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  1. I have installed version and all is stable at the moment. I will report back if any thing changes.
  2. OK I have now got a stable UI, but Eset Endpoint Antivirus will not stay running long enough for me to gather anything useful. Once crashed I can not access the internet. Uninstalling is the only way to get back internet access. All I can get is a crash report which I have sent to Apple, A copy is in the attached file. Eset EA Crash Report.txt
  3. I will try, but it is almost impossible to get the MAC to respond once the Eset products are installed. The SystemUIServer hangs soon after start and the machine become unresponsive.
  4. I have had both Eset Cyber Security and Eset Anti Virus 6.4 (Well latest versions as of today) installed on MAC OS Sierra and both are causing the systemUIService and occasionally the Wi-Fi services to hang. Both Eset products eventually crash (reports sent to Apple) but neither service returns to a running state, I have to force a reboot to get things stable again. Once I have uninstalled the Eset products the system remains stable. Mac Mini 1.4Ghz, 480GB SSD, 4GB Ram.
  5. Just been hit by Cry36

    If that is the case, why is ERA Console and Server telling me I have the latest version. There is no indication from the product that I am under protected. Surely under the circumstances ERA should indicate there are later versions available. By the way there is no warning screen just a file ### DECRYPT MY FILES ###.txt which I cannot open (Access Denied)
  6. Just been hit by Cry36

    Just been hit by Cry36. All files encrypted and the last part of the name includes [].vs95l Running 4.5 File Security on server and 5.0 Set Endpoint protection on all clients. All managed by Remote Administrator. Real time protect had been disabled by the encryptor program on the server. Set failed to recognise the encryptor files. Server is SBS2011 and Clients are Windows 7 64bit and Windows 10 64bit. Have run the ESETEternalBlueChecker.exe and the server passed the test. It is fully patched. How did this get through.
  7. [FIXED] ESET broke after update

    Have you sent the logs as requested by Marcos
  8. [FIXED] ESET broke after update

    Try scanning with MalwareBytes first before re-installing. If it is malware then this should pick it up.
  9. Windows 10 64bit NOD 32 offered and automatic upgrade to V9 which I accepted and proceeded to up grade. The upgrade failed and according to your online instruction manually did and update then attempted again. It failed again. I was prompted to reboot which I did, but now Windows is failing to reboot. I am getting an BSOD critical_process_died. Windows 10 is now continually trying to repair itself with an automatic repair and Diagnostics. I was offered a restore but this too appears to have failed as the PC never reboot. Extremely unhappy about what has happened.
  10. Its probably the way the updates are rolled out. A point release is more a bug fix update rather than any feature additions which would normally roll out under a new master revision i.e. 9 to 10. If the differences are big enough then it would have to be a conscious decision to upgrade rather than update through the existing software. This ensures you have read the release notes and that it won't impact your usage in anyway without you knowing about it.
  11. This happened in February if i'm not mistaken. How has it been allowed to happen again.
  12. Thats OK if it works, why is this happening, its affecting a number of users on our domain network.
  13. Suddenly Eset is blocking access to Earlier today all was OK, now getting a warning of potentially dangerous content.
  14. Locky

    You need to find the source process that is running and kill it, then remove tmp files in the users account. Customer of mine just been hit big time, encrypted 58000 Files. According to Eset it should also delete all VSS shadow copies but that doesn't seem to have happen as I am able to restore from previous versions.
  15. Well it looks like I have finally found a solution. It appears that the installation of Eset Endpoint AV changes the permissions of ~/library/preferences/loginwindow.plist to root:wheel. I found this courtesy of MagerValp on His problem stemmed from System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection + Outlook 2011 = Crash ​He commented that System Centre 2012 Endpoint Protection was a rebrand of Eset/NOD32 hence my interest. His post is very recent 17th Aug 2015. He wrote the following script to fix the permission issue: - #!/bin/bash # Restore ownership of user preference files. for preffolder in /Users/*/Library/Preferences; do if [[ -d "$preffolder" ]]; then uidgid=$(stat -f "%u:%g" "$preffolder") chown -hR "$uidgid" "$preffolder" fi done I have now run this script on my MAC running El Capitan, Outlook 2011 and Eset V6.1.16.0 and I now have a running stable Outlook.