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Win10 Antivirus Protection is non-functional


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Hi Dear ESET Support.

We find a special issue in V7.0 and 7.1 in some version of windows 10 :

GUI will become Red with "Antivirus Protection is non-functional" Error in Protection Status.

Real Time and all modules are work probably (As Screen Shots) but the AV is become Red in ESMC.

This issue occurred in last 7 days and the solution is upgrading to V7.3. But is there any changing in that versions cause not support win10 any more in some circumstances ?

Or it is a bug in those legacy versions ?

Statistic of this issue is about 40% of all Win10 in network.


Best regards.





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That's because you are installing old versions with an old eelam.sys driver. Because of that, the product cannot update and load modules. Please always use the latest installers from the web or repository.

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