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  1. License Manager

    Estimated time is by the end of Q4/2017
  2. Using Apache HTTP PROXY

    EES is able to create mirror for EEA. If your server is installed on a Windows Server machine, then ESET File Security should a product of your choice.
  3. Using Apache HTTP PROXY

    Apache HTTP Prroxy does not support authentication by default. It should work without password. If you have another proxy, you can use it as well for updating of ESET clients. If you want to have another updating alternative for ESET clients, you can do it by: creating a mirror out of a client / server product (EEA / EES / EFSW) and point other clients to this mirror (suitable for smaller networks) creating a mirror out of a client / server product, and use some webserver to provide updates (IIS) creating a mirror using the offline mirror tool, and use some webserver to provide updates (alternatively you can also use a network share). Some useful articles: http://support.eset.com/kb5950/ Descriptions of differencies between mirror / proxy: http://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?difference_connectivity.htm
  4. ESET LiveGrid is not accessible

    When the setting to "communicate via proxy server" is active, is also the option to "use direct connection if proxy is not available" enabled? Like this?
  5. @DEN Hello, just to understand: Application you use is "ESET Endpoint Security for Android" Warning you see is listed in "ESET License Administrator" Mobile devices are having mobile connection all the time
  6. ESET LiveGrid is not accessible

    Is Apache HTTP Proxy installed on the machine where ERA server is installed? Are Endpoints configured, to communicate via this proxy server? It looks to me, that you have configured to Endpoints (maybe automatically) to connect to the internet via the proxy, which is located (installed automatically with the ERA server) on the ERA machine. If this is correct, you will have to de-assign the "apache http proxy usage policies" from the group "all", and configure Endpoints to not use proxy server or use a different one.
  7. License Manager

    Yes, exactly. You setup a new account, enter your license key there, it would prompt you, whether you want to continue with migration and if you confirm, you will have everything available in the new portal.
  8. Policies

    Hello, As of now, the behavior you are trying to achieve is not possible (per user policies are not supported). You always define the settings for the machine, with the exception of rules for device control / web control, which do work taking into account the logged-in user context. But for the rest functionality, this is not supported. We are evaluating adding it in the future, but as of now, there is no clear road-map set. Regarding the splash screen settings, there was an issue reported in the recent build of Endpoint 6.6 where the hiding of Splash Screen does not work. We are going to fix it in the upcoming service release.
  9. License Manager

    That information would be fully in your hands. Basically, you will just enter your license key into the new portal, and all previously activated clients will be shown there.
  10. Remove client from ERA server

    In order to remove the client and force stop reporting to ERA console you have to remove the ERA agent instance. You can do this by running "stop managing / uninstall ERA agent" task from ERA. The best practice how to remove the computer from ERA (properly) would be: un-assign all policies Uninstall ESET Security products, by the means of "Software uninstall (this would also deactivate them (=free the license), if they have connection to ESET Licensing server) Run "stop managing task" from ERA Remove the computer from ERA (you might click "deactivate" just to be double sure the license is correctly freed
  11. "Failed to rename file"...?

    @Mike Rigsby What other bugs you are referring to? We are preparing a service release for Endpoint 6.6, where we would like to fix the issues. But it is essential, that you report the full set of problems, so we can guarantee that they will be resolved.
  12. License Manager

    Yes, this will be possible.
  13. License Manager

    This is currently not possible. In the near future we will be releasing a new version of license manager, called "ESET Business Account" where such functionality will be possible (dividing licenses into idividual groups, and the activating clients into those groups). However, only the nevest version (not yet released) of our software will support this functionality. There will be also tagging option available.
  14. Mirror update trouble

    Hello, 6.6 versions of the Windows Server products are not planned to be released. V7 is an evolution version, which is planned for the release by Q1/2018 (valid for both Endpoints and EFSW)