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  1. This is a tribble problem and we also did not find any solution yet !!! Dear @Marcos did you have any Idea that can help us ?
  2. No Idea ?! We involved to this problem from 2 years ago . Also we Send Support ticket but no answer was received ! Slovak Support : #00478833 RefID: ref:_00D0Y1lCTe._5001n1xxy8Z:ref
  3. Hi dears. We have this problem in many ESET Protect Consoles. Console will not load user groups from AD . Users and AD structures will load and sync but just user groups will not load with this error : Active directory browsing failed. Check input server parameters and AD availability.: Trace info: First attempt failed to get rootDSE: The server is not operational. Error code: 0x8007203a. Second attemp with anonymous bind failed to get rootDSE: The server is not operational. Error code: 0x8007203a LogCollector and videos is attached. Best regards. DCProblem.mp4
  4. Yes But our distributor is not very OK and active. We send them but no Answer was received . is there any email address that we can report abused cases ?
  5. yes . we enable trace logging and find out eset try to download files from https://ip:3128 ?! So repository will not load and show empty. This problem accured at new 9.1 console
  6. we have the same problem in offline repository. ESET Protect console want to load files from https !! https://ip:3128/....
  7. Dear @Marcos , These kind of licenses are still works ! and our customers are laughing at us. Is there any email address that we can report these abuses ?
  8. Thank you dear@MichalJ , I am a ESET Reseller in Middle East. one of our customers did not renew their genuine license and after investigation find that some fake company sell this license to them with very cheaper price. First we ask you to block this license and then want to know why that certain prevention mechanisms does not work in such these cases ?! they were using this license about 1 month ! Customers said " Why we must to pay ESET while fake and licked license will work probably with very low price ! " ESET must correct block license mechanisms to protect it's partners and to respect genuine customers. We love ESET and do not want to be abused by fake resellers.
  9. Hello all. Look at what we find ! License usage 342/5 ? !!! Why ESET did not have a plan to block overused license in such these scales !? By this ESET Licensing policy, no one will buy ESET license from us , Do not be so kind ESET 🤪 Public ID is attached for ESET Moderators. Public ID.zip
  10. Thank you dear @Marcos . ESET Support is fantastic !! And would you help us why this website in infected ? can you see the infected part ? hxxp://airportseirosafar.com/
  11. We have the same problem in many Wordpress website . Domain : https://zalidairy.ir Detection : Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 2021/10/03 11:51:22 ب.ظ;HTTP filter;file;https://zalidairy.ir/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/assets/js/vendors/woocommerce-add-to-cart.js?ver=6.7.0;JS/Agent.OZD trojan;connection terminated;Event occurred during an attempt to access the web by the application: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe (9D90FAA8197CACBBC70621FC6DD235043ECC3F43).;885A97E67D7D5911221C513DBB47352D3729A7C0; It seems that is false positive . if not how can we find the malicious js ?
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