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  1. Linux is a much improved OS and can easily be used in a similar way to Windows. You generally only need command (CLI) functions for admin tasks or where a GUI does not exist. There are many flavours of Linux. You could easily install a distro in a VM such as Virtual Box on your Windows 7 machine to get the feel for it. Just bear in mind that the performance will not be great unless your host PC is of a decent spec, i.e. plenty of RAM and a good CPU. You can allocate varying resources to the VM. Alternatively set up a dual boot on your PC with a Linux partition and give it a go.
  2. Of course Eset will support Windows 7 for the foreseeable future. But Microsoft are not beyond 2020. Its your choice, stay safe by upgrading to Windows 10, or don’t. You cannot rely on Eset to protect you computer if Microsoft are not supporting the OS. Eset can only do so much.
  3. Why do you deem it necessary to have more than one AV product installed and active. Eset is more than capable of identifying malware. Running 2 active AV’s in the same PC is asking for trouble. If you are concerned about malware then you will need to dump Windows 7 come Jan 2020 and move to Windows 10 any way. Windows 7 will not be patched or updated after this date.
  4. Eset Endpoint Protection for MAC V6.7.876 is now reporting CleanMyMacX as a rogue application. Been using both for a number of years, but recently this has occurred. I have added CleanMyMac to the exclusions and also informed the developers MacPaw of this issue. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
  5. I would attach the logs, but they a 2gb in size. After reenabling to recreate the error, the problem now persists and I cannot collect email again. Problem only occurred after re-enabling protocol filtering for the purposes of generating the logs. Now wish I had left it well alone as it was working.
  6. It appears that disabling IMAP protocol filtering and then re-enabling it causes the problem to go away. As the problem now appears fixed, not sure if the logs will show anything.
  7. We have 10 PC's all running the lates version of Eset NOD32 7.1.2053. 9 PC's are behaving themselves, but one refuses to sync IMAP folders throwing an error. Eventually I disabled Email protocol filtering for this PC and IMAP sync started. I cannot understand how 90% of the installs work without a hitch but 1 machines decides not to play ball. Re-enabling the protocol seems to have fixed the issue and sync continues to work.
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