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  1. katycomputersystems

    Tomcat Sample Configuration

    @GCG would you mind sharing tomcat.zip? When I tried downloading the file, it said I lack privileges to do so. Are you or members of your team planning on attending February's conference. We haven't been there for several years, the last time we went we really enjoyed the trip. It would be good to mingle with other MSPs using eset. We are in St Louis, Missouri
  2. In our environment, it is rare that an endpoint is renamed, however I wouldn't want that to initiate a name change in ESMC.
  3. katycomputersystems

    Upgrade 6 to 7 No Reboot

    @marcos that is beautiful - I'm feeling the eset love!
  4. katycomputersystems

    Upgrade 6 to 7 No Reboot

    To make certain the agent is installed, we have included a call to ESMCAgentInstaller. I have inserted these lines on top of the standard batch file: set _prd=ESET Management Agent wmic product get name,version /format:csv | findstr /c:"%_prd%"&&(goto :eof)||(echo %_prd% no instance) They check to see if the agent is installed, if so, it exits. If we had something similar for Endpoint Security, we could easily add it to our login script, making end of day uninstall feasible. OR a trigger action that says if member of group 1 AND a windows workstation AND no endpoint security, then install endpoint security.
  5. katycomputersystems

    Upgrade 6 to 7 No Reboot

    Wouldn't that require that we pay constant attention to ESMC? Or is there a trigger option I missed that says if computer is in group 1 and has no endpoint protection, install endpoint protection?
  6. katycomputersystems

    Upgrade 6 to 7 No Reboot

    ESMCAgentInstaller.bat allows the endpoint to install the management agent, what is the equivalent command to allow the endpoint to install Endpoint Security?
  7. katycomputersystems

    Upgrade 6 to 7 No Reboot

    When we use the security management center to push out an update, we are prompted to force a reboot. If we don't force the reboot, my understanding is that the systems are unprotected until they reboot. What I am suggesting is a third option - uninstall at shutdown, I'm not a programmer, but it seems to me that we could take advantage of HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy\Scripts\Shutdown to uninstall eset6 on shutdown. Then install eset7 upon logon. There may (and likely are) more robust mechanisms to insure an un-install occurs at shutdown -- but I'll leave that to the programmers, what I desire is an optimal experience for my end-users. The reason I bring up downloading installers on day 1 is to allow the installation of eset7 to proceed quickly. The eset repository can be slow, for example, yesterday agent_x64.msi required 6 minutes to download to a computer on a 100M fiber connection. This wouldn't be a problem if it was downloaded to a staging directory prior to the install.
  8. katycomputersystems

    Upgrade 6 to 7 No Reboot

    @Marcos, thanks for the reply, but I disagree. Why can't eset 6 be uninstalled on logoff, shutdown the computer, then install eset 7 on login? If you want to see unforeseeable behavior, restart an end-users computer when they are in the midst of editing 20 office documents.
  9. katycomputersystems

    Upgrade 6 to 7 No Reboot

    When upgrading endpoints from v6 to v7, set a reboot, that is a horrible experience for the client. Has anyone found a way to push out the upgrade command in such a way that on Day 1 the installers are downloaded, then on Day 2 the system is updated and restarted if necessary as part of the install process? Perhaps we could avoid the Day 2 restart if as part of the logoff sequence, the workstation was programmed to disable all eset services so that the upgrade wouldn't require a reboot.
  10. "Send Wake Up Call" works well on local network, not so well in the field. It would be great if could use the command line to prompt ERA Agent to phone home. We'd put the command in our ScreenConnect toolbox & issue command as appropriate. Currently, we have ESET phoning home every minute, I would like to drop that to every hour, but can't afford to do so while getting things setup.
  11. BTW, it might help to understand how I envision use of ERA, I manage a small MSP, we have a few hundred endpoints, many will stipulate that we should have an official RMM & PSA tool, I disagree. I find that between ERA & ScreenConnect we can efficiently serve our clients. So, many of my comments reflect that desire to have ERA include features that are typically found in a RMM tool, this may be unfair to your developers, but if we can have a few more features, I am convinced your sales & marketers will be delighted. Furthermore it will give ESET more control over your destiny, currently if you want to grow quickly, you will need to make a deal with one of the big RMM players to sell your products at a 90% discount. If you get a few more RMM features, I am convinced more MSPs and IT departments will agree with my world view embracing a simpler, more efficient set of tools to serve their clients.
  12. @MichalJ Thanks for your comments, yes we are a MSP, though our world view is similar to an IT department of a large organization. For example, a hospital would organize their departments in a manner similar to how we view independent customers. 1. We are using eset, WuInstall and abc-update to keep Windows up to date, of course W10 attempts to keep itself updated on its own. Our preference is to update as soon as Microsoft releases updates. The problem I have is that I cannot seem to clear the "Update Needed" flag in eset, I assume that means that there is a missing update that requires manual intervention, I would appreciate eset Remote Administrator's assistance in helping us identify the issue. I suspect the issue is logged somewhere - that is after all how you are determining that the system is not up to date. 2. If Security column only refers to a ESET product, what is the point of this setting? 3. You are breaking my heart, I still love ESET Remote Administrator, but would be much happier if I had the ability to easily set commonly used tasks. Currently, it is a multi-step process. 4. Hmm - our numbering may be out of sync, that will be great if you facilitate favorite tasks, the other request is just bonus 5. Yes, I would like some file, any text file really that can be edited & merged back in. Merging may be problematic, so export in text/XML format then import back into new policy would be fine. BTW there is a bad flaw in the policy management system. If you edit an Endpoint policy and make the mistake of changing it to Remote Agent policy, you loose all your Endpoint policy settings. I cursed your developers over this issue. Won't make that mistake again :-( 6. I only use ScreenConnect. Thank you for your help.
  13. Marcos: Thanks. It's a mix of W7 & W10 causing the update issue. The notification is valuable, we want it to continue, but need a bit more information to help us resolve the alert. I changed the non-ESET application setting - looking forward to getting this information, it affects less than 10% of our clients, but the information will be helpful. I changed this setting & waited until the workstation checking in a couple of times, I still don't see the Security Product listed on this page: Is it on another page, the client's configuration is showing the new setting: Client has McAfee:
  14. A few items for consideration: 1. When ERA says "Operating system is not up to date", provide more information. We have several workstations that say OS not up to date, we update, restart, update, restart, still "OS not up to date" 2. The computer list shows ESET products in the "Security Product" column, it would be nice if it showed other third party products when no ESET product is on the machine. 3. I would like to customize the action menus. For example "Send Wake-up Call" & "Connect" are useless to us since 95% of our workstations are off-site. 3a. It would be terrific if the action menus included a Favorite Tasks option that would function like "Last Used tasks" but allow us to define a few (10) of our favorite tasks. 4. Ability to export policy to XML file, then import that XML file. ERA is an amazingly powerful tool, frequently, I know there has to be a setting in there somewhere, but I cannot find it or perhaps, I want to add 20 items, it would be a heck of lot easier if I could export to XML, view/edit XML, then merge it back in. 5. Any integration you could provide with ScreenConnect would be nice. For example I'd like to have the "Connect" action menu remote me into the client's workstation using ScreenConnect.