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  1. @beethoven Thank you for your feedback. Can you share with me the feature list of the Business Pack (web link, or any other source), I will make sure that this is corrected, as it creates unnecessary confusion.
  2. Hello @beethoven. What confuses you is that the "ESET SECURITY MANAGEMENT CENTER" is a newer version of "ESET REMOTE ADMINISTRATOR". So you just need only one, and in this case the first one (V7.1 is the latest version). If you opt in for ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud, the primary difference is, that you will not have to install and maintain the management server (update it to newer versions, patch the system, etc ...), but it will be instead provided via a cloud service, maintained, updated by ESET. You will just download the installers, deploy them to your computers, and that´s it. So the primary benefit is that for you it´s almost zero maintenance solution, which will be always updated to the latest version by ESET to ensure you have the latest features at your disposal. If you want to see how this solution looks we have an interactive demo available here: https://www.eset.com/us/business/cloud-administrator/demo/
  3. Hello @RSS, this is already being tracked, however due to relatively lower prevalence of this request it´s not yet planned for implementation. Internal reference: IDEA-1281
  4. @beethoven I would recommend that you use ESET Cloud Administrator, meaning purchase one of the eligible cloud bundles (ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced Cloud would be my choice). In those cases, the console is hosted by ESET in the Cloud, you do not need to maintain it, and as it is cloud based, the only thing you need to handle is internet connectivity at your two locations.
  5. Hello @avar39 - as stated by Marcos, this is currently not possible. However, we have seen such requests in the past, so we are tracking improvement request for it. Can you please share your details / use-case, for what you would like to use this mechanism?
  6. Hello, as stated by Marcos, exclusions super-cede any blocking rule, regardless whether it is by hash, or the detection is triggered by Live Grid, our updated detection database. The same would apply for the case, where it would be present in the excluded folder.
  7. Hello, the build you have installed is in fact ESET Endpoint Antivirus, which compared to ESET Endpoint Security does not have Firewall in it. Now the question is, whether it is due to the FW not being present, or the actual beta helping to address the issue. Maybe @Peter Randziak who shared the build can comment further.
  8. @Leviathan as marcos has stated, you can create "ESET Business Account" and add your license there. If the applications you are using are on the version 6 and above, after adding the license (via license key, you will have to have the license key, if you do not have it yet, you can get it via the self service function - https://eba.eset.com/LicenseConverter After this, you will receive confirmation e-mail to the address under which the license is registered, and after clicking the link license will be added, and all activated devices will be visible. In case you format the computers, it´s recommended to perform deactivation via EBA. If you do "standard uninstall" the license seat should be freed automatically.
  9. I also looks to me that the client product is somehow broken, as in the window header it shows "ESET Endpoint Security", but the GUI says Smart Security. It might be possible, that you will have to use ESET uninstaller in the safe mode, to get the version removed as it might be somehow corrupted (the whole computer scan section of the main menu is missing).
  10. In general, if the machines are running EP V5, I would recommend the following approach: install just the management agent (either via GPO, or agent live installers / all in one installer with just agent, pushed by remote deployment tool). Uninstall the Endpoint V5 via software uninstall task + reboot the machine Install Endpoint Security V7+
  11. I would suggest to update both the EFDE client and ESMC agent (if not done yet) to the latest versions. Maybe there is some version mismatch between the version of the configuration module, that is responsible in delivering / translating / applying the configuration on the target computer. If the problem persists, I would recommend opening a customer care ticket, so our engineers could investigate it further.
  12. I have been asked by the developers to ask you if it would be possible for you to submit an official customer care ticket. It would help our devs to properly focus / allocate time to the investigation of this issue. Thank you.
  13. Hello, can you please make sure that you do not have any other EFDE policy assigned to the clients, especially if the "force flag" is not set to any of the policies? Force flag could prevent other policies to being applied correctly on the machines. Also, is the "apply flag" correctly set for the password field? "apply" means that it would be actually applied on the target devices. Apply (green box) and Force (red box) below:
  14. Thank you @karsayor, all clear. I will check with the development team why the deletion of "MSP" group is not possible even in case when the MSP account that triggered its creation is no longer present in the console.
  15. Hello @karsayor The most likely reason would be, that as you have synced your ESMC with EMA 2, it created the "MSP" container. This one is "read only", and can´t be deleted, unless the EMA account used for addition is still in use. You will have to reconfigure your task to sync a different container, not the group all. I would suggest to create "AD" group, and then move all other groups / computers there, and reconfigure the AD sync accordingly. As the "MSP" is empty, does it mean you do not plan to use automatic synchronization of managed companies in EMA vs. groups in ESMC? What is your EMA / ESMC setup / relation? Meaning, if there is any relation at all, between the customers list in EMA, vs. the static group structure in ESMC.
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