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  1. Thanks, I thought of suggesting customization lol. But it would be somewhat complicated and obviously not something worth the overall effort and not worth making it a priority. And yes, it probably is designed that way for ease of use. I've read a number of reviews complaining about the "myriad of settings" available. Seems most people just want a "protect me" button lol.
  2. Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, I did not read through all 36 pages of this thread. The Tools tab could be better designed. The first page in EIS shows only three Tools. Connected Home, Banking Protection and Anti-Theft. You must then click at the bottom to get to the second screen of more tools. Anti Theft is typically something that once it's set up, it's rarely accessed. Same with Banking, typically I click the shortcut on the desktop. So this entire first page is essentially useless, whereas Live Grid, Logs, System Inspector and Network Connections are things I tend to che
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