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  1. Probably so new that people wont have any experience of issues with it. Had a quick peek on their own forums and it seems like there is a few problems with Glasswire just running on its own. You could always have a go yourself and see how it goes
  2. Will swap you for AOL install cd
  3. Upgrade to windows 98 you mean, i'm on IBM dos 3.3
  4. I totally agree it's a mixed basket. I have a Motorola that is sitting on android 5.1 , and will probably never see another update before its time to resign it to the recycling and buy a new one. For security i would love the latest update, but who is really to blame ??? do google only allow manufacturers to update devices to a certain build or is it decided by a timescale. Or do Motorola, Samsung etc not care ??? Pretty poor when you think that an expensive buy like a 2017 model smartphone could essentially be stuck with old apps and an old O/S if google corners it all for itself within months of purchase. Competition is good for everyone, sadly when it comes to technology the choices are getting smaller as time goes on.
  5. Yes they do .... but what i meant by carving up the android market is that device/manufacurer specific versions of android is what they are trying to kill off.
  6. Just another attempt by Google to be "all things to all people". One of the key names to try and paint a bad picture of traditional antivirus products for years now. They won the web search battle against Yahoo and Microsoft years ago and are in the process of carving up the android market for themselves by being the only company to offer regular updates for phones. I cant see every security vendor sitting back and letting them steal their business. Plus all these 3rd party security companies all have apps listed on Google Play Store , so how can that possibly be workable ?? or do they plan to corner the mobile antivirus market at the same time. My guess is that in 10 years time they will still be drip feeding the same "Reworded" news ........ I also doubt that AV's are willing to build their own browsers to accompany their products. But i suppose with a good offer of royalties or cash that Mozilla could be persuaded to part with their code to be used in commercial products.
  7. I read that you had formatted your drive and had only installed EIS and were then having your problem, and the reason why i suggested that it might be a issue with one of the drivers that windows has installed by default. " BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 kaspersky" , " BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 avast" , " BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 trend micro" , " BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 ESET", " BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 malwarebytes" , " BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 bitdefender. All of these and more have matches on google, but you get the idea ...... On the surface it might look like the AV product is the culprit , but its something else that's the root of the trouble all along. If you believe that it's EIS that is the cause then you would be better off contacting one of the moderators on the site. Marcos is your man
  8. Did you install the new sticks of ram into the same slots on the motherboard that you removed the old ones from ? There should be a manual for your motherboard from the manufacturer showing you the order that ram should be installed.
  9. Does your bios have a option to use XMP for the memory ??? Use that if it does and f10(save and exit) and see if it solves your problem.
  10. Yes i can understand that you don't want to see the messages about the protection being off. It's just a temporary thing for testing to see if it helps with the problem you are having. It just helps when trying to narrow down where the problem is coming from, as there are quite a few things it could be. I'm more inclined to think its a bad driver somewhere that's causing the issue though. Very like the "irql_not_less_or_equal" BSOD when a bad driver is installed. Might be worth checking for updated network adapter drivers and chipset drivers too as these can be problematic. This app is free and it does a good job of fetching and updating drivers. You could try using it and uninstall it after you have done the updates. hxxp://
  11. Rarely use powershell myself but have tested it and i get the same type of delay. Have used it previously and don't remember having this issue. Last time i used it was not long before the creators update, so unsure as to what is at fault.
  12. Disabling HIPS and then rebooting and see how things go might be a good starting point (setup>computer protection>hips). See if the problem persists if you do that.
  13. Has this just started since you installed EIS ?? , as there can be many reasons behind BAD_POOL_CALL.
  14. Generally using the standard uninstaller built into ESET programs does the job, but to be safe when upgrading to a newer version its a good idea to do the following. Download the ESET uninstall tool from here . 1, Standard uninstall ESS from (add/remove programs) 2, Reboot into safe mode 3. Run the ESET uninstaller that you downloaded Reboot into windows in normal mode and install your new EIS
  15. I see that you have advanced system care running realtime. Has the update problem arisen since installing that ? and does temporarily disabling that allow you to update ESS ? It seems to do a lot of port blocking and blocking malicious websites . Maybe IObit have blocked ESET update url by mistake.