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  1. Hi All We're currently running PROTECT on a Win2012 (not R2) server which seems to be no longer supported for protect. I'd like to spin up the VM appliance and point our existing 50 devices to this new server. What's the best method to do this? Historical logs & reports not required.
  2. When is it going to start showing the correct primary IP address??? I'm finding topics of this back in 2018 (eg here). ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.1 (7.1.717.0) ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.1 (7.1.393.0)
  3. As the title suggestions, why don't the endpoint security products auto update (eg from 7.2 to 7.3) ? Only the virus definitions do. With 90% of staff working from home its not possible to push this update out via our on-premise ERA (not that it ever worked realiably before)
  4. Yes brand new software install task. Most of the failed installs were running 6.3.2016.0, one of them is 6.4.2014.0. Other clients that did update correctly were on these older versions. I haven't attempted to manually run the installer on one of these failed machines as I wanted to find the -reason- why the remote install failed. Where can I find the reason?
  5. Pushed out a task to 30 domain PCs, most worked but some failed. Where can I see logs to find out why they failed?
  6. I hope you're listening Eset. One of the main reasons I was so eager to get v7 rolled out is because i'm sick to death of receiving emails that we've exceeded our license count, all because the software is too damn stupid to realise it is assigning licenses to the same machine multiple times. Of course this wasn't fixed in v7, contrary to other forum posts from months ago advising it would be. Our license is due for renewal in a couple of months, not sure why I would renew at this point. It's not a capable enterprise product.
  7. My server has been upgraded to the Security Management Center v7.0.553.0 Since client upgrade tasks aren't working, I'm trying to use the quick links to create an All-in-one installer for the agent and endpoint security v7. Every time it gets to about 2% complete before failing with "Internal Server Error" Whats going on ?!?
  8. @MichalJ that sounds far too convoluted as a workaround. Since this is a known bug in your software I will simply continue to ignore the license exceeded emails until upgraded to v7
  9. I will continue to ignore the exceeded license variations and while waiting for this long overdue fix, will explore alternative vendors. Perhaps ones that have a less painful management head-end.
  10. I tried to reply to the existing thread but it has been archived - last post was December. We are also still experiencing duplicated clients pulling a license (likely due to laptops using wired and wifi connections), and getting notification emails that our license count is exceeded. What is the status of this getting fixed?
  11. Thanks for the reply. The logs don't appear to be in our local GMT+10 time, making it slightly difficult to follow. How can I change this?
  12. So I've just started migrating my organisation of 30 machines from v5 to v6 and i've regretted it almost immediately Here's some background info on our environment: Mixture of domain and workgroup PCs (only domain PCs are being moved to v6 right now) Domain GPO has disabled windows firewalls on workstations Simple L2 switched network with no blocking of broadcast traffic etc All workstations are left powered on 24/7 (no sleep/hibernation) The first few agents were installed via a batch file that ERA generated, some succesfully installed via GPO, others could only be installed manually We have configured an eset policy for the agents to connect every 20 minutes And now for the issues we're having: Some agents are connecting periodically, but not every 20 minutes as per policy (but policy count shows that it has been applied) Some agents haven't connected for 2 days, others for 6 days, others for 8 days etc Sending a 'Wake-up call' doesn't work, last connected date doesn't change Because of these problems, tasks I create to push a v6 endpoint security package to always fail I can't seem to find anywhere that will give me detailed logs identifying why the agents arent connecting OR why packages aren't being installed. ERA Server version is 6.1.444.0
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