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  1. Hello @Pinni3. To get to your points: For that purpose, we allow nested dynamic groups. Meaning you have your 30 static ones, each one of them could have nested dynamic groups. Our you want to set it in a way, that you for example put the DG under "all" but then say that it needs to be only in the following static groups. Challenge is, that DG is evaluated on the Agent side, and Agent does not always know, in which SG it belongs to (if you move a client, it will need to recalculate all policy assignments for example). Therefore the nested concept. We are already tracking improvement for that (Internal reference - IDEA-1100) We are working on better auditing changes, to track who / what / when / how was done. (internal reference - IDEA-1371 I am not completely sure what´s the problem here. Purpose of ERA proxy was just to aggregate the data, but at the end it was sent to ERA server, so the amount of DATA sent is not increased when Proxy was deprecated. Just the ESMC server handles more connections directly, due to a changed replication protocol. Also, AFAIK we have bigger installations than 10k on MySQL. Maybe @MartinK can provide some more information on this.
  2. Hello. For audit log collection there will be eventually a new version of ESMC (however, this one will be released later, towards the end of the year 2019). As of now, the functionality is intended for un-managed environments. The same is valid for security report (that shows the data to the local user). In next few weeks we will release a "Configuration Engine / Support Module" which will bring in configuration options for the newly added features (like the new notifications, etc.).
  3. ESET has two tiers of Endpoint product. Antivirus does not have the firewall (and webcontrol) component in it, therefore you should either install Endpoint Security or enable Windows Firewall.
  4. Most probably it will be caused by our duplication issue. Some devices, frequently changing network adapter might get duplicated entries in our licensing. Please login to EBA / ELA and check, whether you do not see multiplied entries. You can deactivate the ones that have not connected for a longer time period (shorten the interval). If you use just one type of our product (one license) you can set a dynamic group for “product not activated” and it will automatically activate any device. My recommendation would be to set it with two triggers - joined dynamic group and scheduled, for an hourly repetition (via CRON).
  5. @Zen11t What I would recommend is to schedule updates in classes to happen over night, in a way that you ask them to not shut down computers (for example via display message task), and schedule the the update with automatic reboot. Therefore when they come to school, machines will be updated already. You do not have to submit this, it’s already being tracked.
  6. Hello @pps You get IP addresses only from computers that have agents deployed, as it’s the agent who is responsible. What you can do, is to install rogue detection sensor, which could help you to add machines which are alive. Also, to double-check, can you please provide details about how you added that machines in Lost And Found group?
  7. With regards to what Marcos said, let me add that we are currently discussing an option to block new files before the result from EDTD is obtained. Main advantage of EDTD is the additional sensitivity threshold and the quicker speed. Via LG we block 100% confirmed malware, via EDTD you can block also highly suspicious / suspicious files, based on the sandbox result automatically without waiting for the LG / detection engine update.
  8. Hello, not as of now. Option will be added in future service releases of Endpoint and configuration module in ESMC. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Just out of curiosity, for what reason you want to disable it?
  9. Hello Maneet, version 7.1 is newer compared to 7.0. Under normal conditions you can find the “latest available version” in the “installed applications” dashboard, in table “outdated applications”. You can setup notification or follow the ESET news RSS feed when release news are published.
  10. My first recommendation (just to allow the deletion) would be to uncheck the option to "automatically deactivate such seats". What you can do, is to deactivate them manually via ESET License Administrator or shorten the removal interval there. What might also help for us to check is to try manual removal of such computers from ELA. If that works, then it might be caused by network connectivity issues on your / our side. It might help us to actually see the PLID, so we can check whether ESMC server was able to contact our licensing infrastructure, to perform deactivation.
  11. @noorigin Hello, we are tracking it as an improvement request. Thank you for your feedback.
  12. @FinAms Section is located under "update" when you drill into the profile setting, you will find the setting called:
  13. Can you also remove the language filter please? Is the console deployed on Windows, or is it an Appliance?
  14. Hello @JRV The most reliable method to determine the "outdated version" of any ESET component would be to look at the dashboard element called "installed applications", where you have various information. You have there the overall chart, showing you the age of components, and then you have their the "outdated versions", which can easily show you, if a new ESMC server has been released on not. This is the back channel, that is also triggering the new version notification. Version numbering for those "package releases" is a long time challenge for us, as the components themselves have different lifecycle, and when we do change any of them, we need to repack the ISO and the AIO (all in one installer). We are working on a change to the live installer, that could prevent us from need to repack all the time, as it would automatically check for newer contents, and then we will be able to do announcements for individual components. But I do agree with @MartinK that we might improve the clarity, and include a section with "updated components" also in the RSS feed and in the blog posts here.
  15. Hello. ESET Indeed offers non-profit discounts. As you are presumably from Ireland, I would recommend to check our local webpage: https://www.eset.com/ie/ where you should be able to either make a purchase online (based on the size of the license, or get in touch with the local team, that might help you to get either quote or recommend you the right course of action).
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