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  1. in Endpoint Security I clicked on Help -> ESET Log Collector, it opened https://support.eset.com/pl/kb3466-jak-uzyc-narzedzia-eset-log-collector and there i clicked on Pobierz ESET Log Collector EDIT: I switched to english version of that website and from there downloaded I attached logs from this version EDIT2: Forgot to say that I found task that is responsible for this scan after definition update and changed it to run only once in 12 hours. Also I noticed that it says to scan "Commonly (or Frequently) used files". But I saw that it goes through Program Data, Users, both Program Files and Wwindows folders. And I don't think it's applied from policy, I think it's built in. ees_logs.zip
  2. Since when did Endpoint Security run a full C scan after every virus database update? I updates recently to 7.2.2055.0 and I'm pretty sure that previous versions did some sort of quick scan (probably only running processes, etc). I noticed some time ago that ekrn.exe was using cpu for a long time, I just confirmed with Process Monitor that after every virus database update it does a FULL 😄 scan, going through every folder. What is really anoying is that it takes about 50 minutes at my PC to finish (Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, lots of iso/zip files in subfolders on desktop, Thunderbird with many GB of mail messages), so lots of unpacking and creating temp files in C:\Windows\Temp\NODxxxx.tmp. I have SSD drive so it's a LOT of write cycles to it (SSD have limited write cycles).
  3. Thanks, it worked. @MartinK It's really counterintuitive to put it there. But, whatever, you can leave it as is, but when someone tries to update Management Agent from "Dashboard -> ESET applications -> Outdated applications" (or from any other location applicable) then ESMC should create task "Upgrade Security Management Server Components" instead of saying "No ESET products, which can be updated automatically, have been found".
  4. Some time ago I deployed ESMC VA 7.x (can't remember exact version) in my organization, created All-in-one Installer (at that time Management Agent was 7.0.577.0 and Endpoint Security was 7.1.2053.0). I manually installed this to about 40 computers and everything is working fine. Recently I updated ESMC VA (it showed notification in Help menu) to 7.1.503.0, now I wanted to update eset software on client machines. I noticed that I can create update task but only for Endpoint Security. I tested it on my machine to see how this is done and it worked and now I have 7.2.2055.0. But I can't update Management Agent (to version 7.1.717.0), it shows "No ESET products, which can be updated automatically, have been found". How can I do this without manually installing it on every computer?
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