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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to ebill in Thanks to ESET and the forum   
    First I hope this post is in the proper place, and proper in content I just feel the need to say some words of praise.

    I would like to express my thanks to ESET and to the forum here and review my first 6 months with ESET internet security.

    I cannot be happier with the performance of the software; I would like to detail what I like best.

    EIS is very low impact on system resources, significantly improving boot times and general performance on our windows 10 PC’s in our home.

    The software is far easier than any other security software I have used to “setup”. For me setting the “enable detection of potentially unsafe applications” to on and setting my home network and it’s all done. In my previous vendor there were so many settings I had a list to use if re-install was necessary. The advanced setup available is also a huge advantage and the great forum here is the best place to get advice if you need help (I have answered most all of my own questions by searching and reading).

    We practice safe computing in our home but have saw the software “protect” us by not allowing web sites to load on a few occasions in web searches.  I love the “lack” of popups and background behavior, only coming up when something needs my attention.    

    The banking and payment is a great asset, I use this feature from its shortcut (not relying on site detection) when doing any online payment activity. I have not had any problems at all accessing sites, I even use PayPal on occasion and navigation through payment is flawless. I use Firefox as my browser of choice and love that I can create customization's in the Banking and Payment browser profile to enhance my personal security preferences while in B&P while not effecting my normal profile.

    In migrating feature updates on Windows 10 the software was flawless this fall picking right up where it was. Also when an ESET major update is ready the updates have gone flawless as well. This is a great asset to “ease of use”.

    Test results prevented me from coming to ESET sooner, this forum and the detail of explanation when these questions have come up (by other forum users) helped me understand what “test results” really mean. The reputation and commitment by ESET is evident in the software’s actual use.

    Please accept my sincere thanks for having this great product available.  Anyone needing a great preforming AV suite should give ESET a try.

    Also my wishes for a Happy New year and a great 2019 to all at ESET and the forum – ebill

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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Matus in Issues with OS X client after upgrade   
    Yes, it's known and will be fixed in upcoming update. Seems that there is some miscommunication. We're sorry.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to JetPants in ESET 6.7.500.0 and 10.14 Mojave TCC issue)   
    @ondrish, it was less an issue of the Config profile not working, and more an issue with the version of the ESET client.  @TomasP provided me with a new client that did honor the Full Disk access whitelist.  Hope this helps.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Patrik in ESMC and connections every second   
    these conection are not performed by ESMC, but by ESET HTTP Proxy (which is installed by default on the same server like ESMC) on behalf of EES/EEA 7.
    These requests pull incremental updates of URL/File blacklists used on endpoints. Older versions made these requests every 20 minutes, but every one pulled the same data, what put unnecessary burden to customers network. In new endpoints proxy cache is used, so only first endpoint pulls the data from ESET and subsequent endpoints pull most of the data only from proxy cache. Only the last - most recently changed part of data needs  to be pulled from ESET servers.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Aryeh Goretsky in A holiday message from ESET for 2018   

    With the holiday season upon us, and the forthcoming New Year just around the corner, it's time to put aside the keyboard and mouse for a moment and spend some time with friends and family.  But before we do that, I did want to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a happy holiday, greetings of the season, and best wishes for the new year.

    We realize that you have many choices when choosing security providers, and thank you for trusting us to protect you in 2018 and all the years past.    And, of course, we look forward to providing you with the same high levels of security in the years ahead.

    Thank you for being part of the ESET family.

    Best regards,

    Aryeh Goretsky
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to TomFace in Merry Christmas   
    I'd like to wish all the ESET Administrators, Moderators, Staff, Associates, Partners, Forum members and guests (including all the families) a Merry Christmas.

    Have a peaceful and joyous holiday
    Best regards,
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Mike_M in EES 6.7.500 Crashes Macs   
    Installed the beta 6.7.600.0 patch on the MacbookPro with most issues and so far so good no more crashes! Thanks!
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    Peter Randziak received kudos from Abdul Jabbar Dumrai in ESET is Filtering SSL/TLS Traffic thus downgrading Latest Http2 Protocol   
    Hello @Abdul Jabbar Dumrai,
    the Internet protection module supporting HTTP/2 is currently being tested and is available to the pre-release users.
    So if you want to evaluate it as well, just switch the update mode to pre-release,...
    Regards, P.R.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to anton83 in ESET is Filtering SSL/TLS Traffic thus downgrading Latest Http2 Protocol   
    HTTP2 support module is available on pre-release update channel, soon it will be available to all.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to TomFace in Happy Thanksgiving   
    To the ESET Mods, staff, forum members and visitors who celebrate it, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Be grateful for what you have as others have much less.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MichalJ in Security Management Serrver upgrade to 7.0.577 doesn't remove previous version   
    It’s an issue simillar to the one with agent in the previous release. You will have to remove specific registry entries to remove references to the old server. We will post guidance after we verify the procedure.  However, only the recent version is installed. 
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    Peter Randziak received kudos from Gonzalo Alvarez in AIO Package Installer is failing on 6.5 - v7 upgrade   
    Hello @Delerium,
    I would suggest to collect the logs, which Marcos mentioned and contact the support team for investigation,..
    Regards, P.R.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in Virus Dexon Agent.exe no detectado por el antivirus ESET Endpoint (Dexon Agent.exe virus not detected by ESET)   
    According to the info I've found, it's supposedly a potentially unwanted application from 2016. It's described as: The application is a communications application that allows users to have remote access to or direct contact with an IT consultant over the internet. When installed, it creates a service and runs in the background. It automatically sets up a bind connection and listens to the local port 5001 for incoming connections in order to provide remote access. When the user attempts to uninstall, the application is reinstalled and maintains its persistence even when the user tries to end the application.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MichalJ in Email protection by client plugins is non-functional & Protocol filtering is disabled   
    Hello, we have released a new configuration engine module, that allows configuration of those errors on the client (locally in advanced settings). However a CE module for ESMC / ERA has not yet been released. I will check with devs, when this is scheduled. Afterwards, you will be able to disable those warnings. 
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Mirek S. in after upgrade Agent to v7 old Agent is also visible   
    Recommended is to leave registry as they are for now. Upcoming service release should correct issues caused by the previous version.
    Specifically installations affected with
    7.0 version being installed while being reported as 6.X from installer point of view - upgrade will update installer registry to match what is really installed. both 6.X and 7.0 version being reported as installed - upgrade will remove both previous versions For upgrade to succeed previous version(s) installation package file is required. We backup installation package within Agent. Windows backups currently installed applications packages in windows specific directories. Original location (from where installation was run) is also used to find msi package if previous lookups failed.
    For GPO deploys it's therefore recommended to keep previous packages(s) on distribution point and only add new versions instead of replacing them.
    For those potentionally affected by missing installation package, it's possible to select those in installation UI mode.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to TomasP in New ESET Security Forum theme   
    Hello forum users,
    ESET Security Forum is here for you for more than 5 years now and we are happy to see it grow.
    Back in 2013, we chose a look that was in line with our products, websites and overall brand at that time. However, in the recent years, ESET defined its brand design in more details and chose a unique color to represent and distinguish itself; a color that is present in most of our online and offline presentation materials nowadays, on our websites, etc. – the turquoise color.
    During the past year, we have designed a fresh new theme for the ESET Security Forum that fits perfectly with this new brand design. After implementing it and polishing the last few details that came as feedback from our ESET Forum staff (who have been using it for some time now), we are ready to unveil it for the world to see.
    When you are reading this post, the theme is already live, so you have a first-hand experience with it. We hope you like it – and in case you spot an issue, do let me know directly (via a private message).
    On behalf of the ESET Security Forum staff,
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in Malicious Emails from Collegue   
    Please submit the suspicious attachment (ideally the whole email in the eml or msg format) to samples@eset.com in an archive protected with the password "infected". If it's a new macro malware, using ESET Dynamic Threat Defense would likely improve the response and you'd get it detected quicker without waiting for the next engine module update.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MichalJ in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Thank you @Campbell IT Concerning the "logged users" - all is clear. We are already tracking an improvement for that, so I have added your feedback to it. With regards to the "Detection Engine", would the information about "last update attempt" (= when the application contacted ESET Servers, to check whether there is a newer version of any module) or "last successful update" (= when the application actually downloaded any of the newer modules from ESET Servers, which means it´s working with the latest modules), be sufficient to you?
    In the meantime, logic works, that machine changes its status from updated to non-updated after 7 days, and will report a protection status (red) with "modules out of date". If you are more strict with this, what you can do is to shorten the alert interval down to one day, by configuring a setting in a policy for security product as follows:

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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to ESET Security Forum in ESET Cloud Administrator has been released   
    Release Date: September 26, 2018
    ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA) is a cloud-based management console (offered as a service) allowing centralized management of select ESET products. ESET Cloud Administrator allows you to manage your company’s network security without the need to buy, install or maintain additional hardware.
    Using the ECA Web Console, you can deploy ESET products, manage tasks, enforce security policies, monitor system status, report on security incidents and quickly respond to problems or threats on remote computers.
    Below are some of the important features in the currently released version of ESET Cloud Administrator:
    Incident Overview dashboard Hardware inventory Notifications Use local lists Group policy (GPO) deployment Automatic threat resolution Log Collector New and improved wizards For Frequently Asked Questions and descriptions of the features, see ESET Cloud Administrator—what's new?
    Support Resources
    Getting started with ESET Cloud Administrator (ECA) - Windows
      ESET Cloud Administrator Online Help contains comprehensive reference information for system settings, configurations, installation scenarios and more. Troubleshooting and problems with the ECA Web Console ECA Live Installer deployment methods Upgrade ECA components to the latest version
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in Problems with EES V7   
    Unfortunately this is issue we are currently investigating and working on remediation. What actually happens that ERA Agent successfully upgrades to ESMC Agent, but for some reason, remnants of original application are not properly removed from registries (msiexec database). It has no impact on functionality, but it is confusing, especially in case ESMC reports it as outdated software is present on client machine.
    We will most probably provide at least script that cleans those registry entries, until proper fix is available.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in Problems with EES V7   
    We had enabled it (or fixed) few hours ago - any chance you used it before? Or it is still not working properly?
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in Problems with EES V7   
    It can be either an issue registering a WFP callout (e.g. due to issues with BFE or registry permissions), or you disabled protocol filtering which is now indicated by a change of the protection status. Please provide me with logs collected with ESET Log Collector from such machine so that I can check the configuration.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    This is not possible since only IP addresses are known to the firewall. Unlike firewall, web access protection works at the highest application level in the OSI model and has information about hostnames as well.

    You can try enabling SSL/TLS filtering for all applications under Web and email -> SSL/TLS -> Filtering mode: Policy mode.
    In case of any issues with SSL/TLS filtering in certain applications, you can adjust SSL/TLS scan mode for particular applications:

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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Bill_k in Introduce yourself   
    I'm a semi-retired engineer with a background in telecommunications software development and project management. I've always had an interest in computer security and its related software, and have been through a large number of available solutions in the market. I've found that ESET is the most efficient in its resource usage as well as offering the best level of control while also operating with a minimum of intrusions compared to its competitors. Looking forward to gaining knowledge about ESET's products on this forum, and am excited about the 2019 version of ESET Internet Security which from what I read here is expected to be released shortly. ☺️
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to wreckitralph in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Hello @pps, I don't like to overpromise in general, but we've added this to the backlog and will try to look for some UX-friendly way, how to allow a mixture of custom and predefined warnings. Always appreciate your feedback, thanks.