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Azure Code Signing Requirement Clarification


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Eset needs to modify its posting: https://support-eol.eset.com/en/trending_weol2023_10_2022.html to note the following.

In regards to reference to required KB updates to support Azure Code Signing: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/kb5022661-windows-support-for-the-azure-code-signing-program-4b505a31-fa1e-4ea6-85dd-6630229e8ef4 , these updates can only be applied;

1. If the OS version is not end-of-life status.

2. If OS version is end-of-life status , it has extended support status.

In all other cases, these KB updates will fail. In this instance, the only alternative available is to upgrade the OS to a supported version if end-of-service status; purchase extended support if that option is still available; or purchase a new OS license for a supported version,

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