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Roadmap question | Endpoint Security future on Mac

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I'm looking to know if there's anything in the roadmap for EES on mac. 
Our organization needs the device control and firewall features, and we can't move to v7 under any circumstances due to that. 

EESv6 EOL has been pushed back from last year till August this year. 
Is there anything in the roadmap that mentions a new EES version for macOS?
Something that will contain the features mentioned above? 



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On 1/12/2024 at 3:32 PM, Marcos said:

There won't be ESET Endpoint Security v7, however, EES v8 is scheduled for 24H2.

Which means if nothing changes with the scheduled EOL of EES v6, EES v8 should appear before hand in order to replace it. 
Can we escalate to emphasize how dependant clients may be on EES?
This is to put the EOL of v6 in a better perspective.
I'm not sure how "bad" it is to be with a product that has reached EOL, I rather not find out.
it's definitely not a good thing if EOL is at August and the product is released on December (H2 can be anywhere until 25H1)

Thank you. 

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