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  1. If possible, can you please send us the exported "migrated" policy for analysis? If it does not include any sensitive data, of course. You can send it via private message. Thank you.
  2. MichalJ

    Better monitoring for ESET deployments

    Hello, If you have as of now 19 different ERA servers, each one of them installed on a different machine / network, there is not much we from ESET can offer you. Recommended scenario would be to host all of your sites in a one centralized ERA server, with different security access rights granted to your lover admins (if you have those), and therefore having isolated "branches" / "sites". Alternatively use some RMM software, but that would be a 3rd party application and only a workaround. Can you please provide more details concerning your sites (size / systems / locations) and also reasoning why it was set this way (individual servers, instead of a centralized management). Due to sensitivity, you are free to send those via a private message. Regards, Michal
  3. Thanks for the info. And what happens if you atrempt to reactivate them manually on the client by typing the license key / security admin account?
  4. If you click on the the details of the "task failed" for a particular computer and then "history", what´s written there? To check the connectivity to the licensing servers, can you locally (on one of the affected machines) attempt to open https://edf.eset.com/edf ?
  5. Do you know, how were the endpoint clients activated? Using a license key locally, or remotely from ERA? If you have activated them using "offline file", you will have to import a new file, and distribute it by the means of "product activation" task. If they were not activated using offline file, status of the license should change automatically. I would recommend to reactivate using the product activation task, if the license info is updated in the ERA webconsole. Please note, that internet connectivity / connectivity to ESET activation servers needs to be enabled.
  6. MichalJ

    ESET Endpoint security question

    By the "server package" you mean "ESET Remote Administrator" / "ESET Security Management Center" ? Can you post a screenshot from computer details / installed applications? By default, the protection is not installed as a part of the setup of a management server, you should install it separately. You have not mentioned the operating system you have installed it to, therefore, it should be either Endpoint Security (if that is a desktop OS) or ESET FIle Security for Microsoft Windows Server (if it is a server OS).
  7. @Kanenas What do you mean by "missing settings"? We have released a new version of CE module, which not reflects the state of the advanced setup of Endpoint clients V7 (I assume, you are talking about Endpoint policies). Network attack protection has changed location within the advanced setup tree. Can you maybe post a screenshots of the problem you are having?
  8. ESMC component upgrade task would be a preferred way to upgrade ESMC components (it´s a successor to "Remote Administrator component upgrade task). However, due to bigger architecture changes, and discontinuation of ERA Proxy we have decided to not enable it "out of the box". We will however today enable the option to use the task to upgrade ERA Agent to ESET Management Agent after a V7 server has been installed.
  9. My first guess is, that there is still an older version of ERA Agent installed, which is not able to correctly pair the information concerning Installed apps vs. Applied policies. What I would recommend is to manually upgrade one computer with the latest version of ESET Management Agent (included in version 7) and checking afterwards. Point of this functionality is to identify only relevant policies valid for a target machine, as you might have a lot of them assigned to "root" group "all", but only few valid / applicable at a time, due to different platform or installed product.
  10. MichalJ

    ESET V7

    @TheSkymanDC Yes, we are in the process of publishing the new products online. It won´t be just V7 Endpoint, but also new version of ERA (with a new name) and few other products. We do expect detailed announcements to be published at Forum in the evening / during the night today. Among key changes is the new ransomware shield, option to auto-update, and many new optimizations / stability & performance fixes for more smooth operation. Detailed change-log will be published in the official post by my colleagues.
  11. When you execute a "reset cloned agent task", computer will appear into ERA as a new entry, as the agent UUID will be a new one, so the server will take it as a new computer. That will also force all of the logs to be reset, so it takes couple of replications, until all of the data is reported to the server (therefore the missing icons).
  12. Was this machine by any means accidentally deleted from ERA? In such case, mask icons should appear within next 24 hours.
  13. Mate na pocitaci funkcny pristup na internet? To ze nejde Windows Update, ani Live Grid by najviac indikovalo problemy s internetom. Ide Vam browser a otvorenie stranok?
  14. MichalJ

    Remote Administration - Info

    Hello @Elad.y I would also suggest that you contact our local distributor in Israel, Comsecure, as they might be able to assist you with migration to V6 and provide guidance, about how to do it in the way that suits your needs. But it would be still interesting for us to understand your mode of operation. Are you also a reseller of ESET products? Or the customers you manage have their own licenses. Maybe, would be willing to participate on a short call with ESET representatives, concerning your operations and scope of work? Thank you. Michal
  15. MichalJ

    Version 6.6.2081.1 bugged

    Hello, Can you share with us, what was the fix? And also, in which country you are located, concerning the support issue? Thank you.