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  1. As it's a problem that's very limited in the amount of sites that it affects , i am still inclined to believe its an issue that firefox is creating itself. If it was Purely a firefox-Eset certificate issue , then all sites would be affected in firefox. Could be the way that firefox renders code from certain pages. Or the newly introduced "standard" security measures built into the newer builds of firefox. As this part where you should be able to click on the "site information or padlock icon" in firefox should allow you to exclude these sites from the inbuilt security features baked into the browser .......... and it's not present(faulty). This is probably the 3rd site that i have seen with the same issue, from the pile of websites that i frequently visit. Id personally just use another browser for a single website , rather than going and temporarily disabling ssl or creating any sort of exclusions just to have it work in firefox. But that's down to personal preference.
  2. Hmm the same SSL certificate is present in edge and works perfectly.
  3. At a guess i would say this is more down to issues with the browser. Im the same, it works in ms edge , but fails to load in firefox. Since firefox 67 i have had various issues on websites , so its nothing new
  4. Setup > Network Connections and check the troubleshooting wizard at the bottom for recently blocked communications for anything related to SAGE software.
  5. I have the same but it just seems to be an informative alert rather than a genuine fault.
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