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  1. MichalJ

    ESET Cloud Administrator is not activated

    Checked, I have sent it to our team for analysis. If I hear back from them, I will post here an update.
  2. Is that a vie from the "read only" view, or from actually editing the view of the existing policy? What is the version of your configuration support module in your ERA? (located in about)?
  3. Hello @JRV I have checked it with our QA department, and they have confirmed that various combinations are tested and this works as expected. So something else might be causing the behavior in your case. Couple questions for the investigation: was it a clean install or an upgrade? if an upgrade, from which version? How does the task execution window look inside ESMC? Details? Can you share the screenshot of either the machine protection status from ESMC or from the machine locally? Where is the "pending reboot" displayed? Can you ship us the agent trace log, and install log from the affected machine? One would be enough.
  4. MichalJ

    ESET Cloud Administrator is not activated

    @Diego A. Please share with us the e-mail address of your EBA account and the public license ID of your eligible license. We will investigate on our side. As the information is sensitive, please send it to us via private message.
  5. It might be essential to provide details about version of the server, agent, client, and version of the configuration engine module both on the client (located in help and support / about / installed components) and in ERA within the about section.
  6. MichalJ


    You can also pause the protection remotely (until reboot, or until unpaused) running a run command task. If you have "ESMC V7" the "enable back" could be automated via a one click task. Set of applicable commands is listed here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/11437-65-new-feature-enable-disable-protection-features-from-the-command-line/?do=findComment&comment=57838
  7. Can you please send us the affected license in a private message? I will have it checked with our support department. Also, what was your procedure? Were you just trying to login using the key / password, or you have created a security admin account, in which you were adding the license? Thanks,
  8. MichalJ

    Report of deleted Computer - Server Task

    As of now, this is not possible. I will add it to the backlog of priorities. Btw, what would be the usecase? For what purpose you would like to see those details?
  9. Also, please let us know, whether this started to appear after the OS system update / upgrade to Mojave, or was present before? So please provide the OS version, Endpoint version and also whether it happened either after product / OS upgrade, or just started to happen randomly.
  10. MichalJ

    Issues with OS X client after upgrade

    Hi @j-gray The last behavior is intentional. Unresolved threats do not affect the status of the application. Application is working properly, however threats are reported. With regards to the splash screen, issue is, that on the first startup of a newly installed version, this starts with default values before the configuration is applied, meaning splash is displayed. This should not re-occur on the other startup of the application. We are currently discussing a complete change of the splash screen behavior. Concerning the protection status. Can you post a screenshot of what is reported locally, and how is your policy configured? Does this issue persist after the restart of the machine? Screenshot of the last issue would help as well. I will send it over to our QA to replicate / validate. Thank you, Michal
  11. @neilmartin83 Would it be possible to share a screenshot of the client in this broken state? I assume, that the behavior is the following: When you activate locally, you actually end up seeing an "success" screen, that product activated. This is also reflected on EBA, where a "seat" for such client is created (record showing a computer name) However, the client starts to report as not being activate after a while, locally on the Endpoint. Can you please send us the following (you can do it in the private message): Your public license ID of ESET license (XXX-XXX-XXX) Seatname of any (or all) affected machines Screenshot from the local UI of at least one of those "broken" clients from "protection status", "update" and "help&support" screens. I would pass it to our backend infrastructure team to check out, as it looks to me like a problem with license file delivery. Activation process in case of ESET works in a way, that the client first reaches the activation server, seat is created, and later in a response a digitally signed license file is delivered, which includes the information needed tor updating the detection engine or other modules on the client. This looks to me (although it´s only a guess) that something happened with the license file, and it was not delivered / parsed correctly.
  12. Changelog for the whole "Package release" is listed here: https://support.eset.com/kb6744/#ERAChangelog Changes are not published for individual components of ESMC, but for the whole package, including the server & the webconsole.
  13. In general, you need to create "pairs" of dynamic group, based on the location, and of a policy per location, which will be assigned to this dynamic group.
  14. Hello @Omni Just few questions: By "Admin Console" you mean ESET Remote Administrator / ESET Securiy Management Center ? If you install the application using "Software install task", does it correctly appear in the "Admin console" ? When installed via GPO, does the "ESET Secure Authentication" appear in "installed programs" on the target Windows Machine?
  15. Hello. You need to configure parameters for the ESET File Security independently from ESET Endpoint Antivirus / Security. You can do it from ESET Remote Administrator / ESET Security Management Center by setting the values in a policy product "ESET File Security for Windows 6+" and choosing the desired options. There are also some templates available.