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  1. Thanks for the quick response! I didn't see similar posts at forum. or I will prevent 11.0.2032.0 upgrade...
  2. Hi: we have a customer with endpoint antivirus 11.0.2032.0. they said they can not open some excel files at an old nas. I remote login to one of these pc and found the situation is very strange: 1. only some excel files can not open. most files are ok. excel (version office 2019 installed at win11) said it can not find the file. 2. the file can be opened if disable eset. I try to find out which option is affecting. and I found I need to disable "real-time file system protection" => "network drives" 3. I try to access the file with UNC path or mapping the path to a disk number (like P:). the result is the same. 4. eset didn't report any thing when excel can not open the file. 5. I copy the file to local disk or to another file server, the file can be opened correctly. 6. I downgrade to 10.1.2058.0 and everything is fine.
  3. we had test device control years ago. eset design seems like put a "No Entry Sign" at the road. if the program notice it and obey it then the rule will work. for example if eset block usb device, windows file manager will obey it, but some iso burning tools still can write to usb drive. there are other similar control software which can "block the road". I don't know if Eset can catch up and do better device control in the future.
  4. Thanks for the confirm. so it seems works. but ESET may refuse to support this kind of configuration if I understand the release notes sentence correctly: "REMOVED: Windows 7/8/8.1 support". It's strange ESET forum administrators won't answer questions like these which need to clarify support status. maybe I needs to create ticket.
  5. Hi: according to the document windows 7 is still supported via v10 agent. https://help.eset.com/protect_install/11.0/en-US/windows.html can anyone confirm the meaning of "REMOVED: Windows 7/8/8.1 support" at the release notes:
  6. Hi: Is there answer about the topic? sorry I need to ask and ask again until Eset decide what they want to promise.
  7. Hi: normally I will just press "product update" when there is new version of eset protect. but today I review the v11 changelog and found that win7 support is removed. if I press the "product update" will my win7 desktop no longer be manageable? or no win7 support just means that v11 can not be installed at win7 ?
  8. Hi: my windows eset endpoint was version 10.1.2050.0 with auto-update enabled. today I worked at no-network environment for long time. when I have internet I click the "check update" at endopint GUI. I just want to update module/definition but I found eset update itself to version "10.1.2058.0" and ask for reboot. I check the forum and found "10.1.2058" was just released. I thought a new release would wait at least a month for "auto-update" procedure. is there something wrong at eset release server? would "check update" manually cause endpoint to upgraded to newest release?
  9. Hi: Is there answer about the topic? I hope we can use Eset on Microsoft supported OS. we need to think about plan B if this is not the case.
  10. Hi: today I got ESET Knowledgebase Support News about support policy change. so I check again about the current windows OS support policy at https://support-eol.eset.com/en/policy_business/os_support_charts.html the chart didn't mention about windows LSTC versions (like win10 1809 LTSC, win10 21H2 IOT/LTSC). these versions need to take care like related windows server versions (windows 2019, windows 2022) which has 10 years support by Microsoft. we have many customers using win10 IOT/LTSC. there will also be W11 IOT/LTSC at 2024. currently there is no problem about ESET and windows LTSC. but I hope the situation can be clarified. (like windows 1809 with Eset 10.x is not supported by the chart but they are supported by Microsoft and currently 10.x works fine on 1809 LTSC)
  11. I don't understand. the installed eset endpoint product version is also at that registry place (eg: DisplayVersion). if the registry key "DisplayVersion" can be modified via auto-update to correct value, why not modify "InstallDate" at the same place also?
  12. Thanks for clarify. since auto-update by default is enabled now,is it possible to be fixed?
  13. I don't know why but I can not upload screenshot. the forum told me "There was a problem uploading the file. Please contact us for assistance" the installation date is the same at windows and eset-protect (both show installed at May). maybe you can check you own computer to see if the situation is different than mine.
  14. Hi: today my computer get notify it had install eset endpoint version 10.1.2050.0 and need reboot. so I reboot and check the eset-protect console to see what's the situation of other computers. I saw my eset endpoint was installed at May. the new agent installed date is at September which seems correct. but Eset endpoint didn't update installed date.
  15. @offbyone I got different answers from forum and support ticket. but none of them can give me further response. so for safety now I create two policies for EP9 and EP10. that's sad situation but I can only live with it.
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