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  1. Hi , I migrate my clients from old server (base on windows) to new server (base on OVA )via this link : [KB7710] Migrate managed computers from an existing ESET PROTECT Server to a new ESET PROTECT Server (Windows) However,in this step, it required the certificate password -> i have not create the password for Agent certificate ( Eset protect server using OVA appliance). I tried to use the password console on new server (OVA) but it was incorrect password and i can't migrate my clients. Could any please help me on this step ?
  2. As i know, by default, clients will update database via proxy of the Eset protect server, which called Eset Bridge via port 3128. If it was disabled, you can create the new policy to use. If clients can not communicate with Eset protect server, it will update direct with internet ( out side of network). Hope it will help.
  3. Thanks your quickly response. Yes, i will.
  4. Hi , Today i have the issue with start encryption with error below : i've checked on this link : Troubleshooting | ESET Full Disk Encryption | ESET Online Help but has no the solution. Could you please help me to check this ?
  5. Hi @Marcos, The customer removed version 10 and installed version 11.I'll note this case for in the future. Thanks your support.
  6. Thanks your suggested. This's log on the server efsw_logs.zip
  7. Hi @Marcos , Thanks your reply. However, the customer installed the version 10 ( as i know it has no firewall) so what the reason with "Firewall is non functional" ?
  8. Hi everyone, As far as i know, with the product "ESET Server Security for Microsoft Windows Server" will have no feature "FIREWALL" on version 10, and with the version 11 , this feature have to active with the license "The Firewall is available only if you have an active ESET PROTECT Entry Tier subscription and above" My customer just bought the license standalone ( 1 license for file server, it called Eset small business security) and install with the version 10.0.12015.2, however it alerted the "Firewall is non functional. " I don't know this license will match to what the Tier in Eset protect Essential/Entry or above. Could any one please explain for this one ? Thanks in advanced.
  9. Thanks your response. I also suggested that but they said they have no policy, just use default when deploy EFD and they conform they just used only 1 time.
  10. Hi @Kstainton , How can we know the root cause on this ? My customer has the same issue but he said he just use the Recover password one time . Now he have to decrpyt and want to know the root cause ? Thanks,
  11. Hi @Marcos, i tried to deploy again with this VM ( i snapshot this VM and backup database before) but it was not successful and appear the error : How to i can restore my server ?
  12. Yes, i forgot about the linking to other. Thanks.
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