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  1. Hi @LB-ID, When you had the black screen on boot , were you able to bring up task manager by pressing ctrl-alt-del and selecting task manager to see if anything was consuming large amounts of cpu cycles , on either the "details" or "processes" tab within task manager ?? You could also check this when your NOD32 is "not" installed and see if there is anything that looks suspicious beforehand. If it's something thats just happened in the past few months then it would suggest that there is something else causing the issue and not your Antivirus , even although removing it seems to remedy the problem. A (bad)device driver update during windows update could trigger such a behaviour, and would fit most with your timeline of it "worked then suddenly didn't".
  2. cyberhash

    At&t Address Block

    The reason i can reach the page without issue is that "Adblock Plus" is filtering that bad URL. Guess you have some type of filtering too @itman ??
  3. cyberhash

    At&t Address Block

    Not blocked here when i went to that site, you should maybe check again
  4. I guess it's other vendors products thats affected, as i use firefox 65 with the sites listed above and many many more and dont and have not encountered any issues whatsoever.
  5. cyberhash

    Can anyone post...

    I have read the past dozen threads you have started regarding HIPS. Which is why i made the comment about being like a "dog with a bone". You have been given plenty of explanations as to how HIPS works, but after a few days you post the same or similar thing again. Your average user here does not : A) Have sole access to only the HIPS modules/components that ESET uses in its products to be able to test and simulate what you are looking for. B) Actively go looking for "Never Seen Before" Ransomware to run and provide you with a screenshot. C) Buy something to switch it off or break it ........ Like buying a car and taking 3 wheels off to see if it still works There is NO option of only installing the "HIPS part of your ESET product when you run the installer". Plus the HIPS module is regularly updated too so it's also not a static part of the product. @Rami , the above also applies when using a VM or not . So if my "pointless reply annoys you" it's not me who does not understand things.
  6. cyberhash

    Can anyone post...

    Easy solution ............. If its risk free and so easy then do it yourself and don't request it from other people on a forum.
  7. cyberhash

    Can anyone post...

    VM or not ............ "Get a ransomware , infect your machine , see if ESET blocks it or not " Really good advice on a public forum 👎
  8. cyberhash

    Can anyone post...

    Is it a full moon or something ??? You are like a dog with a bone ................ Nobody is stupid enough to run known ransomware just to provide you with a "Screenshot". That's just like drinking poison to see if its strong enough ☠️
  9. cyberhash

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Xmas to you and the family when it comes Tom. Go easy on the Food and Wine 🤠
  10. Default mode as you describe it, will be less in intrusive as it is designed to work without user intervention and works for novices. For more hands on, clear your rules for FW & HIPS and swap to interactive and see the alerts & frequency for yourself ??. Not seen the alerts on default mode personally, but i do know that incorrect rules with HIPS can render a machine unusable. The inbuilt rules for HIPS will always ensure that your machine will be functional. An overly sensitive "default" HIPS would be just be a hindrance and confuse users.