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ESET Inspect Internal server error


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I have a problem with ESET Inspect, this pop up appears when I clicked to Computer, Incidents, Search, and when clicked to Detections menu there is additional pop up "Some detections are not visible due to limited access rights" and I'm sure I've logged in using an administrator or superuser account.

Below is the error that appears
Internal server error

An internal error occurred while trying to fulfill the command:

[post] >> https://eu01.inspect.eset.com/frontend/machines/1/0 >> [500, undefined]

Timestamp: 2024-04-26 14:54:43

For persisting problems, contact our Technical Support or visit the Online Help guide


is there any way to fix it?

after I checked there is the same post like this

Thank you in advanced.



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Please raise a support ticket and provide your instance ID from your EBA account.

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