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  1. Eset probably just blocks file access but not device access (directly reading/writing to device)
  2. @Cody_Klamann Hi, I just wanted to know if you resolved this? We're going to use device control in the same manner as you to block optical disks, usb disks and phones.
  3. Is it possible to use Let's Encrypt certificates for ESET Protect website? We're using ESET Protect VA if it matters. I just want to use it for website, not for anything else, with autorenewal of course.
  4. It didn't create duplicate entity in "Computers" list. And I found this in audit log. 11:21 is me running reboot from console 12:17 is me accepting that notification about hardware change. And we don't have tasks that are run on new computers automatically. I used Macrium Reflect from pendrive. Cloned SATA SSD to NVMe SSD, turned off pc, disconected SATA SSD and just turned it on.
  5. PC with Win 10 Pro and SATA SSD. I upgraded it to 11 Pro, then used Macrium Reflect to clone it to NVMe SSD. Everything was working fine. After that I noticed in ESET Protect blue notification in "Status Overview -> Questions -> Some decisions cannot be handled automatically...blablabla. -> Computer connection questions: 1". So i clicked it and there was a notification about that PC because of hardware change. So I selected that option that said the hardware was changed and clicked ok. And in a moment a co-worker calls to me and says that it had a notification that ESET will restart a PC in 30 seconds and he couldn't cancel it and his pc restared!! What the f***! How could you program it like this? With no mention in eset protect that it will reboot client PC!
  6. I just found out that on CentOS you have to use this [root@esetprotect ~]# httpd -v Server version: Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) Server built: May 30 2023 14:01:11
  7. Nothing is returned by running that command. I used yum to check: [root@esetprotect ~]# yum list installed | grep apache apache-commons-collections.noarch 3.2.1-22.el7_2 @updates apache-commons-daemon.x86_64 1.0.13-7.el7 @base apache-commons-dbcp.noarch 1.4-17.el7 @base apache-commons-logging.noarch 1.1.2-7.el7 @base apache-commons-pool.noarch 1.6-9.el7 @base
  8. I'm sorry, nevermind that, I was mistaken. We use proxy in ESET Protect VA. I update that VA about once a month.
  9. No, I wrote "We don't use any proxy etc" If you want to know what that message is in english, then it translates to something like this: "File was not changed in specified time frame/window"
  10. Today I noticed this notification I then went to update, same information was displayed there, below those two standard green "panes" (I didn't screenshot it), I then manually clicked on "check for updates" and it downloaded something, updated and that notification was gone. I then checked eset log and found out that from time to time this happens, but usually when I'm not working (my PC i running 24/7). Other that that, ESET works fine. But it's not just my PC, I checked few PCs in my company and each one had these errors in log. We use Endpoint Security, currently version 10.1.2050.00. This doesn't happen on our two servers with Server Security 10.0.12012.0. We don't use any proxy etc, updates are directly downloaded from Eset servers.
  11. Instead of uploading a file, open it, copy to clipboard and just paste it directly in message panel.
  12. It kinda sux that you can't see what URL user visited that triggered this script. This would be very usefull.
  13. One other thing, today Eset started blocking that script
  14. Looks like it's epainfo.pl there is a <_script src="https://one.dataofpages.com/stats/post.js" id="temp_weather_script"></script> in source, they use Wordpress so it's probably some out of date plugin that got hacked.
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