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  1. I have been investigating issues with slow browsing using Chrome and MS (Chr)Edge primarily. I see messages such as: Resolving Host Waiting for 'www.example.com' Establishing Secure Connection There's a lot of discussion of similar issues on the Malwarebytes forums with no common denominator or solution at this time. As the only other security software I have on my computer is ESET I decided to have an investigation to see if anything I did improved the situation. It's only been a few hours but since going to: Setup | Advanced Setup | Web access protection | WEB PROTOCOLS and switching off 'Enable HTTP protocol checking' and 'Enable HTTPS checking' these issues have disappeared and browsing has not resulted in any of the messages being seen for more than a fraction of a second and the speed of rendering new pages/sites is extremely rapid. Clearly having these items disabled is far from ideal so I'd be grateful if you could look into this and advise on a way forward. Happy to provide logs and work with ESET staff to further investigate but it will have to be after 5pm UK time. The issue is not with my internet connection. I'm currently undertaking an online course using WebEx and have maintained a very good connection throughout from Monday morning until now.
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