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  1. Thanks for the help. Finally, they sent me a key that was successfully activated and apologized for the long delay.
  2. Yes, I contacted technical support in Russia. It was about the Russian technical support Eset that I wrote. At the time of contacting technical support, my application number was SR 00199808. Yesterday I received a message from another department that my appeal was taken to work under the number SR 00199813. My current license will expire in 5 days. It turns out that I will have to remove Eset, since the computer will remain unprotected. The store requires a technical examination of the product at their service center. But the service center may refuse to carry out such an examination, since they specialize only in conducting an examination of the quality of household and digital appliances (computers, kitchen appliances, and so on), and not digital codes. And without the conclusion of the store's service center, I will not be able to return a low-quality product, which, in fact, is an expired license code.
  3. Hello ESET users. I myself have been using this antivirus since October 2020, and even wrote reviews on it on Russian and European forums, noting its strengths and weaknesses. In general, the antivirus was fine with me and I decided to renew my license for 3 years at once, while simultaneously recommending it to two of my friends (license for 3 PCs for 3 years). We raised the amount to buy a license, and I bought a boxed version in one of the major digital stores. It was January 3 of this year. However, when at home I tried to activate this license on my laptop, I could not do this, since it turned out to be invalid. Error 6 - "Your license has expired and cannot be renewed, the product must be activated with a different license. This error usually occurs when you try to activate a product using an expired trial license." And from that moment my communication with ESET technical support in Russia begins. The point is not even that my problem with the license has not yet been resolved by transferring it from one department to another (now it is either in the third or in the fourth department). By e-mail, I sent all the necessary information, photos of receipts with the date of purchase, a photo of the box and an insert with a license code, an e-mail to which I registered the license. and other information. The next day, I called technical support by phone to find out what was the reason for this error, why the code from the sealed box was invalid. I was answered by a technical support specialist who really tried to help me, he read all my e-mail correspondence, explained the reason (the code turned out to be invalid, because it had to be activated before January 1, 2022, but the box did not indicate such information, in the store where I made the purchase, they also did not tell me anything, moreover, after that I came to the store to figure it out, and the consultants said that such a situation simply could not be, they did not even believe me that this was possible). The technical support specialist told me by phone that he would quickly solve the problem and send me a new code instead of the invalid one. But a day passed, and the code did not come to me. After a day, I called again to find out why they didn’t send me the code that was promised yesterday. The second specialist said that the problem was not solved, since approval from the authorities was required, but by the evening the code would definitely be ready and it would be sent to me by e-mail. I waited all evening, but instead of a code, I only received a message that my problem had been sent to another department, and the next day, another department asked me again for all the information on the problem that I had forwarded earlier. Didn't they get anything from tech support? I sent them all the information again. After that, another day passed after which I received a message that my problem was transferred to another (third in a row) department, since the second department could not solve it. I called technical support for the third time to find out what was going on in general and what was the difficulty just to issue a new code instead of the invalid one I bought. The third specialist, while I was retelling the whole situation, grunted, then silently hung up, and no one else answered me. I received a message by e-mail that my problem was transferred to some other department. For the period of the investigation in the problem, no one provided me with a temporary trial license instead of my expiring old license, and did not even offer it. If I were told right away that to solve the problem (issue a new valid key) it would not be done in a couple of days, but requires a couple of weeks, that for this you need to connect a lot of employees from other departments, connect a director, someone else, and for this period Since you are provided with a temporary trial license, then I would have no complaints. But I was assured that this problem can be solved in a day, that "they will definitely solve it by the evening." but they haven’t solved the problem until now, but only transferred from department to department, and now they hang up on my calls. In general, as a conclusion, I can say that I liked the ESET antivirus, but the technical support of the antivirus in Russia did not. Sorry if I wrote to the wrong forum section.
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