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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in How to configure ciphers for communication between ERA Server & Web Console   
    For future reference -> this is actually bug in ESMC itself and should be resolved for upcoming releases. In case there would be no issue, weak ciphers would be disabled in so called "Advanced security" mode which is available in ESMC's configuration. Those weak ciphers are available only for older ERA Agents connecting from even older operating systems (Windows XP, ...) where no secure algorithms were available in system.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Ceterisparibus in Introduce yourself   
    I'm ceterisparibus and I have been using Eset products (currently Cyber Security Pro for Macs) for about 4 years. I run them on Mac OS (both Mojave and High Sierra on two different computers). I look forward to reading the forums.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in ERA server trys connect my gateway ip via ssh   
    Just guessing, but only ESMC functionality actually using SSH is "Remote deployment task", could you verify it is not scheduled to be executed regularly?
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Rendekovic in EEE 5.0 Opal / SED Drives?   
    Hi N1Md4,
    I appologize for my late reply.
    Yes we are working on finishing the missing pieces of communication/ documentation.
    Sorry for this incovenience.
    Best regards,
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MichalJ in EMA error: "This operation is not permitted on migrated company"   
    @Alexey Ponomarev As of yesterday, we have commenced migration from EMA 1 (ema.eset.com) to EMA 2 (msp.eset.com). This procedure had to be approved by the admin / primary contact for your MSP / company. You should have received an e-mail with this information. Your customers are now migrated to msp.eset.com. If you will have any issues, please contact your distributor, or colleagues that are listed as primary contacts. 
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Emiel Wieldraaijer in Upgrade ERA 6.5 to EMCS 7.0   
    Hi MartinK,
    I've contacted the Dutch Support and they resolved the problem, database was repaired. 
    Best regards,
    Emiel Wieldraaijer
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MichalJ in Agent Live Installer Configuration - port missing   
    Hello @karlisi this will be resolved in the upcoming ESMC 7.1. 
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Rami in last update GUi delay open   
    ESET is known for being light since the first version it was released when other AVs was plaguing and killing the machines like Norton in the XP days.
    I believe ESET is still doing the same thing , staying light till this day. that might be the decision of saving the "15-26MB" of RAM.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MarcFL in Anti-Theft not compatible with new Samsung Galaxy S10   
    Done.  Thanks.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in Renew license for Internet Security but not received the code after paiement   
    The fact is that you've been using a leaked license key that can be found on the Internet. Have you checked if you were really charged for the renewal? The fact is that it was a license key from a PC magazine that leaked and should not allow purchasing renewals.
    I recommend contacting German support and asking for a refund if you were really charged. Then you could purchase a new license through the e-shop.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to 0xDEADBEEF in Malware removal being extremely slow   
    After updating to 12.1.31, the performance issue gets largely resolved. The sample that originally takes 15 sec to delete now only needs 3~4 sec in the latest version. 
    Anyway I've messaged u the new log on 12.1.31
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to 0xDEADBEEF in Malware removal being extremely slow   
    seems the performance issue is largely resolved in the latest version that is just released today. The deletion latency has dropped from 15 sec to 3~4 sec.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Matus in ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is not accessible alert in ESMC Console.   
    Hi guys. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. We'll surely adjust a tooltip. To your question, why suddenly it starts to appear is that we've added a new message in case license is not available and it was implemented in current AV module 1548. In next version 1549 we'll also provide a more specific description of the error in computer details > alerts. Also, we've adjusted behavior in an environment with ESET proxy, so in case you have licensed EDTD and you experienced some issues, it should much better.
    Thank you for understanding and we're really sorry for inconveniences. 
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to igi008 in SPF Checking in Mail Security for Exchange v7   
    Hello guys,
    the new version of EMSX has been released (7.0.10025).
    SPF result rule was extended (currently is possible to configure an action for "Soft fail").

    Enjoy the newest version.
    Many thanks for using ESET products!
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to J.J. in Eset Business for Linux installs, but does not open in Deepin 15.9.1   
    Hello guys
    Here you can find out how to make it work. Deepin Linux does not met requirements, but anyway by installing all needed libraries you can make it work easily.
    You can find terminal commands in attached screenshots.
    Step 1- First step is to install GlibC
    apt-get install libc6:i386

    Step 2 - Install libappindicator1 to show tray icon after installation
    apt-get install libappindicator1

    Step 3 - Prepare installer download it from ESET webpage, don't forget to choose 64bit installer and grant execute rights

    Step 4 - System does not met requirements and you need to install libgtk libraries
    apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386

    Step 5 - But not all libraries are not installed because of distribution issues therefore you need to run it again and use command
    apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386 --fix-missing

    Step 6 - So lets go deeper thats why we use Deepin Linux
    Murine libraries for GTK are missing too
    apt-get install gtk2-engines-murine:i386

    Step 7 – Some more engines to install pixbuf
    apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf:i386

    Step 8 – We need to install also gnome themes standard
    apt-get install gnome-themes-standard

    Step 9 – And also some extras are needed for gnome themes and therefore we will install gnome-themes-extra, this all are missing
    apt-get install gnome-themes-extra gnome-themes-extra:i386

    Step 10 – We will add architecture i386 for dpkg
    Check architecture
    dpkg –print-architecture
    Add architecture i386
    dpkg –add-architecture i386
    check If architecture was added
    dpkg –print-foreign-architectures

    Step 11 – And now we have optimized environment and we can install ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop

    So, Linux is user friendly but it chooses its friends selectively :)
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to TomasP in Chrome is attempting to access my webcam when visiting a banking URL   
    Hello @lvl1k0n, Just to let you know, our development team analyzed the calls and the implementation on the websites you mentioned and came up with a fix for this issue that will be a part of a future application update.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to J.J. in Eset Business for Linux installs, but does not open in Deepin 15.9.1   
    Please install libappindicator1 and restart the system, icon should show in tray.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Endpoint Antivirus or File Security - Windows Server   
    To my best knowledge, a license for a certain number of endpoints should also include a license for ESET File Security. Please contact ESET UK for details.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MichalJ in ESET Endpoint Antivirus or File Security - Windows Server   
    @Entropy The best thing to verify whether your license is entitled to activate ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server (which is indeed recommended to be run on server OS), you can check the license in ELA / EBA (ESET License Administrator / ESET Business Account). If it says "ESET Endpoint Security + File Security", it would work for sure. Otherwise, if your license is above 25 seats, unilicense concept should apply to it, so ESET UK should be able to convert it into eligible license at no extra cost. 
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in ESMC 7 Bad file descriptor   
    This is most probably caused by limits set in your Linux system. Please verify limit for open files in your system, or limits for services in case systemd is used.
    In case you are using ESMC Appliance, please check following forum topic:
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to katbert in EDTD - don't show manually submitted files   
    we found solution
    if Windows Server don't trust certificate of ts.eset.com - send files log is empty and no error logged
    after import Digicert and thatwe root certs - Eset can send files successfuly, and show all previuosly sent files
    this is a bug, I think
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in ERA 6.5 Server MySQL issue - Windows Server 2016   
    Just to be sure, there are two other settings of MySQL server that has to be changed:
    innodb_log_file_size=100M innodb_log_files_in_group=2 Could you verify those too? They can have different values but there are minimal requirements that are larged than default (documentation).
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Mirek S. in Mobile Device Connector install in Linux   
    --https-cert-path is not Agent certificate but certificate used to communicate with devices.
    Agent certificate does not have valid properties for this interface.
    You can create valid https interface certificate in ESMC certificates when You select MDM product.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to itman in ESET Smart Security Suite with other 3rd party malware scanners   
    FYI - MSRT is downloaded and run with each Win Update monthly cumulative update as noted in the link reference posted below. Therefore, there is no need to download it separately. It is also of dubious effectiveness:
    As far as Microsoft Safety Scanner which is a bootable media installation, you can create a more effective like solution using the Eset "SysRescue Live" option available in the Eset GUI Tools section.
    Bottom line - Eset provides you with all the system security you need.
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