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  1. For what purpose you would like to have such group? What problem you are trying to solve? I might suggest, that you can create a report template, and even place it on the dashboard, that will include all computers, that have not connected for at least 2 days. Please use the report template attached, and let us know, if that works for you. Report Templates export 2017-07-24 13-44-08.zip
  2. Since version 6.5 it is possible to generate agent live installers, and installation packages for Endpoint/Agent, that can have this parameter shipped within the initial configuration. Maybe @MartinK will be able to share insight, if it is possible to somehow ship the parameter to it, during execution. You will have to somehow determine the internal Group ID, as I assume that this one is use, as the group name might not be unique (respects the hierarchy of multiple groups).
  3. So in this case, you have to login to ESET License Administrator using your license key and ELA password (e-mails received during your license purchase). If you do the same procedure (same settings marked) in there, it should clear the warning even from there. Or, you can remove the entry from ERA (click - remove licenses), as you have basically added the same license twice into your ERA server. Once using the key directly, and once using the security admin account credentials.
  4. Hello, You have most probably added your license twice - once using "license key", once using "security admin account". You can keep just one entry in ERA. For which entry the warning is gone? Maybe publish a screenshot of your "license management" tab in ERA.
  5. Can you select the two checkboxes in the top (to disable the warnings). And please let us know the results.
  6. There is no new ERA server release scheduled till the end of the year, which will be V7. Endpoint 6.6 is planned for August.
  7. Per my knowledge, when ERA agent is installed via the GPO, it does not take into consideration the property file, meaning it won´t work, to do "repair" of agent, using GPO, to distribute new certificates (we are planning to change this, into future versions). As of now, you will have to uninstall ERA agents, and install them again. For the future, the safest thing to do, is to have the certificates backed up, so when you will have for any reason re-deploy ERA server, you will be able to do it with the same set of certificates: http://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?migration_same_version.htm
  8. Hello @D4rius, It looks that something is wrong with the server configuration, if the notifications are not triggered. I would suggest that you contact your official ESET Support representative (partner from which you have purchased the license), and proceed using the standard support workflow (ticketing) procedure.
  9. This will be changed in next release. As of now, it is not possible.
  10. In general, the product ist meant to update itself automatically every hour. It's basically not needed to "promote" manual updating option anymore. That's the reason, why we are trying to make the actions on update pane less prominent.
  11. Any upgrade issues should be handled with ESET customer care, which will be happy to help. I would comment concerning your last paragraph. From what you have said, you have been using ERA 6.2. This version is more than 2 years old, and since then a major progress was made. We have done several rounds of user-acceptance testing, and we are regularly conducting both usability testing, and tailored customer research, when representatives of our product management / development either visit customers within their premises, or over the teleconference, to discuss their global security context (which products are used / why / how), and also ESET products in particular. I am deeply sorry to hear about your negative experiences. We do value every single customer. During summer, we will commence "EARLY ACCESS PROGRAM" of the cloud-based version of ESET Remote Administrator, where you will not have to take care about any upgrades, as the solution will be fully maintained by ESET. Maybe, that would be the best option for you. In case you will be interested in either research participation, or the EAP, please let us know, I will be happy to assist you.
  12. For this, the license status in ERA, is actually inherited from ELA. To resolve, you have to login to ESET License Administrator, disable "close to overusage" warning and the re-sync licenses in ERA.
  13. @fxcd Just to let you know, the option to configure "local time" for the EAV Scheduler, is in the backlog (as it might be relevant for customers, having unmanaged environments). For managed environments, the preferred way is to use the client tasks in ERA, in order to better monitor executions of such tasks and have them in reporting framework.
  14. I have just learned, that there was a hot-fix release on Google play, so you are right, that version is available. It is however unknown to ERA repository (which we will process shortly). Concerning not showing the correct information, I will get in touch with the developers, in order to find out, why the information is not correctly displayed in ERA.
  15. Hello, We are sorry to hear about your unsuccessful migration attempts. Migration scenarios are thoroughly tested, before each release of the product. How big is your DB? How many clients you have connected? Due to changes between ERA 6.4 & older, and 6.5, it´s possible that database upgrade process might take a while to complete. Process is initiated after the MSI installation is finished. The only thing to do, is to wait, and do not restart the machine, where ERA server is running (please check the following KB Article: http://support.eset.com/kb6454/). Also, documentation covers the scenario, when DB upgrade functions did not finished properly: http://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?crashed_database.htm If you have a backup, of your working ERA 6.2 installation, I would recommend to re-start the upgrade process. Although not recommended in the kb article (http://support.eset.com/kb6454/) upgrade the ERA Server first, then also replace the web-console content as suggested in the KB. Afterwards, proceed with the upgrades of the ERA agents, on the rest of your infrastructure. Have you your local customer care, in order to assist you with the migration procedure?