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  1. This would apply to Windows but I'm seeking for Mac-Apple
  2. Allow me to filter further as I troubleshoot other services.
  3. Hi Team, I'm currently having a challenge where Links in Outlook on Mac take time to open as they have to be verified by ESET and then later open (10-15 secs later). Initially, links would open immediately. Any solution to halt the Verifying bit? regards,
  4. Hi Support, Using ESET, how can one install a 3rd Party App. Kindly provide some guide. regards, Davis
  5. Hi What could be causing this login Error? How do i resolve it? Login failed: Connection has failed with state "loginConnectionStateNotConnected" regards,
  6. Its huge file more than 100MB recommended, how else can i share the same with you?
  7. What would cause the sudden change in setting? On the ESET Protect dashboard policy its applied but on the client its disabled. The number of clients affected are many. Is there a simpler way of solving this rather than reaching out to the various client users for setting enabling?
  8. Dear Administrator, Please help in giving best advise on resolving this attached issue and availed setting. some endpoints are getting that disclaimer message. looking forward to your usual support.
  9. Dear Team, I'm currently getting a revoke error banner while trying to access https://icrafss.worldagroforestry.org:8181/UserIdentity/index.xhtml Is this revoke carried out by ESET? The certificate is valid until 2022. Please advise on how to resolve this.
  10. Thank you Marcos. Let me compare the logs in the devices and update in here
  11. Dear ESET Team, I have populated the ESET agent installer for our enviroment inclusinve of the server configuration details, after which i installed in devices but they arent reporting to the ESMC dashboard. The devices have the agent and ESET products. What would be the underlying issue with the cuurent agent package v7.2.1266.0 Any advise will help regards, Davis
  12. Dear Team, Please assist in validating the error even though the EDTD is Enabled. What would be giving the ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is not activated or license is invalid error? This is only reflective to endpoints that have ESET product upgraded from v6 to v7. Any forthcomig assistance will be appreciated. regards,
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