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  1. hello marco, I have a product eset version 6.5.2 107.1, I want to uninstall, without entering safe mode, I tried using the script: msiexec.exe / X {GUID} / qn REBOOT = ReallySuppress PASSWORD = "PASSWORD" but it doesn't work
  2. I mean to install the security file eset on linux, it requires an internet connection to download dependency, can dependency be downloaded locally?
  3. there is a need for our costemer to install Antivirus on all LINUX servers in the Data Center. However, we want to ask the principal's opinion and solution so that we can do the installation locally, so the dependency and installer are stored in the local data center.
  4. Here we try it on Windows 10 and the results are like that
  5. I have followed the instructions you gave, here are the results
  6. if uninstall must enter a password, how about the uninstall script that includes a password
  7. I have Kaseya desktop management tools, I plan to install Eset with Kaseya, I need the Eset Uninstall Script without having to go to safe mode
  8. is there a way to uninstall Eset cleanly without having to go into safe mode
  9. Based on the license I use, the EEPS license does not have a Web control feature.
  10. Identification software is needed for policy mirrors in each branch so it can't be disabled
  11. hello Administrators to any problem, there is a solution
  12. 30,000 clients reporting to the ESET PROTECT server The db we use is Microsoft SQL Server 2016, and the db server is on a different server yes we do additional reporting, such as all installed applications, websites that are permitted by Web Control Next we send the dxdiag image from the ESET PROTECT server and the db server
  13. Yes, indeed, in recent days we have added a lot of new clients, there is a solution to this problem
  14. have a problem Same like the following, I have tried to telnet ESMC port 2222 from the client side and it was successful, but for the last replication status the agent status is still error, is there a solution to solve this error?
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