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  1. "Informative" is the default setting and should display the alerts
  2. Bizarre , alerts showing properly on ESSP with the same windows setup. Tested with IE11, EDGE, Firefox and all working ok Maybe just isolated issue with EIS ??
  3. cyberhash

    NOD32 update

    Does this "time difference" issue only happen when you "manually" update from the update tab in the GUI and keep that tab open then compare time ?? If so , click on the home tab in the GUI and then go back to the update tab and see if the last update time changes (xx hours ago)
  4. I find it quite the opposite , i use outlook 2016 and between the antispam that hotmail uses , along with the antispam that Eset uses i am lucky if i get 1 spam message per week. This is without using any custom lists or filters and just by default. Might be more active spam in the part of the world you live in ?? Just a thought
  5. You are welcome @foneil , it just seemed a bit odd that after all the improvements made on the products that no mention of any of it appeared on the release notes. P:s ... I'm reading the release notes that accompany the download
  6. https://www.eset.com/int/home/smart-security-premium/download/ And click on advanced options on the right
  7. @foneil I was referring to the under the hood ones. I think people were expecting more than just an updated GUI and a referral program after waiting a year, which is what the release notes imply.
  8. There are actually plenty of changes in the new version, many more than the (4) that is listed against the changelog that is shown against Maybe once the discrepancy in the changelog is noticed and updated then you might be more satisfied ? @Marcos @Peter Randziak