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  1. I installed endpoint security 8.0.2028.0 on my computer. When I click "ESET Secure Browser", nothing seems to happen. What is supposed to happen when I select that shortcut?
  2. Our MacOS clients running ESET Endpoint Security are getting a Legacy System Extension popup. When should we expect an update to clear this issue?
  3. Thanks Michal, I deactivated pc47006, waited until it showed up as a problem in ESMC, then activated it in ESMC, same issue: At this point, I'll ignore the issue and see what if any impact it has on our clients.
  4. Perfect - using this report I was able to deactivate the seat after determining its origin.
  5. PS: He's in my database, however a few searches yielded no useful (based on my current knowledge) information:
  6. In msp.eset.com I see an unrecognized device: So, I go to ESMC & search for this computer: I am rewarded with "No results found": How do I track down this device?
  7. More weirdness 46740 is a multiple, then it isn't:
  8. Nearly all "Multiple Devices" represent the same machine with different versions of Endpoint Security. A few are clearly different machines, each with a different computer name, installed at different times etc. Very confusing....
  9. I migrated to msp.eset.com when I go to the activated_units page, I find many of my endpoints seem to be using two licenses for the same product, it looks like this: Can someone explain what this means? Should I go through and deactivate the duplicates? Is there some automated way to clean this mess?
  10. I am trying to build a "ESMC Agent Upgrade for MacOS" Client Task. When I select the item I want to install there is no MacOS client - am I doing something wrong, or is there no way to upgrade the ESMC MacOS client?
  11. What impact will DNS Queries over HTTPS (DoH) have on End Point Security? Currently, you protect our endpoints from malicious sites, when DoH becomes the norm, browsers will bypass the OS. essentially providing DNS lookups on their own.
  12. Urgh - it's doing it again. My primary browser is Chrome, I am seeing the error in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Webconsole is behind CloudFlare ESET Endpoint security is active on my workstations I just realized, if I access Webconsole from https://localhost/era/webconsole that I am able to edit settings, so that seems to be the answer to question. What I don't understand is why CloudFlare allows access one day, but not the next.
  13. Thanks Marcos - I uploaded the logs, sending you its url via PM
  14. We have a few clients fussing about eset blocking static.wixstatic.com. Is eset working with Wix to get the problematic sites removed so this site can be removed from EP's blacklist? https://www.urlvoid.com/scan/static.wixstatic.com/ is giving it an all-clear.
  15. I have no explanation, but it's working today. Previously, I tried different browsers, different JAVA engines on the server, different computers, opened a support ticket etc.
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