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  1. After Delete upgrade.json file and rerun the task , This Error accrued : Error creating 'era-updater' service (0x430): (0x430), The specified service has been marked for deletion After a Restart Agent upgrade correctly.
  2. Hi Dears, In one of our network we have problem with upgrading over 70% of Client's Agent from V6.5 to 7.0.577.0, After sending Upgrade component Task, Most of them failed with this Error : File already exists 'C:\ProgramData\ESET\RemoteAdministrator\Agent\EraAgentApplicationData\Data\upgrade.json'. Cannot continue with agent upgrade What is the solution ?
  3. "sc delete epfwwfpr" not helped. Error is persist in V7.0 even after restart as screen shots. Upgrading to V7.2 solve the issue. But right now they can not upgrade quickly because they have old Win7 and they must install required windows updates for v7.2.
  4. @Marcos Thank you for quick reply. We will check this solution. Their Console is 7.0.577 , Can they use Endpoint 7.2 and manage it with Agent and ESMC 7.0.577 with out any problem ?
  5. Hi Dear ESET Admins. We have a special Problem that is occurred in over 150-200 PCs. in First days of V6.5 Bug these system change date to 2020-01-01 and then upgrade to 7.0.2091 and 7.1. in many cases from different customers we have Web Access and IDS Not Functional problem. It seems that ESET Network drivers failed. The problem will not solve with normal Uninstall , We must use uninstall tool in safe mode and reintsall V7. simulated Problematic PC's ESET Log Collector : https://we.tl/t-yNwlcU3u8q Because there is over 200 cases with this problem for over 10 Customer , we need solution that we can apply via ESMC.
  6. it seems that fixtool v1.0.0.3 can not solve the issue in V6.5.2094 without Restart. We must Run Fixtool and then Restart , Then Anti phishing error will disappear.
  7. Right now the only solution for 6.5.2107.1 is change date to 6 Feb , Restart and update , Then Correct Date. ( Not Good for large network)
  8. Now it's in regular update channel and by updating to 20824 , loader module will update to 1074.2
  9. 20824 - With loader 1074.2 is work fine. Open C:\Program Files\ESET\ESET Endpoint Security\em000_32.dat with notepad and check file version. if it is 1074.2 issue must be solved.
  10. 1074.2 Pre-release solved 6.5.2132 Issue. So if date change to 06-02-2020 and then AV update , problem will solve completely in v6.5 with out fixtool.
  11. you can send a Run Command task with this command : date 01-02-2020 & Shutdown /r /f then after restart send upgrade task for clients. you must temporary disable Date sync and Be sure that Date not sync after restart with AD.
  12. For XP 6.5.2132 is now working find with current patch. is 6.5.2132 supported to WinXP ? Official version for windows XP is Business Products: Version 6.5.2118.x that can be patched right now.
  13. In large network you can use some software like https://www.exemsi.com/ to convert EXE to MSI file and install in by Software install task. We test it and it is working find , just set to run certfix.exe after installation.
  14. PowerShell is not working on windows XP and server 2003 , In large network that have legacy Windows it is better to install a MSI with Install Software Task. is There any way to run the patch with RUN Command task in windows XP and server 2003 Environment ?
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