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  1. Hi, Perhaps I'm missing something; but I'm getting errors while running the MirrorTool. Here's the error: Here's the command I use (which I placed in a script so I don't need to type so long a command everytime... ) Similar thing happens when I update the repo as well. Can someone point out what's bugging the update? Thanks Edmund
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Is it possible to get the agent to compare the IP of the nic with the IP of the ESMC server so that it can use the same network IP? (Just asking..) It's strange and a bit scary (had I not asked here) that there could be a chance that agents can scan other connected networks. Edmund
  3. I've noticed with ESET Agent, it takes the first NIC's IP it finds without checking with the configuration. With multi-nic systems, this is a bit of a pain since on the ESMC system list, it'd show other network IPs. Shouldn't the Agent report to the ESMC the same IP in the network as the ESMC server? For instance, as shown in the attached screenshot, The first item is the ESMC server (so in the network), the 2nd one is my system (it's chosen the NPCAP interface), the third is another system that has two nics, and finally the last one is another system in the same network. Have I screwed up the AGent deployment (via GPO) setting? Any clarifications appreciated. Thanks. :ewong
  4. Dunno why it didn't hit me, but I went to the logs and came across the following: 2019-08-26 09:39:32 Error: CServerSecurityModule [Thread 8c4]: ParseDerCertificate: CertCreateCertificateContext failed with ASN1 bad tag value met. Error code: 0x8009310b 2019-08-26 09:39:32 Error: ConsoleApiModule [Thread b58]: 868 Error while processing AddCertificationAuthority request: ParseDerCertificate: CertCreateCertificateContext failed with ASN1 bad tag value met. Error code: 0x8009310b Looking at the output of the certificate, I noticed that the Issuer field has spaces in between the field name and field value. i.e S = HK instead of S=HK Could this be the problem? Thanks Edmund
  5. Further addendum is that the first link wasn't really what I should've been reading; but the actual link that I should read(and did) was Custom Certificates: Importing but it didn't help since after doing the procedure, it gave me the error. What am I missing? I'm thinking it's the format of the PEM file (but I've changed it from PEM to pfx). What is the "Import public key" function expecting from the user? Thanks! Edmund
  6. Hi, I've read and am having some difficulty with importing a CA certificate I created in openssl for the internal CA. When I go to "Certification Authorities", -> (Actions button) -> "Import Public Key" and then browse to the public key, Click on Import. I get the following error: "Import has failed: Creating certification authority failed. Check input parameters for invalid or reserved characters." The public key I'm uploading is a PEM formatted file. Also, reading Custom Certificates I get the feeling that ESMC doesn't support openssl; but I could be wrong. Are there other documentations that can help me? Thanks Edmund
  7. Description: Remotely reset Agents' information using a 'secret key' that will reset where the Agents report to. Details: At the moment, using the GPO method of deploying agents is 'simple' enough; but if the ESMC server suffers a hiccup/goes away(for some reason), the ESMC must be installed/reinstalled; thusly the old agents won't be able to communicate with the new ESMC server. Having the ability to set up a 'secret' on the EMSC that can be used to connect to all old-agents and have them reapply the new server information would make life easier. (At this moment, I'm still recovering from a server failure and can't seem to be able to get all of the agents installed properly via gpo, even with the new 'install_config.ini' file set up.) So having this kinda trouble, I've had to go into each system, run esetuninstaller and then have they run gpupdate to get themselves updated) and even then that's not working all the time. [note: I do admit that it is possibly a PEBCAK problem.] On the flip side, this could lead to security issues (particularly since this is somewhat akin to adding a 'backdoor'), so I'm not sure if this is a good idea.
  8. Hi Marcos, I actually mentioned it in another thread titled "ESMC requiring internet access to activate" and as I understand it, it didn't need internet access. But to be fair, I probably made a feeble attempt at asking the right question. My apologies. Edmund
  9. Hi Michalj, I gave up and allowed that server to access the Internet just this once. Added the license and it worked. Thanks. Edmund
  10. Attached is a screenshot with only 3 offline licenses and no 'main license'. As for importing the license... I'll need to dig for that. It's been a long time since i've touched any nod.lic file.
  11. As I understand it, you basically go into the More->Peer Certificates and then create a new one and make sure the "Server" product is selected. Then go into the Server Settings->Connections, and then change the Certificate. :ewong
  12. Hi, Is there a way to get back the license if I've removed it from the license panel? I tried retrieving it from the Business Account site, but I couldn't figure it out. The reason why I'm asking is that when I try to do a product activation on an AV installed system, the license panel only has the offline entries and no online ones. Any help appreciated. Thanks ewong
  13. Thanks Marcos. I got confused when I created the offline license files and didn't know where to get the main license file. Ends up selecting the main license during product activation was sufficient into to install and product activate online.
  14. Hi MichalJ, I'm not entirely sure how to export the product licenses from the BA account to the ESMC license part. I know how to do the offline license part; but the "Product" list in the generate offline keys doesn't list "ESMC server" so I'm not able to export it to a license file. Also, I only see the option to convert to legacy license file. Any clarifications appreciated, :ewong
  15. Ah, Thanks Marcos. One other thing is that apparently with GPO deployments, I need to remove the deployed agent, then I deploy again; but the thing is I need to manually run esetuninstaller.exe as there'll always be some leftovers from the uninstall. Edmund
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