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ESET Management Agent 10.1.1292.0 - Installation / upgrade error

Petr Mrazek
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Hi, we've got a problem with upgrading / installing the new version of ESET Management Agent 10.1.1292.0.

When we try to update it from the ESET Protect console, the task finishes successfully, but the Management Agent is not upgraded. When we try it manually - installtor end with error - 1603.


Log is attached.




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It appears that agent is password protected and an invalid password was used:

ERROR: (CheckAgentSetupPasswordWin) CConfigEngineModuleWrapper::VerifyPassword failed with error: Password does not match

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Unless you've found the password, my solution is to run ESETUninstaller  to get rid of the old agent.

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Starting from version 10.1.1288.0, agent updates are only possible after password protection is disabled.

Is this a new policy?

If, when upgrading to version 10.1.1288.0, this can still be explained, but the upgrade from version 10.1.1288.0 to 10.1.1292.0 is not performed without disabling password protection!

The update occurs via the command line:


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  • ESET Staff

I would recommend to contact support in this case. In your case, you are performing upgrade with modification of configuration and thus I would expect password to be required so that crucial configuration is actually protected.

But regardless of that, seems that this change is not properly documented, as there is possibility to enter password as part of the command line (or as part of install_config.ini property file used by installer), which would resolve this issue.

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