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  1. @kingoftheworld If you check client details of the affected computers, what are the functionality problems reported there? Where you see the "not updated" ? In the not updated column? Or you have enabled the "worst functionality problem" column, which provides the issue with the highiest severity, but not always the "root cause" of the problem. If the "not activated" status is no reported even in the client details, we will need details about your setup (exact version of ERA agent, Endpoint product / version). I take that you are having ERA 6.5, but ERA should not be the problem this time. Also, in the main "computers with problems" and "top computers problems", do you have any entries about "product not being activated", or license being expired? In case of V5 installations, it could happen, that license is removed, but as there was no activation in V5, it would just report failed update attempts (after 7 days, since the updates started to fail). But in case of V6 applications, it should be reported correctly, so I would recommend to ship us with additional info, so we could troubleshoot and identify the root cause.
  2. You can easily deploy ERA, using any of the provided options (as you have Domain, I would recommend a Windows installation, using the all-in-one installer). You can alternatively deploy ERA in Azure, if you prefer this option (so multiple sites, could easily connect to it over the internet). Then, if you have all of the computers in the domain, the best option would be to install the ERA agent using the GPO / SCCM method, as described in our documentation here: http://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/index.html?fs_agent_deploy_gpo_sccm.htm If you use Endpoint V5, or V6 (it should work even for V4.2), agent will automatically overtake the control of the Endpoint, and connect it to the server. If your endpoints are already configured as they should be, just make sure, that when installing ERA Server, you do not select the option to install "apache http proxy", as that would force all endpoints to communicate with ESET using proxy server installed on the machine where the ERA server is, which does not work in multi-site environment (usually). Ideally, you can always consult with your local ESET support, which should be able to recommend you the best possible approach, taking into account your network environment, and products used.
  3. We are evaluating the option, that ERA would be also able to export "configuration" not only "policy" in the proprietary ERA format. Basically, when exporting the policy, you will have an option to "export as policy" (to import into another ERA) and export as configuration. This is not yet confirmed, but it is tracked in the backlog.
  4. @hungtt You can pre-configure the agent, to enforce a policy in case of a membership in the dynamic group (internal network) on top of the master policy, which would be applied when the computer is not in the dynamic group. When dynamic group conditions are not met, the standard settings will be applied (features disabled, internet allowed). You need to define all the things in advance, as it is true, when computer is outside the network, ERA won´t have access to it (if you for example won´t have an alternative ERA proxy, that will be "internet facing", located somewhere in the DMZ. @sanjay We are planning to change the behavior, that when ERA agent is removed, Endpoint will "unlock" its settings. This is evaluate for the next major release of ERA / ENdpoints in Q4 (I can´t confirm that it will happen for sure, but it is in the backlog for this version). However, if the computer is not permanently removed from the management, this is not the way it should be done. Rather you should use various policy profiles, for different locations, as suggested in the point above.
  5. In 6.5 there is the possibility to enter "override mode", where the settings are temporarily unlocked for a limited time period. You can also apply different policies for "in house" and "outside" scenarios, using dynamic group template tight to connected network. Isn't it an option for you?
  6. Hi Sanjay, no, there is no such utility available for external use. For what purpose you would like to use it?
  7. Thanks for pointing that out. I will fill in improvement to adjust the wording.
  8. Hello Flynn, Here are all the options: http://support.eset.com/kb2949/?locale=en_US If you have defined "trusted contacts", just ask them to send SMS to your phone in the desired format, "eset remote reset" which should unlock your phone. I have never used other ways, but this one works for sure. M.
  9. Isn´t there any duplicate (one managed / one unmanaged entry) in the respective AD group?
  10. Just maybe, could you check, if those PCs are not shown in the "lost and found" group, with duplicated entries, compared to the AD Sync task? During the migration, the "last connected time" info is "reset", which means that ERA V6.5 needs to get the information about installed security product / version / managed status again. That should happen during first few replications. In some cases, it takes up to 24 hours, to repair "itself". But I would check first for duplicated entries in Lost & Found vs. the unmanaged entries. Other option is (happened to me recently) that despite the fact that "boxes are green", the last replication is not from "now" but is from hours (days ago). It happened to me today, that on Windows 10 agent was stopped, and not started after performing windows update. Manually starting the ERA agent process helped to fix the issue.
  11. If you want to block "SecureCRT.exe", it should be placed in the "Targets" column, and the "Sources" column should include the value "All". Basically, in part "applications" you can choose your application (C:\path\SecureCRT.exe) and in targets will be "Applications".
  12. This is not there by purpose. It will be added later in 2017 in Endpoint V7 (next release). Primary reason is, that anti-ransomware feature is interactive, which is not desired in the managed enterprise environments. For there less interactive setup is needed, with subsequent changes of ESET Remote Administrator.
  13. It´s currently not possible. Reason is quite simple, to be able to identify the file path to all of the applications, you will have to report basically each executable location to ERA which will increase the database load, and could have a negative impact on the performance. However, blocking by hash, from a reported catalogue of applications is planned in Q4/2017.
  14. Internet connection is needed, when you do a "push installation" task for ERA agent. In case of deployment in offline environment, you should ideally use GPO or SCCM. If you are using a proxy server, you can divert the download of the ERA agent installation files via this proxy server (you need to configure proxy server in the ERA server settings). In version 6.5 a new remote deployment tool is available, that could push the predefined installation packages of both agent & Endpoint. I would recommend getting familiar with all of the options available: http://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/index.html?fs_agent_deploy.htm
  15. We have commissioned an independent TEST with AV comparatives, to basically demonstrate superior position of ESET, related to the overall network footprint. It could help you to eliminate any doubts. https://cdn3-prodint.esetstatic.com/ESET/US/Newsroom/2017/03/avc_bper_201610_en.pdf Also, the scenario you are describing is pretty common for our MSP partners, which are often running one ERA (either in their own data-center, or somewhere in the cloud (like Azure)). Concerning licenses, you can easily bring licenses from all of your customers (if you are an existing re-seller), or contact your local ESET distributor, about ESET MSP offering, where you can switch your licenses to a cost-efficient monthly-billing model. For more details, please check: https://www.eset.com/int/business/partner/msp/