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  1. Installed it and it never ran properly, even trying to remove was an issue. The old v2 is still fine
  2. Not worth the risk disabling it , and the benefits would be very minimal.
  3. Personally i don't think that its ESET products that are causing the majority of issues. I think the lack of experience and knowledge is the bigger issue. A golden rule that goes back over 20+ years, was to never use 2 antivirus products on the same machine at the same time. People nowadays are running multiple security products all running realtime protection and wondering how they are having problems. Dedicated anti spyware and anti malware apps have now evolved to encompass AV into them along side realtime protection. By all means have a secondary app to scan for spyware and anti malware, but not one that uses realtime protection. Also not use something that's actually duplicating work that's being done by another security suite.
  4. If you think it is wrong, then you need to report it via the popup that appears.
  5. Try running process explorer and let it check the processes via virus total, it might help you narrow down the offender
  6. Personally i would give it a miss at the moment. Have tried to install each of the minor versions of v3 since its release and they all froze after install and uninstalling them was just as bad ...... the uninstaller never actually completed but after waiting about 5 mins i done a shutdown and restart and it was uninstalled properly without any further action. It might work fine as a standalone product but personally i would never leave my ESET product and use any other vendors.
  7. If you go into the "Microsoft Windows Update" area of the advanced setup > Tools section of the GUI , you can set windows to notify you of only critical updates. Like the pictures attached. But you will still see the "hardware drivers available" pop up in ESS every time there is a patch available for windows, once you install the windows update the popup wont show up again
  8. Never seen a page that outlines the changes on the updates to the modules personally. Just the definitions database and the details released against each build update.
  9. Not sure what you mean by integrate ?? But ESS is available for android phones ESET Mobile Security is what you are looking for in the downloads section of the ESET website or on google play.
  10. Hi, Your windows update issue wont be caused by your ESET installation. You are probably hindered by a bug with windows update itself and its very widespread. I have had to manually download the anniversary update myself a while back. There are some tips here as to how to try and resolve this windows 10 problem. hxxp:// How to fix Windows Update: Run Windows Update troubleshooter Would be a good place to start
  11. I wouldn't go as far as saying that is a demonizing column, more about reporting the facts. Although the title of the article "It might be time to stop using Antivirus" is misleading. I could sit here and write a massive 10 page reply myself but you can shorten it all down to a few key facts. 1, Is my computer safer with an AV product installed = YES of course 2, Will there always be compatibility issues with software = YES to a certain degree 3, Does any security software slow down my computer = YES to varying degrees 4, Will updating my OS and any software i use keep me completely safe = NO new exploits are found every day, otherwise there would be no patch cycle for OS's and other software. 5, Skeptical computing has always been key, nobody in the street walks up to you and offers you a tax refund or £3,000,000 if you give them all your personal details and the same thing applies online. The same thing applies to any file attachments on emails (even from people in your contact list/address book) These are by far NEW revelations , and could have been written over 20 years ago. The guy should have written a help column rather than a misleading one.
  12. He seems to like a good moan about everything except mozilla and microsoft. I use firefox myself, but its funny that he never mentions the amount of security updates that have been released to fix security holes in windows and firefox over the years . I doubt many people will take his little rant seriously.
  13. Submitting the URL to ESET would be a good starting point, if its a fake tech support it will get added to the blocklist when its checked. You can also go into the advanced setup and add items manually to a blocklist , if you have multiple computers running that you want to use the same blocking rules with , you can create a text file and import it into each machine to save a lot of effort..
  14. I have the standard version 5.26.5937 installed and i don't have that reference in my registry (AutoConfigURL). Quick google search shows a few references to browser hijacks. Maybe trying to force advertising in your browser ???