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  1. Installed it yesterday with no issues
  2. New version of NOD32 = 9.0.425.1 ???

    You should really install version 10. I cant speak or read french but you will find it here.
  3. Are you happy with ESET?

    Trust the software to do it's job ? = YES Trust ESET as a company ? = YES When you install any A/V product you are essentially "Choosing" to participate in the detection of malicious software and without any data being sent back to any vendor then detection rates would drop dramatically. What you refer to as "The Kaspersky Thing" , is blew out of proportion in my opinion. For a home user, it really makes no difference. But on corporate or government systems it would be unwise to use anything that could send back the details of any running applications to any 3rd party. The real question should be why government agencies chose to run this type of software on the machines in the first place. Anyone that is in the position of making choices with online/offline security should at least know how software works before they are employed in a position to make these decisions. A bit like buying a car when you don't even know how to drive to start with, then complaining when you have an accident.
  4. Data collection/distribution is part of every AV and it's been going on for longer than these articles imply.
  5. Right click the ESET icon in your sys tray and goto the "about" tab , that will show you properly
  6. Port 443

    Is this screenshot from before you deleted that rule within your routers firewall ? . If you remove the rule and re-run the home network test within ESET it should no longer be an issue.
  7. Port 443

    Yes no response/answer is a good thing
  8. Port 443

    You could also run the various tests from this site to double check things from the internet > your network. Rather than the Eset > home network tests you are running just now.
  9. Port 443

    HTTPS scanning on port 443 is standard in any security suite , where as port 443 either being open or forwarded on your router could pose a security risk and why it's giving you the warning. Although it might not seem like it , these are 2 different things entirely. The only similarity is the port number and why it's a bit confusing.
  10. Port 443

    As far as ESS is concerned you have everything set correctly . Your router must come with a built in rule to allow port forwarding for that port if you have never added it manually. If you delete it and it comes back in the future, then i can only assume that AT&T are adding it every time they are running a pushed firmware update for your router. Service name "ConnectToCiscoAP" is to allow router access to AT&T's wireless set-top boxes
  11. Just thought I would show off my collection

  12. As i mentioned before i have never personally seen this error message and can only guess that as the message suggests the "configuration" has somehow become corrupt. Leaving it to see if it sorts itself out might not be such a good idea as there could be many parts corrupted and could leave you unprotected in the worst case scenario . Therefore exporting your config.xml and importing it into a fresh install would also be a bad idea as it would most likely import corrupted entries back into a fresh install and put you back in the same position as before. Since support are not willing to dig any deeper as to where the corruption is coming from, you might want to run a couple of simple checks before removing and reinstalling, as any faults that are originating from hardware will be sure to rear their head again in the future. Running "chkdsk" on your system drive from an elevated command prompt to check for bad sectors on your hard disk. Then maybe a quick run of memtest to check for any errors that may be originating from faulty ram
  13. Coin-Hive flag as malicious

    Sadly there will be loads of people sitting with the older version that does not require any user consent. The cat is already out of the bag
  14. Never seen this happen in all the years i have used ESET products and if you have had it happen twice could suggest there is something else causing the issue. If the repair does not work , you can PM me and i will see if i can help you out any. only if you do my grass
  15. Coin-Hive flag as malicious

    Not safe at all and especially attractive as coin based currency is anonymous. Just the matter of time before someone reworks the code and it can be run on webservers (if it's not already done). Not just in the browser of unsuspecting users visiting websites.