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  1. I don't understand. the default policy of "Program component update" is "never update". do you mean we still need set custom update server for the "never update" policy?
  2. hi @MartinK thanks a lot for your confirm. indeed 7.1.2053.1 is ok. since this is the first time I need Japanese version, I don't quite understand the situation about the locale. if I install the msi package downloaded from eset web site, (eg: eea_nt64.msi), will the Japanese OS get Japanese nod32? I get English/Chinese UI correctly with the msi package. now I am not sure what will Japanese OS get with the msi package.
  3. hi @MartinK I still can not make all-in-one Japanese version. I can wait if it won't take too long to fix. will this fixed by Eset server side, ESMC component update, or next ESMC version?
  4. sorry @MichalJ. I have two questions about v4 1. can I use MirrorTool to mirror virus signature for v4 so I can update signature in local network? mirror tool support ep4 product, but I don't know if it is compatiable with v4 or how to configure v4 to use the mirror. 2. you said ESET will no longer support linux full UI. will v4 be abandoned soon ( < two years)?
  5. thanks a lot for your confirm!
  6. I got it. so these "desktop notifications" is the only xwindow gui for v7. you can not control v7 in xwindow gui. is that correct? so the desktop environment requirement is for "desktop notifications", although I don't know what it is since I never get one.
  7. I hope you are correct and I can use it in the near future! can someone from ESET confirm this?
  8. v7 has the program "egui". but document didn't mention it and I can not start it.
  9. Hi: I have asked the question before but didn't get answer. so I think I need to issue it again and wait for fix. the previous thread is at
  10. I don't know why v7 need desktop environment when it is only CLI. in document v7 system requirement: Supported desktop environments: •GNOME •KDE •XFCE
  11. yes I had study the document. I start a local scan for the computer. the scan finished but I don't know where to check the scan result. the document didn't say about this. it seems strange if everything is cli. eset file security at least has web interface. I don't understand why a desktop product only has cli.
  12. I am a little confused. if v7 can only be controlled by ESMC, then how a normal user can use it without xwindow/web gui?
  13. thanks a lot for your sharing!! so v7 didn't have xwindow gui (then what's the egui for?), but v4 has xwindow gui. is that correct? I need to use a version with xwindow gui, then I think I will use V4.
  14. Hi: one of our staff need to install linux version(at RHEL 7.7), so I tried to install and testing. but I need some clarify. the linux environment is RHEL 7.7. 1. linux file security => this works fine, I can create web service and use browser to manage it. but it seems have no xwindow user interface, is that correct? 2. endpoint antivirus linux 7.x => there seems have no web service for browser. I didn't see any gnome icon and I don't know where to start xwindow gui interface(is there any?). I try to run "/opt/eset/eea/lib/egui" but it just hang there and nothing happened. 3. business edition 4.x => I haven't try it. it seems an old version. should I try it?
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