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  1. hi marcos and tbsky yes ,It becomes active when I enter the manual license or enter the license online. The problem is with the offline license, and this has just happened. It was not a problem in the past. Most of these problems are related to not getting a license for versions higher than 7.3
  2. hi guys I have an SiM server to collect console logs. Many logs arrive in SiM with a delay. Is there a solution?
  3. i have 300 clients in eset console, My offline license type is endpoint security. I have 350 offline licenses, of which only 300 are active clients. The new installation I am doing does not accept the license. Why?
  4. version 8.0.12003.0 eset server security removed and insatll 7.3.12006.0 , Problem resolved Message resolved, I think there is a problem with the new server version
  5. Once deleted, it is re-created and updated again
  6. hi guys whats wrong? The update is copied from the mirror folder of another server to the mirror folder path of this antivirus.
  7. yes.ip server :192.168.x.x------to ------172.16.x.x I want clients to understand the new IP without reinstalling And connect to the console
  8. hi guys I want to change the IP server, How do I do this so that clients understand the new IP?
  9. hi marcos please help me , My servers and Clients resets regularly,its so bad esetlog.zip esetlogg.zip
  10. hi kurco this server is not gui ,this command line .this server is on internet . send agent live installer or esmc installer for linux to the server but no installation , I can not put the file on the server and do it through the installation terminal. What way do you suggest to install?
  11. hi i have a problem , eset detects the infection on the memory and erases it, and then the reset warning comes, But the pollution still exists and has not been eliminated
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