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  1. Hi all, So ESET flags our Screenconnect as malware, Ive tried excluding this using "Path & Detection", "Exact file" and "Detection", nothing works though! Literally every week and a half when they update Screenconnect, i get 50 email notifications from ESET flagging malware. This has been going on for about 2 years, finally I've decided to post here for help on how to exclude it. I searched the site for "Screenconnect" and found tons of topics created with same issues and no resolution. 😞
  2. Is this something new with ESET? I am getting numerous workstations now reporting this as cause "JS/Voluum.A". Its not just foxnews, its people.com, howtogeek.com, cnn.com and others.
  3. I was thinking the same thing after i posted. Going to look into that now, thank you.
  4. I create exclusion rules but every time there is a update to Connectwise, i have to reapply the rules. Why do they keep flagging it? Its a legitimate paid for tool for businesses.
  5. Computrace can be removed in the BIOS. Its called Computrace Lojack, its legit.
  6. I am here cause we are having exact same thing, ours just stared appearing lately too. Never used too.
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