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  1. Hello, this is basically valid for all of you. Despite our efforts to support all types of devices, some of them are behaving in a non standard way. We are however able to address those, based on the data provided to us. So in case of any issue like that, I encourage you to open a support ticket, deliver the requested logs. We will proceed with analysis / replication and then implementation of a fix, which could be released either by a module update, or within the next service release of the product.
  2. If the client was correctly deactivated, it should reflect the change momentarily. Have you attempted to logout / login?
  3. Not happy with ERA 6

    @kingoftheworld Thank you for your feedback. From the perspective of 6.5 => 7.0 Migration. The difference would not be as in case 5=>6, it will be more like 6.5 => 6.6 (which will not happen, we will move to 7, due to changes in Endpoint, and other related products, that will interact with ERA). ERA V7 will be provided as a in-place upgrade, using the component upgrade task. You will see it in the repository, and it will be your choice, to upgrade it or not. It will be also background compatible with older agents. In order to benefit from the new functionality (push wake ups, improved replication protocol, hardware inventory - just to name a few), you will however need to upgrade also the agents. As soon as the "beta" will be ready, we will share it with you here. I do not want to over-promise, but in early 2018 it should be possible.
  4. Not happy with ERA 6

    @bbahes I have not forgotten about you. We have your contact form, I will handle it to my colleagues handling research with SMB customers / re-sellers and they will contact you shortly (next week, most probably). Concerning the V7, that one is in the works, we do anticipate having it done in upcoming months, with release by H1/2018 (as of now, I can´t provide any more granular timeline). Concerning the documentation, we are periodically improving it. What are the areas of your interest in particular?
  5. Not happy with ERA 6

    @JaapHoetmer Will you be interested in sharing your experiences with ESET directly? We will be interested to hear the pain-points, as it´s our best interest to resolve them for our customers and partners. However, as you have correctly stated, V5 EOL date is approaching, and it´s not possible for us, to maintain it for the future. If you will be interested in a more direct talk, please send me a PM.
  6. Hello, next release will be the version 7. We do not have any other release planned at the moment.
  7. ESET Remote Administrator

    Which version of ERA do you use? Which version of Endpoint client do you use? You mention, that have 77 clients in total, 77 showing in ERA, however only 4 from the specific IP range. So 3 are missing, however the total would indicate, they are connecting, just the IP is not updated / showing correctly. What you mean by "kick off"?
  8. Hello j-gray, There are only two components updated - mirror tool (supporting creation of mirror for EP 6.6) & MDMcore, fixing some issues with mobile device management, mostly related to stability / performance). ERA Agent, Server, Webconsole are not changed. Installers were repacked, to include latest Tomcat & HTTP proxy components. So from this perspective, it is not expected to cause any trouble.
  9. What might help, is to restart them from ERA, by the client task. Or use a "run command" task, with a specific OS restart command, with delayed restart (to give your users some time). This "restart required" message is needed, as product needs to load new drivers, for which the restart of the OS required. Message is "red" from the perspective of emphasizing the critical severity of the operation, in order to get the newest protection.
  10. Proxy Server

    Ok, so you have been talking about the HTTP Proxy, correct? Then, you can easily install it on the same machine. If you have installed the ERA by the All in one installer, Apache HTTP proxy is installed by default (you can check that, by navigating to "ADMIN / Policies" and checking if they are policies for "http proxy usage". By this, connected endpoints will by default attempt to update via the proxy, and if proxy is not available, directly from the internet. Details: http://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?apache_http_proxy.htm
  11. Proxy Server

    It mainly depends on your network setup, and the amount of clients, that will be connecting from the outside. If you will install it on the same machine, make sure, that you use a different port for connection, as both proxy / agent are by default listening on port 2222 (you can simply open that port to the public internet in that case). if your network is bigger, then a dedicated machine might be a better case.
  12. It´s important to understand, that the "ERA components upgrade task", is a "client task" type, which means, it is being carried out by ERA agent. Means, that ERA agent downloads the ERA server / ERA webconsole from ESET repository, and upgrades them. It also upgrades himself, during the process. If agent is not connecting (for whatever reason), task will not be executed.
  13. For the new version of ERA V7, we are planning to improve the handling of duplicated entries, and also support for VDI environments with non-persistent storage + environments where imaging software is being used. That should resolve your problem of having duplicated entries. Machines removed from domain should be done by the "computer extinction handling" upon the sync from the AD.
  14. Firewall issue

    Are there any rules configured by ERA policy? As of now, you can´t have FW in the automatic / interactive mode, and at the same time set rules via policies, as that would make the list "read only". We will change the behavior in V7 Endpoint (anticipated for Q1/2018), where local rules will be written locally, and not interfere with the global (set by policy) ones. You will be able to configure application order via ERA.
  15. Can you send us the details about: - is the agent, to which the task has been scheduled to connecting? - what is the target / scheduling (settings) of this client task?