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  1. how can i do this ? unsafe applications is on aggressive. If it is possible to contract a special application in this section.please
  2. hi guys how can i block trafic url (not ip) in firewall? I can block the installation version of anydesk with a firewall, but not the portable version how can i do this? If the url can be added in this section, the traffic can be closed.
  3. hi marcos What is the maximum number of clients and servers that the console can manage? Can 8000 clients and servers be managed on one console? No connection or update problem?
  4. The site is not on the internet, The web server is inside the network(local network)
  5. hi guys I have an internal webbase. Some clients in one subnet and some in another subnet. In one subnet clients can open an internal webbase In another subnet it is blocked by eset. What's the problem ? Is there a way to make an exception?
  6. hi marcos What is the purpose of sending in the photo below? i have a internal policy for clients (x.x.x.x:2221) Why, despite the update through the mirror folder, it receives the update again from the Internet or sends and receives it
  7. i have windows 10 eset security is turn on ,windows defender is on ,windows defender remove my exclution
  8. hi marcos I have installed antivirus, some exception files are deleted by Windows Defender, This is a big problem if the Defender has to be turned off Clears excluded files What should be done?
  9. hi marcos Once I have written the rule, I can no longer open the site. When the firewall is turned off, the site will open.
  10. In which part should I enter the desired IP? local or remote?
  11. hi guys How to block an IP on port 3389؟ for exampel : can not remote desktop to i have trust zone in rule firewall and trun off allow remote desktop in the trusted zone
  12. Rolls inside the Windows Firewall are not added inside the antivirus,why?(also evaluate rules from windows firewall is eable in polices) Remote Desktop Roll Block in Windows Firewall is disabled by disabling Remote Desktop Antivirus, The remote desktop will not be blocked if the antivirus firewall is turned on. how can i do block inbound remote desktop with eset end point security 8.0?
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