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  1. How can be a solution if the issue is related to Eset and not to Windows?
  2. Hello, it seems that there is a bug, confirmed by Eset Support Team, realted to some Nas vendors. I can successfully write to NAS shared folders, but I cannot copy the same files FROM them to my laptop (error code 0x8007003B). The bug affects the version 11.0.2032. Does anyone knows approximately when it will be released the next version? Thanks
  3. Thank you, what about the error of manual install of Agent? Using Protect Cloud task it works, but it is very strange that manual installation fails. The only way to have no issues with manual installation is to uninstall previous agent and install new one.
  4. Despite of update of Agent (that does not work in all my workstation), now the connection with Protect Cloud has been restablished. Maybe is there any issue on protect cloud server? I have also some workstation in remote location, that uses no proxy. Thanks
  5. Hello I updated eset endpoint for windows to 11.0.2032. After this operation I lost connection between Protect Cloud and all endpoints. I tried to update Agent from 10.1.1292 to 11.0.503, but the operations fails (see screenshot). How can I fix?
  6. Hello, since the latest legal time change, all my clients show wrong time (+1). I tried to change timezone settings (for my admin user) but it seems that all changes does not reflects the latest connection time). Any ideas? Thanks
  7. We are receiving many phising email that contain QRCode related to phising urls. I thin it would be useful the possibility to scan for QRCode inside email content or attachment, so that Eset can delete these images from messages. bye eclipse79
  8. Hello I activated application control. It would be useful to add exlusion using willcards. For example: com.mi.global.* instead com.mi.global.aaa, com.mi.global.bbb, and so on... Bye F.
  9. Hello, I need to remotely add a registry entry on some selected computers. The command line works fine when I run it on cmd prompt, but it does not work when I ran it from Eset Tasks. My question is: does the tasks run under administrator privileges, or under current user privileges? The command line is: C:\Windows\System32\reg.exe add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Options\General /v HideNewOutlookToggle /t REG_DWORD /d 00000001 The working folder is set on the task is: C:\Windows\System32 So, the entry is added only if I manually run that command on prompt. Any ideas? Thanks F.
  10. It seems that new outlook version is a specular copy of webmail. 90% of features are missing. No plugin, no pst, no way of manage public folders. I am very unsatisfied. Very bad work... I suppose that Eset will not be able to protect it...
  11. Hello I am Office 365 customer. As you know, recently Microsoft has been released a new outlook release preview. Do you know if Eset plugin for outlook is compatible with this new outlook version? Thanks F.
  12. Hello, I am creating a task in Eset Protect Cloud for the upgrade of Android Eset Endpoint Security. I can choose v3.6.6.0 but v4.0.2.0 is not listed. Is it a bug? Thanks!
  13. Hello, I upgraded 10.1.2050 but the bug is still here. Any news? Thanks
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