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    kamiran.asia gave kudos to Marcos in Realtime module not functional   
    The problem with the machine from which the latest logs were taken is that you have an old eamonm.sys driver from v4.5 running. Did you upgrade to EFSW v7 from EFSW v4.5? If so, a restart is needed after installation for new drivers to get loaded. Did you reboot the server? If so, please uninstall EFSW completely, make sure there is no eamonm.sys driver in c:\windows\system32\drivers and install EFSW v7 from scratch.
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    kamiran.asia gave kudos to Marcos in Realtime module not functional   
    I was right, real-time protection doesn't activate because of the image state IMAGE_STATE_UNDEPLOYABLE. There's something wrong with Windows, it should be in IMAGE_STATE_COMPLETE state.
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    kamiran.asia gave kudos to itman in Realtime module not functional   
    Also McAfee has an article on how to reset the affected registry key back to IMAGE_STATE_COMPLETE. Note that by doing so is at your own risk since the IMAGE_STATE_UNDEPLOYABLE status indicates an unsuccessful OS deployment:
    I suspect the OOBE issue that affects McAfee successful installation might also be affecting Eset successful installation/operation.
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