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  1. Is there a http proxy usage policy in the virtual console? I do not find it in the policies section! In the endpoint policy by activating and inserting the ip proxy server, No change is found to perform the active task and it is done with failure Is it useless on a virtual console?
  2. hi i have a network 2500 client with ESMC and i have new network with 1200 Client , These two networks are separate and unrelated. How do I connect these two networks through a proxy server and the clients become members of esmc? And update via proxy server for clients to be sent via proxy
  3. hi mxp The network has 2,500 isolated customers and Internet access is blocked. And it is not possible to send via esmc using the internet. In another network, 3600 clients were upgraded via the Internet But with many cases that can not be installed this way and do it manually I faced.
  4. thank you marcos i want upgrade to 7.3.2044 with remote deployment tools not esmc just tools remote deploy eset . please help me about this way.my agents version is 7.2 https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/latest/ees_nt64.msi or https://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/latest/ees_nt64.exe which on this,i can send for client with eset remote deploy tools,just endpoint not all in one include agent. Is it possible to send antivirus only without an agent via eset remote deployment?
  5. hi my console esmc 7.2 endpoint security 7.1.2053 version of agents on client 7.1 i want install 7.3.2044 endpoint security on my clients with eset remote deployment how can i do it ? (just remote deployment not task software install) version of my agents is 7.2 just i want upgrade endpoint client whit remote deployment(in my console are 2500 clients) please help me how can i do upgrade clients to 7.3.2044 with eset remote deployment?
  6. thank you marcos what is meaning of Windows update Day 1 compatibility ?
  7. esmc 7.2 endpoint 7.2 agent 7.1 5000 client are in my console ,it takes along time to correct them ! is no other day?
  8. yes i received it ,i want turn of this notification until i will update it
  9. hi how can i disable notification of my Endpoint Antivirus ? how to disable this notify in policy esmc? please help me ....my console is too many client (5000 seats)i can not update my windows and endpoint products!(i dont have time for do this)
  10. hi i have problem with install agent in oracel linux 6.5 kernel 3.8.13-16 gnome 2.28.2 erroe error occured while gettinng certificate from server. why? installation script occording to eset ,may this problem be version of oracel linux? please help me how to fix it.
  11. Please tell me the steps from the beginning.Website training is not complete or the exact steps for installing an agent are not!
  12. hi this is my log on linux 6.5 in pic 11&12&13. whats meaning of locale in pic num 14.? Is it possible to do it with a lower version? Is this a problem with the Linux version or the endpoint version?
  13. why do receive it message of certificate ? how can i do fix it ? i followed solution of forum eset but this is not correct! please help me about install agent on linux oracle v6.5.
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