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  1. f you haven't changed the default settings, there are scheduled updates to occur hourly, and upon user logon. There are also two scheduled scans that occur, one upon start up and one upon successful module update. Updating shouldn't be all that cpu intensive, start up scan however varies from system to system depending on how much you have set to run upon system start up.
  2. How long was the laptop in sleep? Could Eset running updates and then a startup scan after module updates if you have unmodified standard settings.
  3. Not sure if any AV's do, it isn't really required though. https://www.imore.com/uefi-attack-and-the-mac-what-you-need-know https://support.apple.com/guide/security/uefi-firmware-overview-seced055bcf6/web
  4. It's still an insider version. I imagine it will be released this coming week. Although there are some issues with it, some people getting BSOD, some losing Wifi WAN. some with decreased performance, I haven't heard of any related to AV. At least here I've no issues related to Eset so I imagine most people should be fine with it.
  5. I'm familiar with the difference, thanks. Officially there is no beta open at the current time for home or business users.
  6. How do we obtain 13.2? I'm using the Insider Preview.
  7. You may need to enable pre release updates. Not sure if the module has been placed in the regular release cycle yet, but it is available in pre release.
  8. What would you suggest for those of us not quite as skilled or knowledgeable as you are?
  9. This seemed to be related to her laptop not connecting to Livegrid. I restarted it and we haven't seen the alert since. Did a scan anyway and found nothing.
  10. I think home users already benefit somewhat from this as it feeds info into LiveGrid.
  11. A philosophical issue way beyond the scope of this forum here, but governments are made up of people, and are neither good or evil. It is the nature of the people that brings the problem. Typically greed or fear are the greatest driving forces of what a government or it's society becomes when they turn negative.
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