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  1. ELA offline file problem is sloved now. But still we see many Registration Problem in last 1 hour in https://int.form.eset.com/register/en
  2. Hi Dears, It seems that there is a problem in ELA offline license system. We have problem with creating offline license file in ELA. License creation loading never finish. Public ID: 3AD-JMA-TNR Best Regards
  3. Yes , as ESET Endpoint Security can be install on Windows server ( but it is not recommanded). Did you see s.th special in ESET Log Collector ?
  4. Hi We have problem in one of our servers that all modules ( Real Time , IDS , ... ) are not functional after installation. We try ESET uninstaller From Safe Mode ( Clean Installation ) and also we used kaspersky remover tools because there was a kaspersky Endpoint installed last week. ESET Log Collector : https://we.tl/t-lVfBWeH0Bh
  5. I forward your post to our support team , Best Regards.
  6. Dear ITman For your info , This 2 Server are offline and have no internet access for OS update
  7. These 2 servers are working about 1 Year and ESET were working probably , This Problem accrued suddenly. So we think they could not use sysprep recently.
  8. Again thank all for corporation and assistance , As we mentioned problem is not limited to one server. Another Server in the same Network & same Customer : ESET Log Collector Log + EKR Dump : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/da5ac063870b0f34c40a50aee5d5f93e20190519040857/2a842cbc9ae41c70019183577dcb365920190519040857/3902f3 Did you think that it's an OS Problem while 2 Server in same time have same problem? These 2 servers are very important and they can not reinstall OS easily.
  9. It seems that this problem have a special reason , today we receive another report from another server with the same problem, We will send the ESET Log Collector log and Ekr dump soon.
  10. This is the diagnostic data that our customer send to our support unit: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/544e8169a482b7efcee7f7c0b0e85ba320190518042256/856d459a267914f66f52810f095e48de20190518042256/4a6572
  11. After 1 Hour again problem accrued, We manually change "state" to complete but still ESET Real Time is not functional even after Restart , ESET Log Collector log at this state : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/7c2edd14989ce24f78402a5a285a35c120190516061226/6b5a84b79563121de9f9ebe714684d1820190516061226/339928
  12. today The State Key automatically changed to IMAGE_STATE_COMPLETE , So Real Time work probably, We can not find witch program or event changed this key yet. But The problem solved automatically. Thanks all ( @Marcos & @itman ) for perfect troubleshoot and perfect solutions.
  13. Thank you , We will try this solution tomorrow .
  14. And what can be the reason of IMAGE_STATE_UNDEPLOYABLE ?
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