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  1. Thanks Martin and Marcos. I set up a server reboot last night, and with the scheduled reboot, the system is back up and running. I now plan to use the update feature under Help/Update and then click on the Update button after backing up the certs and the db.
  2. Using ESET Endpoint Security 7.x here. Power failure over the holidays, and now that I'm here, I find that the Management console is not running. When I go to the URL for the console, it is unresponsive. I logged into the server and it appears all of the services related to ESET, ERA and Apache Tomcat and proxy, etc are running. My thought was that this would be a good time to install the new version, as I think we're one minor version behind, but I don't know how to upgrade, because I'm pretty certain the last time I upgraded I did it from the console (but could be mistaken). Is there some way to make sure that everything is up and running for the web interface? Is it possible to just uninstall everything and start over with the current version?
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