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  1. I didnt try to reinstall the agent, as i had problems with remote uninstall (from ERA) before. And users (mostly developers) are already frustrated that computer froze and had to restart the workstation. Problem was, their work was not saved. So i was looking for some solution where i will not bother them directly. Checked in the trace logs on all workstations that wont update the agent. And each has the same problem with permission issue, and only couple with the resolving issue. One of them has this as well as next to the permission issue: 2015-10-01 07:47:12 Error: CReplicati
  2. Just to bump this. Is there any solution to the errors i get for several servers? At least something, where to look and what?
  3. Hi, There is less than 10% of workstations that wont update the agent. One of the errors that is on every workstation from trace.log : 2015-09-28 14:12:27 Error: CEssConnectorModule [Thread 118c]: Set policy failed: CNodcommChannel: Send request failed with 14, Command failed - Make sure that Agent runs with Administrator privileges. Strange thing is that all workstations are in domain, and group policies are the same for all, so permissions should not be the problem here. But what can i do to check if the issue is with permissions?Agent is running as which user? Also there is som
  4. Thank you bbraustein for making that clear. That is all i needed for conformation.
  5. So I can just do software install of the new version 6.1.2227 and with the same license? Do i need to remove the license i have now? Or i don't have to specify license at all? I just choose new version of AV and do the install? EDIT: Just tried in on my on computer, and installation works, update is automatic. I didnt touch the license, i mean,in the part where I need to specify the license i left the one i already have, and the count of the licenses is the same. Guess that is how this upgrade works.
  6. Hi, I didn't find anywhere,maybe I am missing something, but how upgrade to newest version of ESET Antivirus. On all my clients I have version 6.1.2222 but as i can see now there is 6.1.2227. Is there an easy way for me to upgrade this remotely through ERA6? Thank you,
  7. I had those same issues, but hey were related to proxy. So i turned off the proxy, and now everything is ok. Hope i don't jinx it .
  8. Well i gave up on httpproxy,ot sure why it started to behave strange, and works some time then stops, then i restarted it and it works, and so on. Agent updates are also now going through internet directly. So that is how i "solved" not updated part.
  9. Hi Marcos, Any update on this? I reverted my policy so servers are using httpProxy, and it wont work. On the http proxy server, hxxp://localhos:3128/index.htmlworks, but from a client it wont work, Then i restart ApacheHttpProxy service and then hxxp://myserver:3128/index.html from my client works, but after some time it stops. Anything for you to tell me to look at? As this stopped working approximately in the same time this issue with agent update failed for all clients. Regards,
  10. Hi Marcos, I dont have that location, see the picture below. I am on my ERAS where i have Http rpoxy installed, you can see it running in services. SInce yesterday i am bypassing the proxy, as there were errors, and could not connect to server. And in picture below you can see that i unchecked proxy server. Regards, Uros EDIT: Guess you meant C:\Program Files\Apache.... Will send you the link,just to zip and upload..
  11. Hi, Yeah, i got the same problems in the last two days as well. When i do restart of the HttpProxy they are back on schedule and doing the update. But its like something happens again and updating of DB fails, so i turned off proxy (this is my work-around), and now every client is going outside to eset servers to get new updates. Really strange that this has happened to both of us, and in the same time frame.
  12. Hi, Just to ask to confirm, as i have the same issue last couple of days.. Everything worked fine and with no problems, and since i think yesterday i get all my clients showing that recent update failed. They are all ESET Agent. I did restart agent, they come back as ok, but after some time they slowly all become red. Nothing changed in my environment the last couple of days, so dont know what happened. Is this the same issue as you are talking about Marcos? I even thought it was DB update, so i removed proxy all together,but guess its not that.
  13. I have the same problem since this morning, i mean last night.. Strange is almost all of the servers have this error. "Could not connect to server", although IP:2138/index.html is not working from client side, but is working on local host. Restarted ApacheHttpProxy service, and will see how it will behave.. EDIT: I still have the Could not connect to server.. Lot of servers are showing in ERAS as updates failed. This is the first time that is happening,noting changed. Only thing left is to check with networks, but telnet from my computer to ERAS on port 3128 works. EDIT2: R
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