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  1. I was doing a scan with hitman pro at the time. And it sent ekrn to their server too. So I’m not sure it that may have triggered it. And yes I did two scans with HMP. So it’s likely what happened.
  2. As itman said only moderators can see your attachments, which would help speed up this process for you. Both bleepingcomputer and malwaretips offer assistancewith FRST scans as well. It does appear you have a corrupt or malicious chrome extension so you should be on the way to resolving your problem. Once you identify it you should also likely submit whichever extension it is since so many products aren't detecting it. For reference if needed; Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Help Forum - BleepingComputer.com Windows Malware Removal Help & Support | MalwareTips Community
  3. Where is this Insider Forum? is that the beta section? or a different forum altogether?
  4. is this legit? and is there a way to find out what triggered the file being sent? It isn't very comforting to see Eset checking its own kernel.
  5. For me the last two updates have hung due to a supposed licensing issue that resolves itself almost immediately.
  6. MS is also detecting it now as TrojanDownloader:Win32/Nemucod!ml
  7. For us non IT types, how bad is Eset protection if you feel the need to have to do this?
  8. Comments from your own site, advertising the ability to crack ANY other users IG account Your own words; Access every Instagram account password with this software You can download it totally FREE. Learn how to hack into your Instagram account for free. You can get someone's Instagram IDs by using our security fail system. You just need to provide the email address to connect to the account you want to enter, and after a few clicks, our system will automatically display the hidden key for you right on your screen. To enter into an Instagram account with our recovery service has never been easier. To view someone's Instagram private life within minutes is now available on the Internet. The person will not realize that his Instagram account has been unlocked.
  9. Glad you got your site clean, if in fact you did as it is debatable. but, while I am not in way part of Eset, I don't see the PUA classification being removed, you literally advertise being able to hack other people's IG accounts which is actual malware by definition, and illegal in every country I'm aware of it's laws, so you should be happy with just being classified as a PUA. and call it a day. Password stealing trojan seems more appropriate to my view.
  10. Depending on when your previous issue happened there was also a large outage on June 8th StackOverflow, Twitch, Reddit, others down in Fastly CDN outage (bleepingcomputer.com)
  11. Akamai DNS global outage takes down major websites, online services (bleepingcomputer.com) Could explain issues today.
  12. I see them the same as the passwordrevealor guy, designing something to hack, but NSO gets a pass because they do it for "law enforcement and national security"
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