that the issue arises more often when a browser (firefox or Chrome) is opening.
  8. Hello, this is a first hint of a problem we're facing since Endpoint ver. 11.0.2032.0 has been rolled out on our Windows 10 customers. I searched for similar recent posts in Forum but couldn't find anything similar so I assume it's related with our locale (IT) or our specific endpoint policies. About 2% of our managed endpoints are becoming unresponsive after boot: apps freeze, cannot interact with Explorer elements, network traffic stops, whole Windows GUI becomes unusable for several minutes. Sometimes all gets back to normal after waiting, sometimes we have to physically power cycle. Disabling Realtime protection or uninstalling Endpoint Protection is the only way to let users work normally. So far we've started working with our local reseller to collect logs and relevant information. CPU usage is normal, seems a memory lock issue to us, specifically during startup scan. I've tried disabling HIPS Advanced memory scanner but to no avail. If someone else is facing this issue or have suggestions, please let me know. Due to the nature of problem, performing any diagnostics in real time is nearly impossible, so any additional help will be appreciated. Thanks Gabriele
  9. Hello, in Computer Details -> Detections & Quarantine, the "DETECTION RESOLVED" filter is always enabled (in un-flagged state) by default. This cannot be changed permanently, as the detections window will reset itself after leaving details area. Please allow users to change the default filter preset or, at least, remove the DETECTION RESOLVED filter as default. We would like to see the whole PC history when the detections list is opened. Thanks Gabriele
  10. The problem with this is that computers which have not been scanned (i.e. software list is empty) will also be included. Currently I'm trying to find a way to exclude them, like adding a NOR rule with "CPU is n/d" but it seems not to be working.
  11. Hello, sorry for n00b question, but is the upgrade task automatic for Eset Cloud customers? We've approx 1200 agents, all of them still have 8.0.1238.0 version, should I issue the upgrade command or just wait for next days? Thanks!
  12. Thanks Marcos, Just for sake of knowledge, do you know why those operations get blocked or why on 2012 specifically? Maybe someone else already got through WMI tracing in the past…
  13. Hello all, resuming from this comment by Nightowl we're still observing thousands WmiPrvSE.exe blocked operations by HIPS in all our MS 2012 Servers (see attachment). Yes I know, “Log all blocked operations” option can be disabled, but I’m wondering if all these events could impact system performance / stability somehow… why does this happen on 2012 (R2) only and not in subsequent versions? Thanks Gabriele
  14. As a side note, policy propagation throughout nested groups takes A LOT (45 min for 1 policy to be applied to 100 clients). Is there a way to speed up this process? Like an "update policy" task or "re-apply policies"
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