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  1. Hello @Tita314, Yes, similar functionality is in planned for the upcoming releases.
  2. @rubencastello90 As stated by Marcos, we in the upcoming release, we will have both configurable dynamic groups and support for mobile devices (in the first iteration the Android ones). With regards to the patch management, we are tracking such request in the backlog, but nothing is yet confirmed.
  3. Hello, packages are not split by 32 / 64 bit. Agent automatically install correct bit version based on the installed operating system.
  4. @AlphaundOmega can you please share your ECA instance ID (you can find it in your EBA account, in HELP / ABOUT, under the terms of use as it seems that your issue is not related to general ECA issues, and might need deeper investigation.
  5. Hello @slarkins, yes, for mac ESMC Agent, you need to use "component upgrade task" and for the Endpoint client, you need to use "software install task". Please note that in order to use agent on V7 and never, you first need to upgrade your server to the V7 as well.
  6. Hi Sandro, you can navigate to the dashboard "ESET Applications", where you would see a list of outdated software. You can drill-down to the list of computers per each outdated software version. In case you are using ESMC 7.x, there is a dashboard element, that clearly shows the share of updated and outdated agents.
  7. Hello @damtechmatt I have good news for you. Towards the end of the year, we will be releasing an update to ESET Cloud Administrator (It will come with adjusted naming) that will remove the "size limitation" of 250 seats, and will also be available for our MSP partners to order / provision cloud instance from the ESET MSP Administrator (msp.eset.com). So stay tuned for upcoming news in the following months.
  8. @ChrisR as you have mentioned "ESET Remote Administrator", we need to double check, if you have already upgraded your ERA server (version 6.x) to ESET Security Management Center (version 7.x). If not, the first thing you need to do, is to upgrade the server. Upgrade might be possible via a component upgrade task, if your 6.x version is at least 6.5. Please note, that ESET Management Agent is not compatible with the ERA Server 6.x, and first thing you need to do, is to upgrade the management server. After that completed, you can proceed with the upgrade of agents, as written in the post by
  9. @SeanMSys You are running a very old version of ESET Remote Administrator. As marcos stated, all Windows 10 machines that will receive the update 21H1 will have to be running management agent version 7.3 and newer. In order to be able to deploy the management agent of that version, you will first need to update the server to version 7. Please note, that 6.x agents are able to communicate with the V7 server, but the newer agent is not backward compatible with V6 server. So management server upgrade is the first step you need to take, in order to solve the issue. Then you can proceed with the ma
  10. Hello @mikechan, most likely, it will. What Marcos tried to explain is, that there is no reason to not upgrade the ESET Endpoint client software on your machine to the latest version, as it it is compatible with Windows 7, and brings many benefits. Of course, the decision is yours, however from the vendor standpoint, ESET guarantees module update support for the products that are in full / limited support only.
  11. Hi @Reto, per my knowledge, number of active terminal sessions should be reported in the column "Subunits" within ESET Business Account next to the name of the particular server. This information is not displayed anywhere in ESET Security Management Center at the moment.
  12. You can click on the task, and select an option to "run on", where you can specify another targets.
  13. Hello @LesRMed Techncally, EFSW and EEA share the same "activation matrix" , meaning it is technically possible to activate EFSW with the EEA (ESET Endpoint Antivirus) or EEPS (ESET Endpoint Protection Standard) license. You can easily "move" the EFSW under the right license by simply sending an product activation task to the computer where the EFSW is running, including the "File Security" license.
  14. Hello, you will need to deploy "ESET Security Management Center Management Agent" to the device. Also, you will need to configure your ESMC server, to accept connection from the "outside" in case it is running within your internal network.
  15. Hello, it seems to me your case is similar to this one, where resolution was provided:
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