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  1. Yes, that would be most reasonable, as SQL Server 2019 was released too late to perform long-term testing.
  2. Thanks for confirmation. This is definitely not correct behavior and I would expect SQL Server 2014 to be installed so there seems to be some kind of a problem in installer itself. Regardless of that, solution should be upgrade of database server to more recent versions. If I recall correctly, there should be no issues and all data and configuration should be retained. ESMC 7.1 all-in-one installer introduced support for upgrading ESMC components but I am currntly not sure whether upgrade of database server is supported, but probably not.
  3. Just realized that ESMC Management Agent on this device was already upgraded so task obviously was executed. One last idea I have is that upgrade fails due to some reason. For example older databases were dropped from support in ESMC 7.1: any chance you are using SQL Server 2008? Otherwise it would probably require check of trace logs from AGENT on this machine to verify whether some installation or download error is reported.
  4. Actually this one-click mechanism of updating is available only for ESET security products, not ESMC components. In order to upgrade ESMC components, previously mentioned "Components upgrade task" should be executed on clients. Task is configured properly, but it is not clear whether it has actually been executed. I would recommend to check client details you targeted it, and verify that client is connecting and that client execeted task. In order to upgrade ESMC itself, just target it in console with the same task, it will upgrade all ESMC components, including AGENT, ESMC Server and Webconsole.
  5. Could you please open/edit client task you created and verify it's configuration? It should be referencing some 7.1.* version in it's configuration - in this case it seems that something went wrong and it is referencing previous version, resulting in non-working update.
  6. As Rogue Detection Sensor uses passive detection on network, I would recommend to install it ( also with ESET Management Agent ) on gateway, but also any client machine in required network should slowly detect all devices. Installed AGENT has to connect to your ESMC to report detected devices.
  7. For more precise answer we will need AGENT trace logs. Without those we can just guess: similar error might be caused by fact that Administrator intervention in console is required: could you verify whether there are no open "Questions" for devices in ESMC? It could happen in case duplicate HW or cloning is detected.
  8. I would recommend to check documentation for VA migration or upgrade. During this process, new appliance is deployed (with newly installed AGENT) and whole database is migrated, i.e. all our data as available in ESMC console should be retained.
  9. Thanks for clarification. This limitations is actually described in ERA 6.5 documentation (Database requirements). Regarding technical part of this problem, since version 5.3.11 it uses new codebase which contains issues affecting functionality of ERA/ESMC. They were reported and are tracked as MySQL issues, but they were not fixed to this time. That is why we introduced at least workaround in ESMC 7.1. On Windows, situation is even worse as drivers causes our application to crash.
  10. This seems to be problem: latest/newest working ODBC driver is 5.3.10 If I recall correctly. Later 5.3 and 8.0 drivers are not working correctly with ESMC 7.0 which is probably problem you are experiencing.
  11. could you please check that database and MySQL ODBC driver you are using are listed as supported? Also what version of ESMC you are actually installing? Asking because we have released new version yesterday. Few days ago similar issue was reported and problem what that unsupported ODBC driver was used - but this might have been resolved by recent release so I recommend to check
  12. Unfortunately provided log is probably not from first failed attempt -> in indicates database was in "corrupted" state before upgrade attempt started. My best guess is that initial upgrade attempt failed and left database in such state. This is probable especially in case older ERA version (possibly 6.4 or older) was upgrade as there were issue with DB corruption in case upgrade process was interrupted. We have seen that upgrade might take minutes (hours in extreme cases) and administrator were often interrupting this process which resulted in inconsistent state.
  13. Could you be more specific of where you are not seeing devices? Not sure I understand, but in case you mean "rogue" devices as detected by "ESET Rogue Detection Sensor", problem might be in fact that only devices in the same subnetworks as this component is installed are detected. In order to detect rogue devices in different network, you will have to deploy one AGENT and Rogue Detection Sensor inside of this network.
  14. Task will upgrade components only on targets that were selected when executing task. So until you configure it to be executed on your ESMC Server, it won't be upgraded. EDIT: but it is recommended to upgrade ESMC before upgrading clients as there might be some inconsistencies when newer AGENT is used with older ESMC.
  15. Please follow documentation for client task Security Management Center Components Upgrade. Task configuration will require just to specify reference version and select targets where task is to be executed. Also be aware that this task upgrade also other ESMC components as is ESMC itself and also webconsole.
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