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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Haresh2015 in ESET Endpoint Security 8 BETA signup   
    Hi Peter!
    I would like to test it.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to KamilP in ESET Secure Authentication with Terminal server   
    thank you for reaching to us. We are not aware of the limitations you mentioned. Could you please contact our support to resolve your issue (they will most likely require more details).
    Kamil - Product Manager.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to M.K. in How to deal with display name spoofing, when contains right mailadress also in reply, but "name@abc.com" is different   
    have you tried using custom rules with the combinations of conditions
    From header - address
    From header - display name?
    You can also have all macro-enabled office documents quarantined, using the Attachment type condition.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to shocked in anti virus best software   
    i've used the Eset products since i got my first pc back in 2007. after a 4.5 year gap from 2016 and a few years later that my pc died, i just returned to the product i trust and adore.
    easy and minimal interface yet powerful and full of options to suit every need.
    i highly recommend it! you wont be disappointed🤗
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to peteyt in anti virus best software   
    I've tried many AVs and kept moving in the past unhappy with them but once I switched to eset I've never looked back. Doesn't hog the system, good detection and good support 
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    Peter Randziak received kudos from Mike_Kintaru in ESMC Syslog   
    Hello @Mike_Kintaru,
    sadly I do not have any personal experience with qRadar and logging to syslog.
    I would advise to contact your local ESET support to have it checked.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to petersonal in eset mail server question   
    There is no problem sice server restart case can be closed, i will update the mail security later.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to TomasP in Adding Bitwarden extension to secured browser!   
    Hello guys, thank you for your feedback.
    We will add Bitwarden to the list of whitelisted extensions that can be loaded in the protected browser.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to petersonal in eset mail server question   
    It is true it has not been restarted for at least 3 or 4 months or even much more. After windows updates, and a restart, the mail security seems working fine, no error or warning entries in the logs. I will report back after a couple days.
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    Peter Randziak received kudos from Chanklish in restore ESMC   
    Hello @Chanklish,
    the migration paths are described at https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/72/en-US/migration_same_version.html 
    so follow the one applicable in you case.
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    Peter Randziak received kudos from chameleonzx in Possible upgrades of ESET Business Product.   
    ESET license keys are not bind to version, but to a product / product tier better said. 
    Usually the packs for the endpoints cover EFSW as well, but I would rather check it with your local sales team.
    EFSW is the product recommended for use on the terminal servers.
    When it comes to licensing, they are a special case as they should have a license covering the terminal sessions so again I would recommend to check this with your local sales team...
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in eset mail server question   
    Correct.  You can install it on top to preserve current settings. We believe that manual or automatic product updates should be eventually possible as of ESMC 7.3 later this year. It will work the way that the program will download an update (e.g. you will manually check for a new program version), you select to install the update and the update will be installed after the next server reboot. Future versions should be able to install program updates instantly and without requiring a reboot even if drivers are updated.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to leosuth in Threat removed pop up   
    Just in case this helps 😉 I use Outlook 365
    Same problem here - log:
    Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here
    27/08/2020 12:23:37;IMAP filter;email message;from: "MRS. GRACE ALLEN"<gitlab@jbcloud.tokyo> with subject I'M A CANCER WOMAN HELP ME dated Wed, 26 Aug 2020 21:23:07 -0700 ;HTML/Fraud.EK trojan;contained infected files;DESKTOP-********\***********;Event occurred upon receiving an email by the application: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE (4EFC5B419545D8BEF94562B5B37F7CB826AFB8CE).;B6F39053914FA3C684E51EB99EA8A9792C786A34;
    NOD32 set to delete emails on detection, as suggested above - so I don't think that works (at least - see below - when download not to Inbox?) 
    I have two accounts, one with Gmail, the other with Virgin. I went to the webpage for Gmail - that email does not exist there. But as a matter of course, I cleaned out everything from there since I don't really use Gmail. Also, I haven't got Gmail mapped in Outlook anyway - but I thought it worthwhile checking and having a clean out
    On Virgin front end, I found the email hiding in the Spam folder. I deleted this, then tried download again - still detecting. I finally found it hiding in the Deleted folder (Trash) - Doh! So I deleted it from there as well, and now it is no longer being detected. I also took the opportunity to do a clean-out there as well.
    Looks like Outlook365 downloads the contents of the Spam and Trash folders as well🤨, which was why it was being detected  so the lesson is to check in ALL folders if this kind of thing happens and not to assume things.
    Anyway, thought I'd share with all, hope it helps some.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to bluezone in Renewed NOD32 license not updated   
    Hi all,
    The ESET online shop fixed the problem on their end - I would say the changed email address was the cause here.
    The license is now shown as valid for another 3 years and also with the expected 3 PCs.
    many thanks for everyone's help!
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to seb2020 in ESET File Security Error: Syscall init_module returns error: Device or resource busy   
    If someone has the same issue, maybe you are using auditbeat from Elastic. You cannot use at the same time ESET and auditbeat
    From @Peter Randziak : auditbeat sets kernel probe on SyS_exeve what prohibits us to hook on this syscall and scan executed files...
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Chanklish in selected package is not in repository   
    i received a reply now 
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in selected package is not in repository   
    Any chance changing "legacy" filter in packages table helps? Also I would recommend to check ESMC's trace.log for possible synchronization (network) or database related errors. It is possible that repository synchronization is failing and list is not updated correctly.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Marcos in IMAP Timeout's with Outlook   
    What about leaving IMAP scanning enabled but disabling integration with MS Outlook? Do you have a lot of emails directly in the Inbox folder? If so, how many approximately?
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartynK in IMAP Timeout's with Outlook   
    I have not had chance to check yet, had the Mail server developer on the system all day.
    Add to that the latest Office 365 version of Outlook does not seem to be creating a IMAP debug log when debugging is switched on, so MS is looking at that one also.
    Will be back with some more details as soon as I can.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to erratic in Latest update causes eset_proxy to flip out   
    A month after installing 6.8.455, and the issue mentioned above still has not manifest itself.
    Seems to have solved the problem for me.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to MartinK in ESET Security Management Center version hotfix won't install   
    TLS connection is actually initiated by ODBC driver installed in system, so it is not in ESMC control. Could you please check what ODBC driver is actually used by ESMC and possibly install latest version. My best guess is that older version is used, which has no support for TLS 1.2. Also it seems that SQL Server 2014 in latest version you are using is supposed to fully support TLS 1.2: just for information, with recent versions we are installing SQL Server 2019 + all-in-one installer do even support upgrade of database server is supported by operating system, but ODBC driver is not installed nor upgraded.
    In order to check or change ODBC driver used by ESMC, please check DB connection string file as described in documentation. In referenced article, relevant parameter is Driver=SQL Server, i.e. in example, very old ODBC driver is used. In case it is also in your case, I would recommend to upgrade to Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server. It will also require to modify ESMC DB connection string, probably to Driver=ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server, where exact name can be verified in ODBC Data Source control panel:

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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to Chilliflavour in ESET Security Management Center version hotfix won't install   
    Happy to report the update has successfully installed after upgrading the ODBC driver and modifying the ESMC DB connection string as per your instructions. Thanks for all your help, it's much appreciated!
    Just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the SQL Server to 2019 without having to reinstall ESMC?

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    Peter Randziak received kudos from mxp in EMA2 | Updating license unit quantity...   
    mxp provided me with the requested data so we are checking it with the devops team.
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to intika in ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop version bug, active detection don't work for all process   
    Thanks for your answer, indeed I am running a company and indeed I have multiple licenses BUT i don't use the business version because it does not suit my needs, I don't need a central location to manage the different installations but I need that on each machine the main reason being technically advanced users that need to handle the AV themselves (and we are just 3 with 6 machines). 
    I tested the business version as it looked very interesting on paper... BUT it has its glitch as well... 
    - First the GUI is just used for notifications, there is no GUI nor possibility to use without ESMC
    - "/var/run" which is a system file/directory is included in your rpm for no reason, that can lead to serious issue
    - The kernel module had troubles to find the Linux sources...
    - The application is hardly linked to openssl v1.0.2 wich is a complete non sens (can not work with greater/lower versions of openssl)  
    I don't have the time for the moment to reinstall and troubleshoot the new version, and i can not send back global logs, the bug is clearly introduced by the new change to your library libesets_pac.so 
    I'll post back some logs if I have the time to test that on a vm  
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    Peter Randziak gave kudos to bstanger in Eset Nod 32 64 Bit + Debian Buster   
    xhost + (as normal user)
    that did it.
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