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  1. Thanks for the clarification. so could I said that the general multilingual msi is also suitable for Japanese windows? (although maybe the later version has better Japanese localization) I don't mind more upgrade data. I have only a few Japanese users. it is convenient for me if I can treat all users the same when installation, and let endpoint auto-upgrade to the best version.
  2. Hi: we have users using different windows os language. long time ago the endpoint msi installer was specific to every language and hard to maintain. these years the endpoint msi become multilingual so I can push single msi package to every os language except Japanese. I notice that endpoint Japanese version is always different. for example, currently the latest version of endpoint is "11.0.2044.0", but latest Japanese version is "11.0.2044.1". so I made an all-in-one installer with Japanese language selection for users need it. I think the multilingual msi installer can also installed at Japanese windows. but I am not sure. I don't understand Japanese and I don't have Japanese windows environment to test. I want to know what will happen with the msi installer. if I use "11.0.2044.0" msi installer at Japanese windows, will it installed successfully and upgrade to "11.0.2044.1" automatically later? thanks a lot for clarification!
  3. Hi: I need to change the administrator password to the previous one. but eset protect console told me "Unable to save data: You have attempted to set a password to one that was used in the past. Please select a different password." I tried several new password then tried to return the original password, but can not get rid the message. how can I set the password I want? I can not find the history data in the database. can you tell me where the data stored or how to remove the password history?
  4. Hi: we don't care what the url is (with or without version number). the problem is we need multiple policies to set the correct url path to multiple eset client version. it is easy to solve as I said but Eset didn't do it. Eset update with Eset server will download update files automatically with correct version. why can't this be done when update with mirror server?
  5. Hi: I want to create the batch file as you said. so this time I carefully compare ep9 and ep11. most file names of them are different (so no conflict). but there are four files with the same name and different content. could you tell me how to merge the four files to one directory? thanks a lot for help!! >diff -rqu ep9 ep11 | grep -v ^Only Files ep9/dll/nod3852.dll.nup and ep11/dll/nod3852.dll.nup differ Files ep9/dll/nodAFA3.dll.nup and ep11/dll/nodAFA3.dll.nup differ Files ep9/dll/nodC2A5.dll.nup and ep11/dll/nodC2A5.dll.nup differ Files ep9/dll/update.ver and ep11/dll/update.ver differ
  6. Hi: this is news to me. I had compare directory content of ep7/8/9/10/11, and there are many different files. I don't know they can be merged into a single directory. then why not let mirror tools itself to do the merge? would Eset consider add a parameter like "-g" so content could be merged and policy can be simple for every Eset version?
  7. I am sorry. I thought it was very clear. no problem to create the mirror. the problem is how to push the mirror path to client. every time when eset version upgrade, the mirror location path need to change, that's fine. but the policy also need to modified to the new path, that's very bad. we don't need a path policy like below: hxxp://nod32.example.com/nod32-update/eset_upd/ep11 (the path policy need to changed for every eset version) we need a path policy like below: hxxp://nod32.example.com/nod32-update/eset_upd (and client should append ep7,ep8,ep9,ep10,ep11 automatically) or a path policy like below: hxxp://nod32.example.com/nod32-update/eset_upd/ep%eset_version% (a server marco which push the correct path to client)
  8. the mirror location policy is poorly designed. I hope it can be changed since v7,v8,v9,v10, and now v11. currently I need to use "hxxp://nod32.example.com.nod32-update/eset_upd/ep11" for win10/win11 and "hxxp://nod32.example.com.nod32-update/eset_upd/ep9" for win7. the mirror location policy should be auto-completed by eset version.
  9. Thanks for the quick response! I didn't see similar posts at forum. or I will prevent 11.0.2032.0 upgrade...
  10. Hi: we have a customer with endpoint antivirus 11.0.2032.0. they said they can not open some excel files at an old nas. I remote login to one of these pc and found the situation is very strange: 1. only some excel files can not open. most files are ok. excel (version office 2019 installed at win11) said it can not find the file. 2. the file can be opened if disable eset. I try to find out which option is affecting. and I found I need to disable "real-time file system protection" => "network drives" 3. I try to access the file with UNC path or mapping the path to a disk number (like P:). the result is the same. 4. eset didn't report any thing when excel can not open the file. 5. I copy the file to local disk or to another file server, the file can be opened correctly. 6. I downgrade to 10.1.2058.0 and everything is fine.
  11. we had test device control years ago. eset design seems like put a "No Entry Sign" at the road. if the program notice it and obey it then the rule will work. for example if eset block usb device, windows file manager will obey it, but some iso burning tools still can write to usb drive. there are other similar control software which can "block the road". I don't know if Eset can catch up and do better device control in the future.
  12. Thanks for the confirm. so it seems works. but ESET may refuse to support this kind of configuration if I understand the release notes sentence correctly: "REMOVED: Windows 7/8/8.1 support". It's strange ESET forum administrators won't answer questions like these which need to clarify support status. maybe I needs to create ticket.
  13. Hi: according to the document windows 7 is still supported via v10 agent. https://help.eset.com/protect_install/11.0/en-US/windows.html can anyone confirm the meaning of "REMOVED: Windows 7/8/8.1 support" at the release notes:
  14. Hi: Is there answer about the topic? sorry I need to ask and ask again until Eset decide what they want to promise.
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