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  1. Be nice to see how this progresses and if indeed the code is bad. I had used VT myself before submitting it as a false positive as generally the more and more time passes, then the score on there swings up or down. If any of the other major vendors had it listed on VT as being bad i would not have questioned it and never sent a FP report in. According to VT, ESET still does not see this as being bad as of 23:36 GMT on 06/03 and there are less detecting it now. I can understand that VT will have some type of delay before it gets proper readings on the detections, but i did leave it for a wee
  2. Thanks @itman and @shocked, for checking and replying. I am going to proceed and send some more requested information back and see what comes of it. Bit of a strange one this 😏
  3. Thanks for checking that for me @Marcos. I don't believe that my machine is infected as this is the only page where i encounter the issue. I have browsed the same page before without a problem, but i recently changed ISP and the router was changed when i made the switch in January. I will attach the logs and quarantines files back to ESET for a look at, but have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to turn out to be something relating to my ISP if nobody else can replicate the issue. Thanks again
  4. Hi all, I just submitted what i believed to be a false positive with a website to ESET, and i got a reply saying that they could not replicate the issue and i am wondering if this is something that's unique to the current BETA release as i have not manually edited any settings that could explain this happening. Could one of you kind people please try and access this website for me and let me know if you receive the same alert (JS.Redirector.NFC Trojan) when you click on one of the lenses from the list there (like the video). Happens on any browser i have installed also. hxxps://www.si
  5. Have had a notification on a couple of boot ups regarding Eset Gui. Have checked the logs within windows and Eset and neither show anything wrong. Think it had happened 4 times now out of around 30 boot ups. Strange that it is intermittent πŸ€” If anyone else is getting a similar message i could report it as a bug, otherwise i will remove and go with a fresh install as this version was applied as an over the top install.
  6. Tested the sites for you and they load fine for me (in the uk) Maybe a problem with your isp , or the routing from your isp to the host ?
  7. I have the same file and i am guessing it contains a list of domains blocked by Microsoft for a variety of MS applications.
  8. Also had a message about "Limited Direct Cloud Connection" over 2 days and it resolved itself without any intervention. As mentioned as above i would assume that it was something temporary on ESET's end as its no longer an issue for me
  9. The documentation for any general releases are available from the offline installer page on the Eset website. Under the advanced options for each particular download
  10. The layout and most used features within the ESET gui are more accessible and easier to use than many of its peers. Being static does not detract from the product itself. I doubt anyone would leave a good product behind for a bit of "eye candy" ☺️
  11. Looks like a bit of a hit or a miss with the bug as i don't have any of the issues that anyone is talking about in various places (when using outlook 2019). What i did notice for a few weeks was that microsoft were having problems with either delays in emails being received or they were being queued up for a few days and all arriving at once. Probably lots going on behind the scenes with spam bots and fraudulent emails over this corona period.
  12. It's nothing to worry about. Lots of sites use the same host to prevent DOS attacks on their end .... Not Your end
  13. @TomasP Yes i was going to mention it as i received the first email notification around 16 hours ago Thanks
  14. Have you checked the troubleshooter to see if anything is being blocked that shouldn't be ??? SETUP > NETWORK PROTECTION > TROUBLESHOOTING WIZARD
  15. Thanks for checking that out @TomasP πŸ˜ƒ
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