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  1. thanks a lot for the hint! although it seems strange that I need to put the msi file to some other place to make it work. I think I need sperarate 32bit/64bit versions right? what will happen when 7.3.2039.1(Japanese version) get upgrade task to 7.3.2041? I want to make sure before doing these kind of upgrade...
  2. Hi: I use Active Directory to update Eset components for clients before. but one of the customer didn't have AD, so I try to use ESMC to do the job. it easy to do for one PC. but for multiple PCs I found: 1. there seems no way to list/sort the computers by Agent version, so I can not pick up the computers that need upgrade. am i miss something? 2. I can list/sort the computers by Product version, but when I create upgrade tasks, it is language specific. I have users with many languages. do I need to create multiple tasks for each language?
  3. It had been discussed again and again. but I still want to say: with endpoint 8.0, Please give up stupid MySQL and use MariaDB. check current system requirement it is really funny: MySQL ODBC driver versions 5.3.11 and later, 8.0.0 – 8.0.15 and 8.0.18 and later are not supported.
  4. Please check with your colleagues . after so many posts to forum, I still confuse about the situation of Japanese version. and I can not find any document about it. thanks a lot for your help!!
  5. since I can not create all-in-one installer before 7.3.2039.1, I always use msi version to install Japanese OS. I can not read Japanese so I didn't care much about the result. in your wording it seems there is a 7.3.2039.1 msi version? where can I download it?
  6. I don't understand. if I install 7.3.2039.0 msi version in Japanese OS, I get the localized Japanese version. what's the necessity for a special 7.3.2039.1 all-in-one version? and why only Japanese version?
  7. Hi: today I saw 7.3.2039.1 when check ESMC installer. only Japanese language shows that version. long time ago I asked about broken Japanese all-in-one installer but never get real reply. 7.3.2039.0 Japanese all-in-one installer is still broken and can not download. but surprise! 7.3.2039.1 can be downloaded. I can not find any information about this version. it this a special Japanese only version?
  8. @Marcos will endpoint release new version soon to fix the bug? and I didn't see current bugs list in https://support.eset.com/en/kb6927-known-issues-for-version-7-eset-business-products#ESMC I have bugs in mind like ESMC Japanese product repositories, MySQL database minor version incompatibility, Endpoint upgrade settings incompatibility, schedule update.. etc. hope ESET can update the current issues base on current time line. it is wasting time to check the forum message one by one...
  9. that's not acceptable and need to fix.
  10. Hi: I already report this problem in March. I just upgrade to ESMC 7.2 and try to download japanese 7.3.2036 but still nothing. hope it can be solved soon.
  11. Yes. I have heard there will be PCU for update. we are still waiting the first PCU form Eset. hope the product can catch up with other vendors.
  12. that's bad. powershell script is very slow and can not easily execute by normal user. (eg: double click the script won't get it run). and it changes too quickly (there are many versions and powershell core will replace powershell). vbscript is much better for general deployment if MS still support it.
  13. maybe your EMSC MySQL get update like mine?
  14. Hi @Marcos @MartinK where can I download Japanese version of EEA 7.2? maybe I need to install Japanese windows to test, but I hope I can get some information before that.
  15. I don't understand. the default policy of "Program component update" is "never update". do you mean we still need set custom update server for the "never update" policy?
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