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  1. Hello. ESET Endpoint Security 11.0.2044 in troubleshooting network access in the tooltip does not fully show the full path to the process.
  2. Maybe this example will help. My example uses an old version of ESET Endpoint Security. In the current version, you can select not only paths, but also files. Rec 0002.mp4
  3. Hello. Why isn't ESET Management Agent listed as a product on the latest versions page? https://help.eset.com/latestVersions/ Why does the download page show version 11.0.503.0 as the latest version of ESET Management Agent, but not 11.1.1152.0? https://www.eset.com/int/business/download/eset-protect/#standalone Can I install ESET Management Agent 11.1.1152.0?
  4. A terrible bug, you can’t normally change the settings of many policies, you have to create them again. When is this issue expected to be fixed?
  5. Hello. In EESET PROTECT, you cannot enable a disabled firewall rule in policies. Rec 0004.mp4
  6. Hello. Using ESET PROTECT 10.1.1283.0. Computers with the following versions of Management Agent and operating systems are not displayed in any dynamic group: ESET Management Agent 8.0.1238.0 + Windows XP SP2 ESET Management Agent 7.2.1266.0 + Windows Server 2003 SP2 Is this normal behavior?
  7. You are mistaken about this. This functionality works fully in many versions, but often, like some other functionality, it stops working in some versions. Here are the versions in which the firewall override works: 9.0.2046.0 10.0.2045.0 10.1.2050.0 10.1.2058.0 Here are the versions in which the firewall override does not work: 9.1.xxxx.0 10.0.2034.0 11.0.2032.0 11.0.2044.0 Yes. Here are typical situations when you may need to change firewall settings in override mode: 1. Temporary creation and change of any rules: locally you can make changes that are valid for no more than 4 hours. If you use a policy, you can accidentally forget about the applied policy, but it will continue to be in effect. 2. Convenient local debugging of firewall rules: no need to wait a minute each time until the policy is applied again. 3. If you need to change the firewall settings without disabling it, when there is no connection with ESET PROTECT, this cannot be done without locally overriding the firewall rules.
  8. This is sad news. It is very, very unfortunate that the functionality in ESET Endpoint Security is degrading.
  9. Users did not break the policies themselves - it was errors in your software that led to this. So why can’t ESET make a tool in this case that would report that the policy is corrupted, or better yet simply correct the errors? And if the user has hundreds of policies, then this requires a lot of effort to fix everything from scratch.
  10. Hello. In ESET Endpoint Security 9.1.2071.0, firewall rules cannot be saved in override mode.
  11. Hello. In ESET Endpoint Security 11.0.2044.0, firewall rules cannot be changed in override mode: almost all parameters are not configurable.
  12. Hello. Config engine module 2092.2 (0.0.2080.0) dated 09/29/2023 does not apply firewall rules through dynamic group policies. I had to downgrade the Config engine module to 2083.3 (0.0.2078.0).
  13. I inform you that the problem indicated in the topic is not resolved in the firewall module 1439.1. After the new version of the firewall module was installed, in my case it was 09/06/2023, a problem arose with Opera at least four times. Sometimes restarting the browser does not help, and you have to restart it again.
  14. Do I understand correctly that the problem has not yet been resolved, and it will be resolved in version 1440 of the firewall module, which will be released on October 21?
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