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  1. MichalJ

    Export Policy to Text or PDF

    We are already tracking improvement for that. I will link this thread to that.
  2. Can you post a screenshot of the problem? From your description, I am not able to identify the particular problem.
  3. If you reactivate the client (locally or from ERA/ESMC), does it work?
  4. MichalJ

    Problems with EES V7

    We anticipate the release within next 3-4 weeks. QA is currently ongoing. As soon as date is confirmed, we will update you. Thank you for your understanding.
  5. MichalJ

    Licensed Units vs Used Licenses

    @Cap-it can you send me the seat name & your PLID (xxx-xxx-xxx). I will ask our engineers to check it.
  6. Yes, product has a lot of modules (list is available in "about / installed components". One of the modules is "detection engine", which also brings new versions of signatures.
  7. @andy_s What´s the reason for you to run weekly scans? Are users able to temper protection settings (pause protection)? As in case a computer has been properly scanned after installation, having just the real time protection enabled should be sufficient. (first scan verifies, whether there is no persistent malware present after install. As even in case when definitions are update that cover something not covered before, it will be detected on execution by the resident protection. If you run the scans only for the sake of shutting down the computers, you can easily replace it with the run command to initiate a delayed shutdown, so you get the result. Maybe, are you seeing any detection reported by those weekly scans? Besides potentially unwanted / unsafe applications? With regards to your last question, I am not sure, but AFAIK this might not be possible by default (will ask respective colleagues).
  8. Can you provide more details about your setup? Have you upgraded just the server or also the agents? Are computers connected straight to the internet, or you use any proxy for communication with ESET services?
  9. @andy_s We will track this as an improvement request, towards the future versions. Issue is, that the "upgrade" itself is handled by Endpoint (in case you execute scan and select option "shutdown after scan"), and Endpoint does not initiate agent wakeup to report scan completion. It simply triggers shutdown, before the result is replicated. Maybe, if you are willing to, can you explain why are you shutting down the machines? Is it to save power over weekends, or? As there might be different way how to achieve that. One that will report "success" would be a run command, with a respective windows shutdown / with delay, as task would report "Success" not in the moment of task execution, but on the moment when it contacted WMI provider with the command the reboot. If system acknowledged, it will report success. Also, out of curiosity, what is your replication interval?
  10. MichalJ


    The second policy will overwrite all of the settings of the first one. But what also matters is to what object is the policy assigned to (static group in hierarchy, dynamic group or individual computers).
  11. MichalJ


    Local defined entries means, entries set within the local UI of the application on each of the computers. That means you access advanced settings of ESET Endpoint Security (press F5) and define local rules there.
  12. MichalJ


    That defines relationship with such list set from another policy and defined locally. You can for example replace a list defined in a master policy by a list from a specific policy, and then define that local-define entries will be prepended (will be added to the top of the list, as the firewall rules are evaluated top-down in the order).
  13. MichalJ

    Server and clients gone from ERA

    @LeeWirral Yes, we do monitor those forums regularly. As I do not have any excessive knowledge of ERA V5, I can´t advice. Maybe @Marcos would be able to, but I would suggest to contact ESET UK, and raise a standard ticket as that´s the proper way to seek help, in case something goes wrong (if it´s not something, that could be resolved by the help of the community). Support should be able to help you. If I may ask, you mentioned that you did not like the V6. What were the primary reasons? We have recently released ESET Cloud Administrator, which means you do not need to care about the server anymore, and just let the devices connect to the cloud service. It might be a solution worth trying, as by using V5 you are limited to use only V5 clients, which are as of now almost 4 years old, and do not include all of the new features, that are able to better protect against the newest variants of malware.
  14. Just to update concerning the DNS usage: ESET services that are using DNS: Parental / WebControl, for the URL reputation Anti-theft (consumer only) concerning the config change status / updates EDF (licensing) concerning the config change status / updates Antispam (backup communication) for hashes / status AV Cloud (ESET Live Grid) - partial communication. It´s described within the following KB article: https://support.eset.com/kb332/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US
  15. MichalJ

    Problem With Clear Rogue list

    Just one more comment.I was informed by the devs, that the logs will be removed only in case, when the machine is not in the ESMC DB, during the overnight cleanup (which usually starts at midnight).