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    ewong gave kudos to Tim Jones in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Hi Team,
    Description: Example REST API usage with Perl / Python
    Detail: An example document on how to use the API with Perl would be helpful you have one using C however I would just like to create a few script based calls to it using Perl for use with Nagios and other systems I have to integrate further with our other tools.
    Description: Failure Details inside Web Interface,
    Detail: Most of the time when a task fails it provides hardly any details why I need to follow the rabbit hole to the trace log,
    Description: Slackware Linux Support /+ Native x64 support without 32 bit libs
    Detail: I run 100s of Slackware Servers and have gone away from multilib etc, Also activate product from Remote Administrator rather than having to download an offline license for them
    Description: Use Latest option for software install
    Detail: Software install of ESET use latest option would be helpful eg tick a box and policy would always use the latest version available of eg Endpoint Antivirus when running the task
    Description: From Dashboard take filters and generate a Dynamic Group / Action
    Detail:  I forever have out of date machine on the dashboard and have to copy the filters down and go an create a dynamic group from them to trigger an upgrade can a button be incorporated ( where you have generate CSV /PDF etc ) to say generate dynamic group please
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    ewong received kudos from mmadeira in Upgrading Agents 7.1 -> 7.2   
    never mind..  Sorry for the noise.  [1] answered my question.
    [1] -
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    ewong received kudos from mmadeira in SMC 7.2: How to deal with 6.X agents prior to 6.5   
    In my experience with Pre-6.5 agents on XP machines and in some cases, Win7 machines, I've always had a problem getting the agents on these machines updated.  Even with GPO,  these agents would always fail to update.  I would end up just copying the EsetUninstaller.exe to these machines and running them in safe mode to get rid of the agent and av software.
    I too had spent a lot of time fiddling with ESMC and GPOs to get the Agents updated but gave up and did it the hard way. 
    That said, have you taken a look at the agent logs on the problematic machines?  These logs should at least point you to what's bugging the update process.  That's the way I had figured the XP agents weren't liking the update command.
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    ewong received kudos from Zen11t in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Showing (or downloading) debug logs when tasks fail.
    Detail: Somewhat similar to my previous feature request, having the debug log generated during the task (akin to trace.log) and when it fails, there is a link to download the log file for that particular process.
    Rationale: It's to allow the Remote Administrator to figure out what is going on within the process without needing to go into the client's workstation.
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    ewong received kudos from katycomputersystems in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description:  Able to determine the "reason" why the task failed in the Task Execution History.
    Right now, suppose a task failed for a particular system.  In ERA, you go to that system, go to "TASK EXECUTIONS", select the task entry,  and then right click and select "History", it would show something like:
    2018   Mar 22 16:06:58           Security product       Failed       Task failed              Task failed in the security product
    There's no way to find out "why it failed" until I go directly to that system and do a manual check.
    Having some sort of reason why it failed helps the sysadmin to figure out how to get it updated, if it is at all possible.
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