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  1. It will roll out after like a month or two. The difference is that if you update manually, it will (most likely) show a warning that you need to reboot for all changes to take effect. With the uPCU update, there's no warning that you need to reboot, but it still won't take effect after you reboot. We have some computers that are only restarted every 2-3 months or longer. Was hoping that the uPCU update didn't require a reboot.
  2. I ran into probably the same issue a few times over the past few years. Was never able to figure it out so I kept adding things to the whitelist whenever I ran into the problem. But last year when we moved to Windows 10 the problem went away. (Or maybe it went away because we also upgraded to small SSD's and got rid of the D drive.) Hope you figure it out.
  3. I have the same issue and reinstalling is not an option for me. Hope this is fixed soon.
  4. Hmm, does the warning pop up on the user's computer? I didn't see anything but the endpoints stop connecting to ESET PROTECT and I have to manually disable the firewall for them to connect. After connecting everything returns to normal.
  5. Thanks for the info. Will try auto-update next time. Incidentally my latest update to 8.0.2039 did not go smoothly. I've done the upgrade task countless times without any problems but this time a number of computers (out of 100+) could not complete the update. Had to remove (some even in safe mode) and reinstall.
  6. Does setting update mode to Auto-update mean the endpoints will update to the latest releases (e.g. 8.0.2039) without having to create a task? I created a task to update to 8.0.2039 and about half of my endpoints still required a reboot. Much better than all requiring a reboot, but still. And a month seems a bit long.
  7. I have the same issue too and my PC's that are affected can't be rebooted right now. (Their next reboot window is early next month.) Will this issue affect any other functionality? Thanks.
  8. In case anyone runs into this problem in the future. The reason was that Windows Defender Antivirus was disabled by GPO. It had always been disabled so maybe something in Windows 10 changed recently. Changing the policy to Not Configured fixed everything.
  9. Sorry, the machine wasn't rebooting by itself. I was rebooting it manually to see if the problem would go away when I changed settings (regional format mentioned above). The computer also got shut down at the end of the work day. I could run the log collector on another computer if necessary.
  10. @JozefG Hi, the ESET Log Collector log is over 100 MB so I've uploaded here. If there's an alternate file transfer site I should use please let me know. Thanks.
  11. @JozefG Do you mean it's just a display issue in Windows Security Center? EES seems to be working fine otherwise. I would've never noticed the issue if I had not sat down at a user's computer on a completely unrelated issue and happened to see the red cross on the WSC tray icon.
  12. @Marcos Yeah, we're based in Southeast Asia and it's Buddhist year 2563 here. The date format is set by regional format and if I change the format to English (US) the date automatically changes from 28/10/2563 to 10/28/2020. Just to be sure I tried changing regional format but the problem persists. @JozefG ETL files attached. Thanks. ekrn.zip
  13. Hi, it appears integration module is at 1026.1. Security providers says ESET Security is turned off. I tried restarting some of the computers experiencing this issue and it seems to come and go randomly. I'll check on more computers.
  14. I noticed today that some of our computers are showing no virus provider in Windows Security. EES is current 7.3.2041.0 and there's nothing obvious in ESMC or in the logs. It seems random since all of our computers are domain joined Windows 10, Version 2004 and there doesn't seem to be anything special about the ones that are showing this warning. Anyone seeing anything like this? Thanks.
  15. We use deployed Windows and I've noticed the same thing. It also happens if Windows is updated to a new release and before the user logs in. Edit: I just noticed this recently, so not sure if this is something new. Another new thing I noticed is that it's now harder to drag computers into another group since the group panel scrolls too early and too fast.
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