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  1. Anyone knows what's the official public release date/window for ESET version 15? It's Mid-October already & the latest version is still in beta.
  2. Hey @Marcos, I backed up that 'homenet.dat' file as you told, but after a reinstall, not able to paste that over there i.e. C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\. Any idea how to do that? Should I have to paste that in safe mode as well?
  3. SUGGESSION for future ESET build developement: while backin up the ESET settings, the devices names under connected home should also be backed up as it's really frustating to add all of those devices names each & every time we reinstall windows. Already created a OP regarding this matter over here . IDK whether any actual dev read here all of the posted suggestion feedbacks or not here in ESET forum, but since I can't find any other place to provide any feedback/suggestion so posting here for the first time as suggested by @Marcosin my earlier linked post I mentioned above. Would appriciate if any dev actually read & reply/acknowledge this here. Also, we need a moren dark theme based design which respect the system Theme UI to match with all modern apps nowdays that follows the System UI theme.
  4. I thought this eset forum would be the best place to share any suggestion/feedback/complaint.
  5. Thanks @Marcosbut IMO, this should've been implimented under settings backup & resote feature, so that the user don't have to manually copy-paste everytime after reinstalling ESET. Can you or anyone pass this suggestion to the dev? Or where can I post this so that the dev can see this?
  6. Hi, I Just wanna know that if there's any way to take a backup of al the devices name that connected to my network & all those I named in & under ESET Connected Home. If I take the backup from here (See attached Screenshot), then that'd be taking all the devices name backup (bind with respective MAC ids) or not. PS: Already tired, & it seems backing up from this option only backup eset advance settings options, not backing up the device names. Posting here for confirmation from other users.
  7. hmm, while I understand the dependencies, still, IMO, ESET should have a user prefered notification options to turn off this (such) kind of notificaions anyway.
  8. I don't use any 3rd party apps to disable it from Windows, rather, I make my own customised Windiws ISO by removing many bloats alongwith the Windows Defender & tweaking many things (mostly delete useless things that I don't use & add updates) then install that. & about repair, I won't do that as I don't see any point of doing so, but somethimes, I've noticed that, after a CU, Windows defender usualy shows up (not in Windows Settings section, but if you search in START, it's there)
  9. Hi, Am getting this desktop notification everytime I logged or boot into my PC. ' Initialization of Windows Security Center Handeler Failed' I tried to get further info from the LOG file but there is no other deatils mentioned. I am using the latest EIS v14.0.22.0 with Windows 10 Pro v20H2 19042.630 One thing I must inform, I removed the Windows Security Center (Windows Defender) from the ISO that I install (because I use ESET for security, not rely on Windows Defender Security), so is that could be the reason for this error? If yes, then requesting the devs to fix this Here is the screenshot of my Windows Settings page
  10. We need a new UI/UX design with modern dark/back theme to match with the overall dark theme based system. @Marcos Do you have any info about this? I.e. in upcoming build or not? Please pass this suggestion to the dev, or tell me where I should write this so that the dev team can see (read) this feedback?
  11. IKTR, but the thing is when I asked/posted this here, there was no changelog listed available in the advance download page for this latest v13.2.18.0, the last changelog that was available on that time was for the earlier version Orelse, I wouln't asked /posted here. Thanks anyway.
  12. Today I got a new product update version from (July 2020) to Lookig for the changelog but found none over the internet & here, so creating this OP.
  13. As some are saying that they've got this update even in reguler channel so is this version pre-release or the stable version? Also any installer download link available yet with changelog?
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