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  1. I have the same but it just seems to be an informative alert rather than a genuine fault.
  2. Depends what you want to do :) Serif affinity is a good paid alternative. Gimp a decent free alternative.
  3. @TomFace Likewise mate , always nice to keep in touch The reason i was asking about passwords on log on is that i have observed that the splash screen wont appear when you allow windows to sit on the lock screen "awaiting password" for any more than a few seconds(5-10 ish). I assume that it's because ESSP is loading prior to even reaching the lock screen (to protect from boot, as you would expect) , and the splash screen is loading (behind the lock screen) and why "in my case" that if i don't input my password when i first reach the lock screen (pretty much immediately) that i don't get to see it. I can replicate this either way 100% each time, put password in quickly and i see the splash screen or have a delay when inputting password on the lock screen and i don't get to see it. It does however load without issue and sits loaded in the system tray properly (as expected). Neither do i have any issues with it registering with windows security centre or it remembering size or location of the GUI position on my desktop (or opening closing). I'm on windows 10 x64 (for reference). What you and @SCR have happening is a different kettle of fish entirely , especially if it's affecting it loading to the system tray and not registering with windows security centre.
  4. @TomFaceIf you have to use a password to log into windows (depending on how quick you type) , the splash screen can load and disappear before you even hit the desktop. @TomFace/ @SCR , did you both do an in product upgrade to v12
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