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  1. Now mine has "just started" behaving the same way as others are reporting. Strange that i got around 2 weeks from updating without any issues then without any reason it has started ignoring rules. Firewall module is still the exact same version 1349.3 (10/04/2017)
  2. @SlashRose the german does not translate very well so i don't know what you mean @Thors69 updated manually from 390 to 10.1.204
  3. Certainly seems the case like i mentioned before. There would be hundreds of people here complaining of the same issue if it affected just one module as everyone is on the same version regardless of the build number of "the" security suite used. Mine works WITHOUT fault on ESSP 10.0.204. What i will point out is that all my firewall rules were created using previous builds like 10.0.390 ......... and i updated to 10.1.204. I did have to create a few new rules after upgrading to windows creators update and any new rules i have created are also working fine.
  4. Hmm , makes no sense when my ESSP works fine
  5. Yes i use interactive mode as automatic has always caused issues for me. But itman has hit the nail on the head ....... it's EIS that's the problem and not ESSP that i am running that has issues. Hopefully this post can help ESET identify the problem you are having with EIS , by checking the differences against ESSP firewall.
  6. Well spotted itman . That would probably explain why i am not having issues because i am running "premium". Might be easier for them to fix out the problem with EIS if it's running properly with ESSP. Apologies BALTAGY ...........
  7. Unsure as to why yours is broken, but here is a video of mine working without fault.
  8. I don't doubt that you are having problems. Im just trying to help you work out whats causing the issue. Still think a good starting point would be to open ESS , goto tools>more tools>Log files(Personal Firewall) and see if there is any instances of svchost being blocked and right click to allow and remember similar types of actions. Also noticed that you don't even get a pop up message for smart screen filter when you launch edge (which you should do as its a separate process), and not part of edge itself.
  9. Yes i seen that another 2 people had the same problem, but if it was a problem with ESS then i would be affected too. I'm running the same combination of windows version and ESS as the people reporting problems but i don't have any issues whatsoever. Have you went to (Tools>Log Files>Personal Firewall) and checked for any entries of svchost being blocked as the new build of windows treats it differently than before and are not grouped like previous builds of windows. If you go to task manager in windows and check the processes tab, you will see there are lots of entries (3 pages) now and each item is running a separate instance of Service host. Unlike previous builds that had around 8 instances running and had all items running within those 8.
  10. Don't have the same issue myself. Running w10 x64 1703 , and ESSP 10.1.204. Would imagine if it was a bug with the software then it would affect me too, and that more people would be having the issue. Have noticed that after the update to 1703 that smartscreen filter now needed a new rule created. Maybe it's this that's causing the issue and not edge itself ?
  11. Done mine and im the same as peteyt , pause protection is no longer shown in the pop up :S
  12. Sorry about that, never meant to cause you a problem . Have removed the link, so people can just browse the ESET homepage and find the download manually for their product.
  13. Not upgraded yet myself, but would agree with you that the pause protection quick link can be handy on occasion. Would also like to see it back if it's gone
  14. Its already available directly via the website, the in product upgrade usually takes a bit longer to appear
  15. Malwarebytes would probably do the task on its own, i would suggest that you try that on its own as first port of call. It's free but its nothing to worry about if you get it direct from