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  1. We have Support Ticket ESET ME (CASE:55720) , But we do not receive any update . Last update From Support : " We will share the logs with our developers and get back to you once we have an update from them. " Because this Case is special , we manually edit Update.ver and delete all modules except Engine and some necessary modules, ... , while this way is a security risk because not all of modules are updated and just Database Engine is updating but better than loop restart. in this way we can check module by module to check wittch one cause the problem but our customer have not enough time to do these tests.
  2. It is about 20 days and no solution have been found yet. All these systems can not be updated any more and we have freeze their update.
  3. Hi Dears. As you now IDS and Network Attack protection will not install on Server 2008 R2 by Default. My Question is Why ? And if we manually install it via Repair option in Control Panel or Advanced option in installation dialog , is there any conflict with Server 2008 R2 ?
  4. The issue is same in V5 - V7. Even NOD32 Home Edition V8
  5. Hi Dear @itman , No AMD patch is installed , This problem is happened suddenly after ESET update from beginning of December. All Old PCs with Old AMD Cpus + XP Sp3 restart after Windows Logo. It seems that there is a ESET module conflict with these old systems.
  6. We have still same problem in Old AMD Cpu , do new update solve issue for any one ?
  7. Still involved with this problem and waiting for New Version of Mirror Tool. Any update right now ?
  8. Thank you Dear @Marcos , but unfortunately Loop Restart even with Firewall Module 1398 , As this problem is accrued in ESET nod32 Home Edition too we Think Firewall Module is not involved.
  9. Disabling HIPS & AS will not help in this case.
  10. Restart issue is persist even with Pre-Release updates. ( HIPS 1379.1 and AS 1157.1) System will still restart after Windows XP Logo. ESET Log Collector : https://we.tl/t-VbhWgmzERs Is there any way to disable updating problematic module ? Are You are Sure that HIPS or AS cause this problem ? Can we disable some modules via [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ESET\ESET Security\CurrentVersion\InstalledVersionInfo\Groups] ? And do you think is it useful for troubleshoot this case ?
  11. Dear @Marcos Is there any Pre-release update for Anti-Stealth module at Pre-release servers right now ?
  12. Dear @Marcos It means that if we change update server to Pre-release the issue will be solve right now ?
  13. Memory Dump is not Generated automatically and Manual way did not work in this case because of loop restart. ESET Log Collector is send via Priveate message dear @Marcos.
  14. No BSOD , No Black Screen. Just Windows restarted after windows XP Logo ( Before Logon Screen ) Can our customer generate Memory Dump in this case ? According to article full memory dump can not be generated when we have loop restart issue.
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