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  1. I made a similar thread regarding 5.0.4 and was told that 5.0.4 only contained compatibility for Surface Go. I see that 5.0.5 has been released and the changelog lists a few fixes. 5.0.5 is not currently listed in my Auto Update options. I'm on version 5.0.3 currently. Is an update recommended? And if so, when can I expect that new version to be added to the repository? Thanks
  2. Has anyone tried pushing this out via SCCM yet? Also, are there any negative effects if apply the fix to machines that don't need it (specifically, other versions)?
  3. Thanks for the update Marcos. You've mentioned that the patched module will fix machines that have not been restarted. The majority of my machines are workstations and I have little control over whether users decide to restart them or not. For those machines that are affected and have been restarted, will the module update not work?
  4. Thanks for the clarification everyone. I have a larger environment so I guess I'll just have to wait until a fix is released via module update 😩
  5. so just to clarify, pushing an update to the 7.x version on an affected product will fix it? or do I still need to do all of the sytem date change steps?
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