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  1. Currently the best spproach would be to use the predefined dashboard "eset applications" (4th tab on dasboard), which shows you the status of network (chart) and table next to it. You can easily filter the outdated products by type, drill downt to "show all in computers pane" and initiate software install task from there on mass-selection. We are planning further changes to this process in ERA V7.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. Understood. Solution for your use-cases is planned for ERA V7 in Q4/2017. Currently, there is no "quick fix".
  3. I do not understand your use-case. Filtering computers by static group is easy (in computers view). You can click on the particular static group entry, in the "groups tree". If you want to create task / policy / whatever, you can click on the cogwheel, and edit the entries for the entire group, or select "all" checkbox in the computers view, and then trigger the joint action from the footer menu. Is your AD structure synced to ERA? Have you used "Static group synchronization task"? You can also easily filter "substring" of the computer name, by using the filter / search bar, in the top banner.
  4. Can you send us screenshots of the error message, setup pane (live-grid switch) and the advanced setup with live grid settings. It could help us to better understand the issue.
  5. Hello, it was forgotten. It will be visible later today for all languages. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  6. Hello, We have tried to replicate the issue, and analyze provided installation log, but without any success. We have updated dozens of environments, without issues. Our devs will need more information: Could you please try manual installation directly on the client machine, if it will work? If not, please send us the install log "eea_nt32_enu.msi /lv*x install.log Please deliver "procmon, setupapi.dev.log" (C:\Windows\INF) Send us the software installation log (again, from the failed attempt). By any chance, was your firewall driver (epfwwfpr) somehow affected / renamed / manually replaced? Alternatively, please create a support ticket, and also provide log collector data from the affected computer (before the upgrade).
  7. I hope that you are talking about ERA 6.4 and ERA 6.5 I would say it might help to change / clean related registry entries on the computer, so @MartinK should be able to provide more insight.
  8. I would also add, that this behavior (automatically marking "handled" threats as resolved) will be added in ERA 7.
  9. Yes, that is correct. Correct list of supported Operating systems is listed in product documentation and on the respective download page. This is only a metadata issue (as you can see, other server products, which are all based on EFSW are supporting all WS OS, including 2016.
  10. There have been major database changes done, to make the console more responsive and improve the UX & performance. We are glad to hear that updates were smooth.
  11. Hello, It is there, but you have to click the "legacy" flag. We have marked the "not newest" packages as legacy.
  12. Most probably they see the same. In our releasing tool, we mark compatible systems for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Repository shows one entry per product for both, and in the case you have reported only 32-bit systems are shown. We will follow up with the team responsible to update the metadata to show correct information.
  13. Was the computer located in the "lost and found group"? There is a server task "rename computers" which changes the name to the FQDN name of the computer assigned to group Lost & Found that runs every hour. Move the computer to a different group, or remove the task (via admin / server tasks).
  14. Hello, You should not stop the service before doing the upgrade. The recommended approach to upgrade is to run the "Remote Administrator components upgrade task" targeted to the ERA server machine from ERA webconsole.
  15. Yes, basically you should run the "component upgrade task" on your ERA server. IT should upgrade the Beta build to the GA build. Depending on the size of your infrastructure, you could upgrade your server at first (that will upgrade everything you have installed on the machine where server is (agent, server, webconsole, MDMconnector), and then proceed with the updates in the rest of the network.