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  1. I saw this page and I have already allowed *.e5.sk/* *.eset.com/* *.eset.eu/* What is weird is that ERAAgent connects using IP address instead of DNS name. That's why I'm asking, is this the desired behavior? To me it looks like a "bug", because everywhere ESET uses DNS names to connect and only this one thing in ERAAgent uses IP address.
  2. I have a question about http(s) filtering. I have ESET File Security 7.1.12006.0 installed on RDS server. I set it up so it blocks all http(s) connections "List of blocked addresses: *" and only allow specific hosts, for example "*.eset.com/*", "*.microsoft.com/*" etc. I Noticed that ERAAgent.exe makes requests to different addresses in these ranges: 91.228.166.* and 91.228.167.* Is this the desired behavior? If yes, can I somehow allow them safely? What I mean by that is, if I allow "91.228.166.*/*" then one could open "hxxp://91.228.166.somedomain.com" which is not good.
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