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  1. Not sure if related, but I'm upgrading to 7.2.2055 and suddenly the clients are trying to access ESMC by the IP address instead of the hostname and yeah, they blocked themselves again. I tried whitelisting *:2222/* and it seems to work so far. 🤞
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I had these computers configured this way since we bought ESET early this year and this issue only started recently. Strangely enough they didn't all start happening on the same day and it didn't affect all computers. Anyway I've added https://esmc to the whitelist and temporarily disable EES... Update: and all is well now. I just find it somewhat strange that I've been running this for nine months, and now suddenly I have to whitelist https://emsc/
  3. Windows 10 Pro, ESET Endpoint Security, ESMC, all latest versions. I have some computers that have all websites blocked except for some necessary Windows update and ESET update sites whitelisted. They connect to the local ESMC server called simply "esmc". A few days ago I noticed they stopped connecting to ESMC and upon checking the logs I discover that https://esmc is blocked. Has there been a change to how ESET communicates with ESMC? Should I whitelist the local ESMC server?
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