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  1. Alert for install software in network

    What I am thinking of, was to create a Dynamic group that will include the type of software you want to monitor (use the condition "in" when creating the dynamic group template). Or you can create a DG per the type of software. Then you can set a notification for "dynamic group content changes" - which means an alert will be sent anytime, a computer is added (but also removed) to the particular DG. Would this be sufficient?
  2. @fchelp Default trigger expiration is set for "one month" , not one day. I have attempted to create a new trigger now, and it sets expiration day for 19th February 2018.
  3. What I would suggest, is to create a dynamic group for "computer restart required". Then, create a "generate message task" set to "join dynamic group trigger", or eventually a delayed restart initiated via command line (run command task). Generate message might prompt users to trigger a manual "reboot" of the system. It´s true, that currently, it might take a while, till they notice, they have to restart, as ESET icon is hidden in the tray. That´s the method I keep suggesting to customers.
  4. @brandobot Thank you for your feedback. Can you be more specific, in particular with the first two/three issues - machines losing connections and machine being removed from ERA without user interaction + automatic tasks that do not work. I am aware of few tickets with sporadicaly crashing agents on mac, and that a fix is on the way. But the other two issue are unknown to me by your definition, so please provide more details (not logs, just description what is it about). Per my knowledge, Web filtering issues on mac were solved, and our mac product is among the best and highly rated on mac OS platform, trusted by some of the most famous companies in the world.
  5. Yes, actually this one will come in the next release.
  6. @e3zI personally meet a lot of enterprise customers, during the customer research. We are fully aware, that enterprises are having very rigorous processes, before they deploy security software company wide. However, this time we have identified a serious issue, that could result in the broken Endpoint after upgrade from previous versions. After attempting multiple ways how to mitigate the issue remotely, by deploying changes to ERA Agent behavior, and our licensing servers, we have decided, that we have to remove the affected package from the repository. PS: The issue was happening only in case, that you have upgraded via ERA, and have chosen also a license, in the "software installation task". Unfortunately, many customers were doing this unnecessary step. We are however tracking various improvements, to address concerns you have mentioned: Local version of repository, where you will be able to keep the versions, which might be no longer available online - meaning, if the build works for you, and you are confident, you can keep it and use it. Better "communication" from ESET towards the user of the ERA console about the "support status" of a particular build - meaning, if some serious issues happens, and version "vanishes" from the repository, you will be given a proper explanation. You will also know, when the version / product will EOL, or will be able to see any BETA / Early Access versions there as well. I can´t promise now a delivery date, but we really want to have both addressed towards the next (7.1+) release of ERA. You can be assured, that those are not the kind of issues that we do not take seriously. We are aware, that it´s very difficult to gain a trust of an enterprise-grade organization, however it´s very "easy" to loose it. We do not want to loose trust from you, our customers, so we are improving our processes and products to prevent such issues from happening. This individual case was done for "your protection", and the only thing we can do, is to apologize to you. If you want to affect future development of ESET products by the means of participating in a customer research with PM / UX people of ESET (it will cost you max 2 hours of time) juts let me know. We are really working to make solutions for our customers, so you can influence what you will get from us. Than you for your understanding. Michal
  7. I would recommend to use a "CRON expression", to trigger more frequent AD sync task http://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/index.html?cron_expression.htm
  8. As of now, this functionality is not possible. You can only disable the AV protection, by the means of assigning a policy, that will change the feature behavior.
  9. Hello, those are the symbols you should choose:
  10. For this purpose, you can use the dynamic group template "computers with active threats". Every time, an un-handled threat is reported (meaning threat, that was not possible to be cleaned / or was not removed by the product directly), computer is added to this dynamic group. You can then assign a task "on-demand scan" with "in-depth scan" (profile), set to "strict cleaning" (you can adjust the cleaning settings by policy for Endpoint). That will basically remove any "uncleaned" threats from the machine, by the means of deleting. The task should be set to "joined dynamic group trigger". Please note, that "active threats" are not the same as "unresolved threats". Number of unresolved threats includes also the ones, that have been handled, but have not been acknowledged by the administrator (yet) - by marking them as "resolved". This will change in the future, release, where handled threats will be resolved automatically. If you need a further help, please let us know.
  11. @Zoltan Endresz Thank you for your feedback. Points 1 & 3 are in the backlog, and we are working on a new "orchestration" framework, which should enhance the server side automation. It should enable "task chaining", and also more sophisticated triggering options based on tagging and IFTTT (If This Then That) principle. We anticipate this functionality to be introduced in future evolution of V7. Concerning the point 2, in the upcoming version 7, we are greatly enhancing the system to detect cloning / re-imaging of machines, which should prevent creation of duplicates. Also, you can automatically remove them, by the means of "delete not connecting computers" task (if all of your other clients are connecting regularly).
  12. EFSW 4.5 is a legacy product, and if the system is older, I would recommend to uninstall it, and install the newest version. You can install EFSW 6 also in setting recommended for the CORE systems: http://help.eset.com/efsw/6.5/en-US/index.html?installation_cmd.htm EFSW 4.5 is manageable via ERA, and it should be possible to activate it. However, in this case, the product activation is done via ERA agent, which activates on behalf of the File Security, and converts the license into the format, that was used by the old product versions (it embeds the old license credentials, and license file into the product configuration). I Assume, that something wrong happened in that process.
  13. Can you click on any of the entries in the task list and choose the “history” option? That should tell you what went wrong. ESET shell is part of EFSW, which might indicate the deployment went OK. Was any older EFSW version installed there before?
  14. @jdashn I can assure you, that there will always be an on-premise version of our management console. ESET is an European company (actually number 1 in EU), and us from Product Management do travel / talk with customers worldwide a lot by conducting a direct, face to face customer research. Among the talks, one of the requirements we often face, & current "feature" that our customers explicitly like is the fact that our solution is available also on-premise (for various compliance / privacy regulations). You are right, that there is a cloud based version coming (soon), initially for the SMB customers, but we have in the pipeline also enterprise version. But on-premise variant will always remain a valid option for us, as we do value the voice of our customers.
  15. What about using CRON expression? That should allow you to configure less frequent synchronization: http://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/index.html?cron_expression.htm