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  1. Description: - Include a REST API in ESMC so that the administrator can gather information without needing to log on to the ESMC. Detail: - The ability to run customized data-gathering scripts against the ESMC gives the administrator better ability to grab the information he/she wishes without needing to fiddle with the Report generator or in fact any aspect. (Though, tbh, I'm not sure which would be a burden.. supplying REST information or having the user generate reports..etc). Thanks!
  2. Description: Enable MirrorTool to have an 'update-repo' mode Detail: As far as I can understand the MirrorTool usage, when I run the following command: MirrorTool --intermediateRepositoryDirectory /tmp/repo --mirrortype regular --repositoryServer AUTOSELECT \ --outputRepositoryDirectory /mirror/repo --languageFilterForRepository en_US It deletes the existing /mirror/repo contents and start all over again. Perhaps include an 'update' mode such that it'll just compare the current files with those on the AUTOSELECT server and find the files that are new.
  3. Description: Remotely reset Agents' information using a 'secret key' that will reset where the Agents report to. Details: At the moment, using the GPO method of deploying agents is 'simple' enough; but if the ESMC server suffers a hiccup/goes away(for some reason), the ESMC must be installed/reinstalled; thusly the old agents won't be able to communicate with the new ESMC server. Having the ability to set up a 'secret' on the EMSC that can be used to connect to all old-agents and have them reapply the new server information would make life easier. (At this moment, I'm still recovering from a server failure and can't seem to be able to get all of the agents installed properly via gpo, even with the new 'install_config.ini' file set up.) So having this kinda trouble, I've had to go into each system, run esetuninstaller and then have they run gpupdate to get themselves updated) and even then that's not working all the time. [note: I do admit that it is possibly a PEBCAK problem.] On the flip side, this could lead to security issues (particularly since this is somewhat akin to adding a 'backdoor'), so I'm not sure if this is a good idea.
  4. Description: Showing (or downloading) debug logs when tasks fail. Detail: Somewhat similar to my previous feature request, having the debug log generated during the task (akin to trace.log) and when it fails, there is a link to download the log file for that particular process. Rationale: It's to allow the Remote Administrator to figure out what is going on within the process without needing to go into the client's workstation.
  5. Description: Running tasks progress Detail: Currently (well I'm upgrading to the latest 7.x ERA with the 6.x component upgrade task), when I go to Client Task Executions, it states that the task is running. If there is a way (particularly with the Eset product-based tasks, for some sort of progress showing (and even an ETA (but I suspect this might be a bit tough)).
  6. I'd like to add to the Sorting/filtering item. Description: The current filtering prepositions are limited and a little confusing. Detail: I was looking at the "Last Connected" report template on the Dashboard, and I had recently added a whole bunch of rogue systems to a subgroup under "Unknown" static group. By default, the "Last connected" report includes all systems. I wanted to filter out the "unknown" static group and its subgroups. I tried creating a filter: Static Group; Static Group Parent Hierarchy in Unknown which obviously isn't what I want; but there's no "not in". And there's no obvious way of setting "All" computers but exclude the static group "Unknown". So I thought I'd try: Static Group = All Static Group; Static Group Parent Hierarchy not equal Unknown. That didn't work. So having more prepositions (if that's what you call them) would help a lot.
  7. Description: Able to determine the "reason" why the task failed in the Task Execution History. Detail: Right now, suppose a task failed for a particular system. In ERA, you go to that system, go to "TASK EXECUTIONS", select the task entry, and then right click and select "History", it would show something like: 2018 Mar 22 16:06:58 Security product Failed Task failed Task failed in the security product There's no way to find out "why it failed" until I go directly to that system and do a manual check. Having some sort of reason why it failed helps the sysadmin to figure out how to get it updated, if it is at all possible.
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