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  1. It might be little confusing, but error: Product is not connected. No connection attempt occurred. actually means that ESET Security product (UEABVE or UESETS?) installed on this particular client device is not communicating with AGENT. By default, product should contact AGENT every minute, so In case this warning persists for a longer time, I would recommend to check whether installed product is actually running.
  2. MartinK

    ERA Agent V7 issues

    This might be also different issue. Could you provide me privately your ECA instance identification (uuid), especially in case you have not filed an ESET support ticket in the meantime. Alternatively you could send feedback directly from ECA console so that it can be checked immediately.
  3. could you verify there is no active client task "Remote Administrator components upgrade" that is regularly executed on machine where ERA WebConsole is installed? It is possible that during task execution with wrong parameter, console might be downgraded or corrupted.
  4. MartinK

    Eset Endpoint Security 7 remote installation

    AGENT's trace logs shows there is version 6.2.2033.0 installed.
  5. MartinK

    Eset Endpoint Security 7 remote installation

    Could you please provide us software-installation.log of this failure upgrade attempt? It should be located in the same directory as is AGENT's trace.log. Generic task failure might be caused by failure in installer itself. You also mentions "Failed to synchronize package repository" which indicates that AGENT was not even able to download installation package. In this case, there will be more detailed error message in AGENT's trace.log, but most probable issue is either network problem, or overloaded state of ESET infrastructure.
  6. I would recommend to check logs located in: C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\Logs As already mentioned, most probably reason why Tomcat is not running is change in Java configuration. If this is the case (i.e. if Java was updated recently), verify JAVA_HOME environment variable is correctly configured for all users. You may also use tomcat configuration utility located in it's program files directory, where you can explicitly set used java version. Second most probable issue is conflict of listening ports. Please verify there is no other service listening on ports used by console.
  7. Please choose "Remove computer from database" and "Do not deactivate" (you should be asked after). There is no need to use other operations, as this device was actually never active and there is no data present in ERA/ESMC.
  8. Could you please check AGENT's logs and verify what it the reason of not connecting AGENTs? Any chance you have changed hostname of ERA server? Or what you mean by moving server to domain?
  9. MartinK

    ESMC server doesn't accept connection from the agent

    Could you please check on one if client, whether it is not differnet issue, recently described in this topic: Path resolves issue, where all v7 clients should eventually stop connection. This issue does not affect v6 AGENTs until upgraded.
  10. MartinK

    ERA Agent installation issues on Debian 9

    Yes, version 1.0.2 should work correctly. Also I would recommend to leave openssl 1.1.0 installed, side-by-side with openssl 1.0.2 -> this should be possible as that is how those versions are packaged. In my environment, this was working properly, and system itself (other packages) was using newer openssl as expected.
  11. Error you encountered means that is no longer available in repository. This might happen in case specific installer is removed from repository as it was replaced by newer version. This might happen especially some problem is detected or new modules are added into installers. If this is the case, once package is no longer available, installation attempts should fail on all machines sin then. Also this problem might happen in case ESMC is configured to used different repository than ERA/ESMC Agents, where it might happen that package selected in installation task configuration is not available in different repository used by clients. By default, both ESMC and clients are using the same repository, so this might be problem in case you used some alternative repository (beta, prerelease) previously.
  12. MartinK

    error in apache http proxy

    Mentioned error most probably means that it is not possible to resolve DNS name update.eset.com on machine where HTTP proxy is installed - could you please verify it is properly configured, for example by testing "ping update.eset.com" from HTTP proxy? Also I am not sure whether caching will actually work for non-bussiness products. It was added to v6/v7 business products, but you are using home version - is this intentional? Even if DNS resolving is no longer a problem and updating through proxy will be working, it is very probable that without caching.
  13. MartinK

    Upgrade endpoint 6.6 to 7.0 with PDQ deployment, need help!!

    It is not clear what could be wrong from information you provided. I would recommend to try installing on one client manually and verify installer is working properly. There is a chance it is configured in a way it result in failure. In case it will be working, there might be something wrong when installing silently - i that case I would recommend to check installation logs on client machine, located in %temp%\eset\ , i.e. in temporary directory of user you are using for deployment.
  14. According to screenshot, there is no problem with activation itself, but in logic that executes it after product installation. It seems that product is not started in time once installed and that results in this state, but it is hard to confirm without full verbosity trace logs enabled before installation attempt. What type/platform of product was installed? Was it clean installation or upgrade of previous version?
  15. Please check also AGENT's trace.log on client machine. This specific error means that is was not even possible to download metadata from ESET's repository.eset.com servers. This is most probably caused by wrong configuration or network problems. Could you verify HTTP proxy configuration of those clients, and if used, whether proxy is accessible for them?