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  1. Hi Michal, after several days observing ERA, the IP of 75E-HOLLSTEGGE changed (in ERA) always between and In the details-section shows ERA two IP's for the same Adapter. Best regards
  2. Hi Michal, I talked about the IP in the row IP-Adresse and the IP behind the first row. I installed yesterday the ERA agent on "75e-hollstegge" and it shows me the hole day a wrong 169.....-IP. But today morning, after rebooting, the client has the right 192.168.32.. IP in ERA. Problem solved by reboot.... Thanks for the fast reply.
  3. Hi, we are just upgrading from ERA 5.3 to ERA 6.5. We have the same problem with wrong IP's in ERA 6.5, please fix it! ERA 5.3 always shows the right IP! ERA 6.5 looks nice but seems a step back. Best regards
  4. Hello, I like to test the new "Endpoint Antivirus 6" for our company. I'm just tried your "Convert legacy license credentials"-Tool to get a License Key. The Tool showed me after using a valid Key that works with my test system. But I didn't get the E-Mail with the "ESET License Administrator password" so I can not use the new management-tool. How long will it normally take to receive the mail? Who can me help with a look in your Registration-System? Best regards
  5. Hello, how can I activate the "pre-release updates" in the German Version of "ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5"? I tried the "Testmodus" in the Update-Options but I didn't get the "Anti-Stealth module v1067" delivered, it remains on v1066. Any suggestions?
  6. Hi, we have the same Problems with BSOD+Windows 8.1+KB3000850+ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5-0-2237-0+Nvidia Quadro K600. Is there any solution or workaround?
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