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  1. no need to make copy/past this will be concidering as duplicate content and spam SEO... and this is not the subject here we said on the other topic. We are here to talk with Marcos about the virus issue we got on the website, that's all.
  2. finding it's own password is not illegal at all... if we are illegal, then these should be too: https://www.nirsoft.net/; https://securityxploded.com/; https://www.passware.com/
  3. Not sure how they scan but if the way to copy what dr. web said is for hybrid a solution, they are wrong. By the way I tried to contact them without success because they don't have contact page... Eset doesn't find any issue and this is the most important here.
  4. Hi Marcos, You can try to clear the cache and to try again. https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/ said that the website is clean now. https://quttera.com/ emailed me telling me that we website is clean now. Everything is OK now. Thanks Thomas
  5. Hi, Thanks a lot for your help! After working hard on the website, I removed the wordpress blog and created a new one so everything is started from new. You can check yourself, ESET doesn't detect it as dangerous and the https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/www.passwordrevelator.net is clean. Can you please check in your side to remove the PUA please? Thanks Best Regards Thomas
  6. The software was distributed on intel AppUp and Microsoft Bizpark (this was in 2011). I am working on the website to clean it. Thanks
  7. hey, I am not responsible of this issue! If the website was attacked by a spam SEO, it's no my fault at all, we are working on this to fix the issue currently Itman, I don't know why you are so rude with me, but if people want bad thing against us, it's not our fault at all, if they write fake reviews, it's not our fault and we do all our best to fix the problem we have now. As you can see, in the last report, we worked well to clean the website.
  8. Hi Marcos, Thanks for your reply. Please see the report: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/www.passwordrevelator.net The website has been fully cleaned. Best Regards Thomas
  9. other websites doesn't get PUA alert and we have a reputation for legit usage as we work with the Dubai Police Force and they are using our software as you may read here: hxxp://watananews.net/jonews/article-news/228249.html#.XLPf9UjgrZ6
  10. i don't understand why blocking our website and not blocking other websites like https://www.nirsoft.net/ or https://www.passware.com/ that propose exactly the same software as us?
  11. the user will not ignore the PUA detection because the user will think that the website is dangerous. So Eset should remove the false positive as soon as possible.
  12. so why is teamviewer not flagged as you said?
  13. yes, I agree for software but flagged a website??? it's 2 differents things!
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