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  1. @pps Thank you for reporting. We will add this into the feature backlog. After brief check with developers, this should be possible.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. This is more a feature of Endpoint Security, as webcontrol is integrated in there. We will track an improvement request for that in within the corresponding project.
  3. It will be possible to filter "Rogue computers" report by a source machine (computer name). So therefore you will be able to add computers to different static groups, but this action will be purely manual.
  4. @Nono I assume you are talking about rules for HIPS eventually Firewall. This is not that much a functionality of ERA, than a functionality of Endpoint. I will discuss it with Endpoint team, whether some "rule syntax verification" won´t be added in the future. @Wassie Thank you for your feedback, concerning your requirements: Description: Overview of all running and planned tasks You have a section "client tasks", however this shows you the status per individual task - aggregated, and you need to drill down, to see the status. Only thing that might not be done easily is the "progress bar", as it´s difficult to calculate aggregated progress for multiple machines (as the task is common for multiple machines). Description: Overview of all problems In the upcoming version 7, we have a dashboard "computer with problems" and "top computer problems" out of where you can apply "one-click" actions, that could resolve the problems (like initiate OS update, or create a new task). Also a new "status overview" dashboard is coming in the V7. Description: (professional) report for customers Future version of 7.1 is currently focused on resolving the problems / challenges of MSPs, so we have a similar (executive report, per managed company) in our scope. I will discuss whether we can expand it to also include performed actions. Description: (professional) report for scheduled or instant scanning Can you provide more details. Is this something like a webservice, where customer upload files, those are scanned (on-access / on-demand) and you want to provide them results, whether the files they have submitted were malicious or not? We are adding a "dynamic threat defense" cloud sand-boxing solution, which will allow customers to submit files to our isolated sand-boxing environment, from where you can also get a report, about the state of the submitted files. Or do I get it wrong?
  5. Hello, this functionality will be added in upcoming version 7
  6. Usually, first upgrade the server, then the agents. Older agents are backward compatible, but we encourage you to gradually upgrade all of them.
  7. Replace Expired Certificate

    If the certificate is already expired, agents won’t connect to get a new policy. As of now, the only solution is redeployment of the agents that were using the currently invalid certificate.
  8. @pps this will be for sure added in the new version of ERA. I do not have an older version available, but in the new one there will be an explicit checkbox to "ignore disabled computers".
  9. Does the problem still persist? There was a minor outage of the activation servers, but according to our teams it should be resolved by now.
  10. @slarkins Although I am a bit biased, from the point of view of being the PM responsible for ERA, I would like to assure you, that ERA version 6.5 is a stable, reliable product, that we are getting a lot of positive feedback for. But of course, I encourage other users, to provide feedback to you. Also, if you are not a big company, I would maybe recommend you to wait for a couple of months, as in September we will globally release ESET Cloud Administrator, which is cloud-based version of ERA, focused on the needs of smaller companies (up to 250 managed computers). You will not have to take care of the server, its maintenance, and the entire operation would be much simpler.
  11. error code: 20003, need help

    Hello, you mention it "while updating". However Endpoints are not updated from repository. They are updated from ESET Update Servers, which is not the same. Where do you see the error code? In the ERA agent trace log? Usually, this happens in case of "software installation / upgrade". Is the machine able to ping repository.eset.com? Are you sure, you do not have any restrictions on the firewall for the addresses of ESET repository, per our KB: https://support.eset.com/kb332/#era6
  12. @pps Already solved in the V7.
  13. @Society Thank you for your feedback. We are already tracking the improvement for such functionality, so I have added your "vote" to it. Just out of curiosity, how frequently are you generating reports? Don´t you use the e-mail delivery method, or on-demand download of the report output using web-console? Or you more have some scheduled regular tasks, that are placed into the (currently) default directory?
  14. @slarkins Advices given to you by @tmuster2k are correct. Install ERA V6.5 server Deploy ERA V6 agents, to the machines, where older Endpoints are still running (if your network was managed by ERA V5, the moment agents gets there, it would overtake the old Endpoints). NOTE: Be careful with this step. If you were using update mirror in ERA V5 to update the clients, and clients did not have username & password in their configuration, you will have to activate them in order to get updates properly. Also, please carefully evaluate, whether you want to use caching of updates / installers using the HTTP Proxy. If the HTTP Proxy option is selected during installation of ERA V6, it will automatically create policies for the most commonly used products, to update via proxy. This will replace the update server settings to "AUTOSELECT". After ERA V6 agent is deployed, you should proceed the way suggested above: Uninstall the older product & subsequent reboot (this is unfortunately essential in case of older 4.5 windows server product, as their uninstall routine has hardcoded reboot, which will happen in the middle of the "upgrade" and the task from ERA would fail). Install the new product, and activate for working properly. Some additional guidance: https://support.eset.com/kb3607/?locale=en_EN https://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/differences_to_version_5.html https://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/migration_tool.html
  15. @viper.patrick Hello, Do you mean the e-mail notification or the color highlighting of the license entry? Mail Notification is by default disabled, coloring should reflect the setting of ESET License Administrator. Is the coloring a problem?