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  1. I have just had another 'File corrupted' notification which occur quite frequently. I clicked on 'Check for Updates' and after a couple of minutes got the messages shown in the image. Any ideas?
  2. Marcos's solution works aside from the notification at boot that I still receive. I have Skype start (minimised) with Windows and it is a notification that Skype has been allowed access that I receive at boot up. ETA: My statement above was not correct. I am now receiving notifications whenever the webcam is accessed by either Skype or the Logitech software, (and at boot up from Skype).
  3. Hi Marcos, many thanks for the suggestion. That appears to have worked though I’ve not yet looked in detail at what that change in Windows settings really means and what implications it may have.
  4. The notification appears at boot and anytime the webcam is accessed by any program i.e. the Logitech software and Skype in my case. To my mind if the webcam is accessed by a program that has been granted permission and a rule created reflecting this, then the notification shouldn't be shown. It's not a big deal but is annoying.
  5. As far as I can see there's no facility to manually add a rule to the Webcam Protection. I only use Skype for Desktop and the executable is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Skype for Desktop\Skype.exe (I have deleted the second Skype rule). The Logitech executable is C:\Program Files (x86)\Logitech\LWS\Webcam Software\Launcher_Main.exe
  6. To be clear, I have setup 3 rules permitting webcam access: 2 for Skype and 1 for the Logitech software - it's a Logitech HD webcam. Regardless of the rules, I receive an alert on every boot. At this point I choose to live with it rather than disabling Webcam Notifications but it needs correcting.
  7. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1803) Since the update to v11.2.63.0 everytime I boot my computer I receive a message stating that access was granted to my webcam; I know, I granted it! Is there a way to stop the notifications?