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  1. Hello Gornon, in general, if the upgrade got corrupted, what I would recommend is to use ESET uninstaller in the safe mode, to cleanup the machine and then install it again from scratch. That should help resolving the issue.
  2. MichalJ

    License Usage. How Long to Update?

    In general, the number shown in the "license tab" of ESMC is not coming from ESMC itself, it´s coming from our licensing server infrastructure. You can always update the number by clicking "synchronize licenses" in your license tab. You can do a license cleanup, by accessing eset license administrator / eset business account (depending on which you are using). If you never setup an account, you can go to ela.eset.com, and use your license key for login. Over there, you can see all of the devices activated with your license. Our licensing has one issue, where it creates duplicated entries for machines that are often using multiple network adapters (like switching often between LAN / WIFI). Then they are orphaned, however still consuming the license. You can cleanup those by lowering the setting "deactivate seats not connected for XYZ" days (by default, it´s set to 365 days).
  3. If you are updating from mirror, you should not set the address in "proxy settings", but instead in "update server" setting under "update" section of your policy. Proxy server will work only in case, you actually install proxy component on the machine with direct internet connection, so all machines on your network will try to reach ESET with traffic diverted over your proxy, From what you have said, this is not your setup. So you have to edit your policies, and set the mirror server address in the "update server" setting, instead of default "AUTOSELECT" or "CHOOSE AUTOMATICALLY".
  4. MichalJ

    Smart Scan scheduled via ERA/ESMC

    Hello @sajer_ Witch regards to "smart optimization", this is meant to work in a way, that it does skip files which are whitelisted / marked as safe. As the file you are referring to is a an actual detection (I assume it´s some PUA), it will come up every time you run a scan. If you want to have it "not detected" the right way is to create exclusion for that particular file, ideally either by hash, or by combination of a file path and detection name. You can do it from ESMC "threats" tab, by clicking left click - add exclusion to policy - select a policy, you want to have exclusion applied to. You can do it other way around, to start from "policies", new policy, search for "exclusions" and then upon adding a new one click on "exclude detected threats" and search for that particular detection. That should make it gone away from repetitive scans, unless the scan is run with parameter "ignore exclusions".
  5. MichalJ

    ESMC Computers w. Alerts

    That is weird. When you are navigated to "computers" pane, is the checkbox "show subgroups" checked in, and are you sure you have no other filters enabled (for a specific product / mas / another condition)? In general, it should be 1 to 1 and I have never experienced such behavior. If it´s not due to filters set, we will need a ticket, and possibly access to your exported DB to check, if that would be possible.
  6. MichalJ

    Future changes to ESET Endpoint programs

    @Sam Fonteno Thank you for reporting. This is already in our backlog. However the task itself is quite expensive, due to the current logic of how policies are merged and how the resulting configuration is applied. However, we are aiming to get it resolved eventually, however I can´t as of comment on a time-frame for it.
  7. MichalJ

    ESMC Computers w. Alerts

    This number should indicate the number of computers that are in the red security state. Meaning, if you go to "status overview" dashboard, and you check the 4 color tiles, number in the red tile should be corresponding with this badge on the "Computers" tab. Also, if you go to computers, click "all" with "show subgroups" and then set the status filter to red, it should show you a list of devices. Count of those devices should correspond to the number on the badge.
  8. In order to really use "EDTD" you have to: Purchase a valid license for ESET Dynamic Threat Defense Add it to ESET Business Account, together with your standard Endpoint licenses (this will pair the cloud sandbox with all of your devices) Activated EDTD via given license, on the endpoints where you want to use it Enabled EDTD in the policy. Error you are getting is related to the fact, that you have just enabled EDTD (point 4) in the list above, however did not complete the steps needed. So to let the warning disappear, you either have to buy EDTD license, and complete steps 1-3, or disable EDTD, as with the standard Endpoint license, you are not eligible to use it. Reason why it started appearing as of now is the recent module update, which brought this warning to already installed clients (EP V7).
  9. MichalJ

    ESMC Computers w. Alerts

    Hello @CMS Issue is that the information is changed dynamically. There is a different update frequency of the update of the "red rectangle" in the main menu, and the actual elements. Means, that the moment you open the GUI, it it´s most probably already changed. If I am not mistaken, the menu refreshes in 15 minutes interval, regardless if you refresh the main computers view, which reads the data from the database straight away. How big is the difference in your environment? And does it correct itself even if you keep logged in for a longer time, or force relogin (which should toggle re-reading of the data).
  10. MichalJ

    EBA export activated device

    Hello, as of now this is not possible, but AFAIK it´s being track as an improvement for a future versions of EBA.
  11. AFAIK it should be, as the RMM interface is untouched. You might not be able to configure all of the settings via your current plugin, but the same functionality should work OK.
  12. We are not aware of any issues related to hyper-V hosts. We will need more detailed descriptions of the errors, including the install log / trace log from the agent from the moment of the failed upgrade attempt.
  13. @SysEPr Thank you for pointing this out. I have created a development task for both adding this one specific problem, but also having those problems in an update-able fashion, meaning we would be able to dynamically update those capabilities when a new client with a new error is being released.
  14. MichalJ

    Sient upgrade from to

    I have checked with the devs, and it looks that the upgrade procedure works in the way, that it modifies the actual content of the apache http proxy, but does not modify installer entries / registry entries. Therefore i´s not changed in there.
  15. MichalJ

    Minor annoyance/room for improvement with ESMC 7

    This is considered as a bug, and we will work on resolving it in the upcoming release of the product.