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  1. All of the mentioned ways to view agent version status are fine workarounds. But it seems to be a big oversight to not have this particular piece of information available, considering that there are about 20 other things we can list in column view. If auto-updating agents is a future plan, then great! That will really reduce our workload considering how often we have to go through these workarounds to sort endpoints and respective agent versions.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, @MartinK. I have been working to understand and implement your suggestion, but have yet to successfully get the data I am looking for. The question has been converted to a suggestion as ESET support confirmed that there is no ability to add a column in a dynamic group which shows the agent version. Support's response: This suggestion creates a dynamic group which will show endpoints which meet the criteria. But again it does not solve the initial question of how to show agent version in existing dynamic groups, as its own column. Hopefully the ability to add a column in a dynamic group which shows agent version, as we are currently able to show product version (client software) exists currently, will be added in the next update.
  3. Is it possible to have a column in ESET Protect dynamic group view which shows the installed agent version? I see where security product version can be displayed, and many other things, but no option for agent version.
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