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  1. Hello, you are using unsupported MySQL version (5.5) which is no longer supported in ESMC 7.1. The only option is to upgrade your database to the one supported by ESMC 7.1 or downgrade ESMC back to 7.0 till you are able to process the upgrade.
  2. Also, your machine seems to not be connecting for a pretty long time. I would troubleshoot that first
  3. Hello, Yes, the suggested steps would be: Upgrade your license to ESET Secure Business Cloud Setup your ECA instance via ESET Business Account Generate agent only installer and install it on the machines where the Endpoints are installed to connect them to Cloud Administrator Regards, Michal
  4. Hello @mhorbul What was the DB in use before the upgrade? It might be related to the usage of MariaDB, or other unsupported DB type. Only MySQL DB is supported on Linux.
  5. @pps Sorry, I am unable to help you. @Marcos Can you move this to the corresponding thread, maybe our Endpoint guys will be able to help / suggest something.
  6. You have two options to test: when configuring the two custom rules, click on "show predefined rules" in the list, and then with "shown" set the list of rules to "replace" or you can "append" with the "local list", as the list of predefined rules is considered "local"
  7. Hello, Just to double check, is this the notification sent directly from the application? I want to follow up with the respective colleague. AFAIK, it´s being parsed by the mail protection plugin, and the information in the notification is coming from message header. Does that e-mail basically show as TO: Undisclosed recipients when opened in outlook? Thanks, M.
  8. There are two possible reasons for the license removal: Computer is removed from ESMC after a long time of inactivity, using "delete not connecting computers" task with the option "deactivate products" selected Someone manually deactivated them from either ESET License Administrator, or ESET Business Account (depending on which system you use to control / manage your lciense). As stated before, we will need your public license ID for proper troubleshooting, as there should not be any valid reason for license being "suddenly" deactivated. Also please provide the type and version of the applications your are activating.
  9. The error you have passed is not from the failure of the particular component upgrade task, rather from the failed replication attempts. How is your repository configured in both agent policy and server settings? Did you configure it for autoselect, or you specified a specific repository address ?
  10. I would check why the client task is failing. My assumption is, that either the clients do not have connectivity to the servers, or the license is not valid for the particular application you have installed. We would need details about the license used (PLID XXX-XXX-XXX), product installed (we see only version 7.1.xxxx.x), client task execution history results, (reason for the failure), and ideally agent trace log from one of the agents on the affected system.
  11. Hello @solas, Do you refer to "updates" (module updates of products) or to "upgrades" (installation of a new version of agent / endpoint). As package repository is needed only for the second one. Thanks, Michal
  12. @schuetzdentalCB Thank you for your feedback. With regards to the automated network isolation, something like that (possibility to trigger network isolation from the console) is being added in ESMC 7.1 / Endpoint 7.2 for Windows. We plan to further expand this concept to allow autonomous response in the future. With regards to the application whitelisting, this is a bit more tricky topic. However it is on our long term roadmap. I will link your comment to the already tracked internal IDEA. Internal tracking IDEA-1510
  13. Was the machine recently rebooted? As the number of replications is relatively low. If you could eliminate network connectivity issues, and change in HW / replication to a new entry in the ESMC server, I would attempt to reinstall the agent. This will generate a new computer entry in ESMC, but you will be able to verify whether the machine is correctly connecting.
  14. Hello @PReid You can create a dynamic group with specified condition for entry based on the installed app, or create a report which will include both "application name" and "computer name".
  15. Hello, If you are using the old ESMC 7.0 VA, it uses the Samba/Winbind to synchronize domain groups. It´s possible that this part is not correctly synced with AD. You can execute a command "wbinfo", if the user is corrently referenced in the domain: wbinfo --user-domgroups <username SID>”. This command will return the SIDs of groups where the user belongs. If it returns the old list, problem will be here. In the upcoming ESMC 7.1 (to be released in mid-November), we have adjusted the way how domain users are authenticated, where Samba/Winbind will no longer be used. That would be the recommended solution. Regards, Michal
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