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  1. that's strange. according to your words, v8.1.2031 at August is the latest stable build and released over a month, so it should have PCU. it seems there is "standard" release and "LTS" release. maybe for some reason ESET doesn't want to tag the life of each release. but it is a useful information for most users.
  2. so you mean if you block Eset client to Eset servers (except port 53535), then it will work fine? that's interesting.
  3. great news. hope we can enjoy Eset like air without feeling it soon.
  4. this is really a good news for us. although we use eset protect to manage the workstation, we can not afford that every single command can only be triggered via administrator. there should be things which belong to users. we administrator only want to do policy works. I don't mind to wait for 1 year or even 2 years. just hope that endpoint linux can be a real usable product.
  5. maybe you are using version 8.1? check the forum you can find similar problems with 8.1. it seems a version strategy. this time version 8.0 is very smooth and little things changed. in fact I think it should be named version 7.9. in contrast version 8.1 changes a lot of things so it should be named version 8.0. and we all know that we don't use X.0 software. we are still waiting real version 8.1.
  6. sorry I don't have time to do it now. I try firefox and chrome to download 32bit/64bit all-in-one installers . result is the same. but if I move the file from quarantine to outside and let eset to scan the file, it reports the file is clean. if the problem is still there after a few days, I will use ESET Log Collector and report.
  7. hi: I am using a win10 with EAV 8.0.8028.0. I try to create a new all-in-one installer for EAV 8.0.8028.0 for our new customer. I am surprised that Eset detect the all-in-one install as "Blocked object" and quarntine it.
  8. Hi: it may work in an ideal environment which all the PCs are management centralized. but sometimes it is not the situation. some of our customers sell specialized linux pc controllers to manage bigger machines. they have been asked to install anti-virus software before shipping to prove the system is safe. normally the machines work in a closed network. but they still require anti-virus software for the second/third defense although the virus-database may not update frequently. ESET is our friend for the situation. hope the V4 virus-db can still be maintained after 2021-August.
  9. Oh. never thought about windows. I always use linux to host ERA since v6. in fact it is one of the reason I encourage our customers to migrate to ESET endpoint. it is a good thing that ESET can take care about linux environment. BTW, it is not so good that ESET abandoned desktop gui linux version since V4. many of our customers need it. we need to find a replacement for it now.
  10. Hi: I was using mysql-connector-odbc 8.0.18 with ESMC/Protect at one server over 1 year. I didn't encounter strange things like previous ESMC versions. maybe I am lucky or maybe newer versions of ESMC/Protect fix something. could you re-test newer version of mysql-connector-odbc? I think we should not stay at mysql-connector-odbc 8.0.17 forever as document said.
  11. Hi: ERA->ESMC->Eset Protect. maybe we should change back to the simplest ERA name. it's not a good sign. please don't play stupid name-changing games like microsoft windows/office
  12. thanks a lot for the hint! although it seems strange that I need to put the msi file to some other place to make it work. I think I need sperarate 32bit/64bit versions right? what will happen when 7.3.2039.1(Japanese version) get upgrade task to 7.3.2041? I want to make sure before doing these kind of upgrade...
  13. Hi: I use Active Directory to update Eset components for clients before. but one of the customer didn't have AD, so I try to use ESMC to do the job. it easy to do for one PC. but for multiple PCs I found: 1. there seems no way to list/sort the computers by Agent version, so I can not pick up the computers that need upgrade. am i miss something? 2. I can list/sort the computers by Product version, but when I create upgrade tasks, it is language specific. I have users with many languages. do I need to create multiple tasks for each language?
  14. It had been discussed again and again. but I still want to say: with endpoint 8.0, Please give up stupid MySQL and use MariaDB. check current system requirement it is really funny: MySQL ODBC driver versions 5.3.11 and later, 8.0.0 – 8.0.15 and 8.0.18 and later are not supported.
  15. Please check with your colleagues . after so many posts to forum, I still confuse about the situation of Japanese version. and I can not find any document about it. thanks a lot for your help!!
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