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  1. I hope you're listening Eset. One of the main reasons I was so eager to get v7 rolled out is because i'm sick to death of receiving emails that we've exceeded our license count, all because the software is too damn stupid to realise it is assigning licenses to the same machine multiple times. Of course this wasn't fixed in v7, contrary to other forum posts from months ago advising it would be. Our license is due for renewal in a couple of months, not sure why I would renew at this point. It's not a capable enterprise product.
  2. My server has been upgraded to the Security Management Center v7.0.553.0 Since client upgrade tasks aren't working, I'm trying to use the quick links to create an All-in-one installer for the agent and endpoint security v7. Every time it gets to about 2% complete before failing with "Internal Server Error" Whats going on ?!?