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  1. Check client deploy error

    We do not see the screenshot, you have tried to post.
  2. License expired

    What do you mean, by "deactivated"? If you have a client, whose license has expired, you should send a new activation task, with a correct license. In case the license was renewed, it should get the updated license state automatically.
  3. @SandipThanki Thank you for your feedback. I would however kindly ask you to continue in the form of "reported problem" & "expected solution", as understanding of your "feature requests" might differ, and I would like to prevent the state, when we do implement something, that would not achieve the intentions behind it. So, can you please provide more details, about which problems are you willing to solve with the proposed solutions? Thank you.
  4. @fchelp what do you mean “identical”? Identical serial numbers? SMBios IDs, or just the same hw configuration?
  5. @ewong have you tried a filter "static group" not equal "unknown" ? That should achieve what you are searching for.
  6. @kingoftheworld & @Tim Jones- in general, we believe this won´t be needed with the upcoming release, where we are introducing a new feature, that should automatically identify duplicated entries, based on their hardware, and let you resolve (reset) the agent UUID from there. You would be able even to pre-configure the desired behavior (so when a default image is deployed, it will automatically get a new UUID). Do you have any other usecase for this behavior?
  7. Is the version of the mac product the latest (compatible with 10.13)? That might be the reason.
  8. Negative filter in report

    @peters Why you have said that we do not want to hear this? Actually completely the opposite, we want to hear your feedback. I can assure you, that it is being heard, and also we are analyzing / preparing a change, that would potentially resolve your concerns. Concerning the availability of V7, we have not set a date in iron, but we will most probably announce it during the RSA in two weeks. Preliminary it´s end of Q2/2018.
  9. Negative filter in report

    @peters Can you be please more specific about limitations? What particular functionality you find missing? Dynamic groups concept has two primary purposes. One is "filtering" (and I do agree, that it´s a bit less flexible compared to running a custom report on top of already reported data). Second is automation, meaning upon meeting DG inclusion conditions, agent can execute action or for example apply a policy. Serial number reporting will be improved in the future version of ESET Remote Administrator.
  10. Problem with create a triger

    In general, we would need more information about the use-cases. Specific questions: - to which group they have the permission set to? (it´s within the permission set). do they have access to the group all? - which is their "home" group? Meaning, to this group, their "objects/content" (tasks, triggers, reports ..) will be created. You are mentioning triggers. However, the screenshot from the help are "server triggers". Not client task triggers. Client task triggers are now merged into the task window.
  11. 2FA login on ERA

    This is a window for enabling the 2FA (initial provisioning). You should troubleshoot, if your ERA is capable of reaching our provisioning server / specific ESA ip addresses: https://support.eset.com/Platform/Publishing/images/Authoring/Image Files/ESET/KB_ENG/Allow_communication_ESET_Secure_Auth.txt Communication via proxy is not supported in this case.
  12. Not Activated Securty Products

    You can create a dynamic grop, focusing on “problem” = “product not activated” with a activation task set to trigger on “joined dynamic group trigger”. But i would investigate, why this is happening first, as it is not a normal behavior. Do you have a setting to “deactivate not connecting computers” set in ESET License Administrator? You can also send us the “public license ID of your license” so we can check in our licensing server logs, if there is any evidence of their deactivation. I would also suggest you update to 6.6, which have now couple of licensing fixes in them.
  13. ESET RA removal process

    Your perception is correct. If the agent uninstalls itself, it does not replicate back the information about being not on the machine anymore. The only thing to check the success, is that you will see that it will stop connecting.
  14. Unresolved Threats

    @j-gray That is consistent with the setting. When the threat is detected first time by the "real time", it is kept (threat not handled, red color). When you run the on-demand scan, it is removed, due to the strict cleaning setting. As I have mentioned, in the V7, the behavior will be changed, that after executing a scan, both entries will be "marked as resolved", and the count of "unresolved threats" will be set to 0.
  15. Unresolved Threats

    @j-gray Concerning your last post - this is a correct behavior with the current implementation. In the V7, the behavior will be the following: - the first threat will be reported as "unresolved". After you execute a scan covering the target where the threat is reported, that particular instance will be "marked as resolved". The second one, that is handled (by the scanner settings), will be automatically marked as resolved, so the "unresolved threat count" for the computer will be 0. As of now, in 6.5 the only way how to "resolve them" is to manually marked them as resolved. Those threats are no longer there. Btw, what are your cleaning settings for both Real Time protection and your On-demand scanning profile?