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  1. A company making roughly $500 million a year can’t afford a router to assist a customer?
  2. But in the case of updating the end user is only half the equation. The company should be logging updates as well and trying to find a solution. Turning users into trouble shooters is not the answer. All this constant drone to submit logs is driving users away.
  3. Same thing that happened to me. It was from yesterday’s update. Just keep restarting your computer until eset begins working again. Took twice for it show it to show up and a third time before it was totally functional. At least in my case.
  4. I guess they only view HIPS as a marketing tool to genrate more moeny. Beyond that they don't really seem to care about it. You'd figure it would used more, but it's not, nor do they seem to care when it doesn't work.
  5. Doesn’t seem so. There is apparently zero interest from Eset as no one from the company has commented or asked for more information in a day so far.
  6. Not with home/consumer products. There is no way to manage the settings of multiple consumer grade products.
  7. You likely only have pua detection enabled for on demand scanning not for real time protection.
  8. Do you just let the system go to sleep or do you log off? I’ve taken to logging off. Not sure if it’s Windows or Eset or both, but there’s definitely something wrong with waking from sleep/hibernate with the two of them.
  9. Awesome. Had Blackberrys back in those days. Awesome phones
  10. Like with real buttons? No screen? Didn't know they made any like that these days.
  11. Totally agree. I'm more shocked you have a "vintage" non-smart phone lol.
  12. Stranger yet, they even have their own 2FA, for business users. https://www.eset.com/my/business/two-factor-authentication/
  13. And then when something happens they will blame you for creating the insecure rules. It’s certainly been an enlightening experience today.
  14. Done. Yes I goofed, but so did eset by allowing a signin that was detected as being suspicious to begin with. Also 2FA should be implemented by now, it's allegedly been on the to do list for 6 months now almost to the day.
  15. Yes, that would help. I have 2FA enabled where it is available for the most part. Fortunately the email account tied to myeest account is one of them.
  16. I believe I recovered the account. But there aren’t any devices that I don’t recognize. Not sure what happened.
  17. Now I get the obvious email about my license being overused, couldn't have seen that coming lol. Not impressed with Eset at the moment. I started a support ticket right after I was locked out. #00240573
  18. Gotta say putting licensing details in something so easily taken over is a bad idea. If it was detected to be a strange login why would it be allowed? Come on Eset. Do better. Geez
  19. Got an alert about a device from Venezuela logging in, now my password no longer works. How do I regain control?
  20. I didn't do that but I did disable Eset from notifying about Windows updates and it seems to have gotten better.
  21. More on IPv6 issues https://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/Why+I+Gave+Up+on+IPv6+And+no+it+is+not+because+of+security+issues/27814/
  22. Just seems to me to be a waste of time and resources encrypting something that there are multiple other ways discover users DNS traffic. Even HTTPS seems a waste when you really think about it. We created it to be "more" secure, then had antimalware "break" that encryption to "ensure we're safe" even though they're technically hacking into that encryption in the first place in the name of "Security". Makes it all seem rather pointless. https://www.zdnet.com/article/dns-over-https-causes-more-problems-than-it-solves-experts-say/
  23. Is all this going down a road of whether it's worth decrypting things to scan if they're safe? Similar to the debates when scanning https first became common? When is it wise to scan encrypted traffic and when isn't it? Or maybe, are we encrypting stuff (and then having to decrypt it to ensure it's safe), that shouldn’t be encrypted in the first place?
  24. Lots to digest there. Do you use any other browsers and see similar issues? dispalydns here reveals a smattering of both IPV4 and 6 addresses and no "ipv4only.arpa" so maybe your ISP is contributing to the problem.
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