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  1. I've noticed on the majority of my endpoints that had this detection that ESMC would show the file as being quarantined but when I went on the endpoint to check, there was nothing in the quarantine folder and the files were still in their original location. It appears that they were never quarantined even though ESMC was showing them as quarantined. I was also seeing error when cleaning ESET errors on the detections. And if I sent a restore from quarantine task it would fail
  2. To answer my own question, no it is not possible to end the isolation task for remote users. I had to uninstall and reinstall the client in order to get them back on our network via VPN
  3. Hi, I'm currently on ESET Endpoint Security 7.2. I've read the description of the isolate task from the documentation online and it states that it allows the following connections computer obtains an IP address •communication of ekrn.exe, ESET Management Agent, ESET Enterprise Inspector Agent •login to a domain This all makes sense to me. My question is how this would work for remote users who connect to our network via VPN. They would be able to receive the isolation task but would it be possible to end the task or would they be unable to reconnect to VPN to rec
  4. Ahh ok, I did not think to check that log and was going off of what was reported to the ESMC. Thanks for the heads up on that
  5. Yeah, in a prior scan the following was detected and cleaned : file:///C:/eNNzmNj/wLrKvzZ/UQEZPGU.dll edit: It was not in the same folder but related to the initial infection I believe
  6. Hey Marcos, tt doesn't exist/was deleted. There was also a DLL in that same folder which was deleted it looks like. That ArtPress task was deleted from the system scheduler. Thank you for taking a look at those logs. Based on the info provided and the fact that scans are no longer detecting anything, do think the issue has been remediated? or should I still reimage the machine?
  7. Logs attached. It looks like the infection was caused by a freeware application called ArtPress that the user had downloaded. Checking the task scheduler today, I noticed a task set to run everytime the user logged on which I deleted. My most recent ESET scan showed 0 detections but hopefully someone can confirm via the logs ees_logs.zip
  8. Good point, I checked the scheduled tasks and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I'll be collecting logs and posting them tomorrow when the user is back in the office. In the meantime, the machine is isolated and off the network. Thanks guys!
  9. I had a workstation which was infected with Trickbot and Kryptik. ESET found and cleaned several items related to this including a malicious Kryptik DLL and .MGB file. It also remediated malicious svchost and wermgr.exe processes which is consistent with Trickbot IOC's. However, it is still detecting Trickbot in subsequent scans. It does not detect any malicious DLLs or processes anymore. Only a single file:/// from the ERAAgent process. The following is the detection detail: Hash Name Win64/TrickBot.BU Uniform Resource Iden
  10. Thanks for the respons Kristian. I chatted with a support agent and they informed me that the All-in-one installer is on version I'm not sure if that's just a mistake in naming or if it is a new version however
  11. Hi, Starting on April 29th, I began getting a notification that a new encryption server version is available when I logged into the management console. I'm already on version 3.1 from earlier in the year. This new version is also labelled 3.1 and the release notes weren't updated since February. Is this really a new version that I should upgrade to or is the notification just an error?
  12. Hey Martin, Thanks for the response. It resolved itself a few hours after I posted this thread. Maybe a repository outage of some sort?
  13. Hi, I've been updating some of my outdated clients via the software install task and selecting the newest version from the repository. This worked fine for about 150 of machines but now whenever I go to the repository it shows every other software version except the Windows Endpoint Security. Also, on the main security summary page of the dashboard there was a bar chart that told me the % of machines that were up to date. This chart is now showing 0 information. I'm on ESMC version 7.1.717.0 on a windows server 2012 The clients I'm attempting to update are all Windows 10
  14. I made a similar thread regarding 5.0.4 and was told that 5.0.4 only contained compatibility for Surface Go. I see that 5.0.5 has been released and the changelog lists a few fixes. 5.0.5 is not currently listed in my Auto Update options. I'm on version 5.0.3 currently. Is an update recommended? And if so, when can I expect that new version to be added to the repository? Thanks
  15. Has anyone tried pushing this out via SCCM yet? Also, are there any negative effects if apply the fix to machines that don't need it (specifically, other versions)?
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