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  1. If people used these test results as what they are intended for "information", then these threads would never exist on the forum. Like i said before its a "fraction" of a single percent difference that people are complaining about. If it was 5 or 10% , then yes i think that there would be a reason to ask why there was such a large difference. These forums provide the proof that people are not getting infected, otherwise they would be flooded with annoyed people. The tests are valuable as a general measurement of "on the spot" performance , but the tests don't actually reflect when people get infected with samples that have NOT been tested by AV-C. They are useful but don't paint the whole picture as some people believe it does.
  2. Computer very slow / frozen

    What other apps are you running at boot time, and are you using any other anti malware or antivirus along with NOD ?? NOD is very lightweight and wont be the reason for the slowdown, give a bit more info and i bet we can resolve your issue
  3. The full report for the same period only awarded MSE a rating of advanced , where ESET achieved advanced+ ......
  4. I don't believe anyone ignores it especially the vendors of the products tested, but the chart makes something look worse than it actually is. A fraction of a single percent is what separates all the vendors. There is not really a bad score there ..........
  5. A used license?

    If memory serves me correctly it will just say "Invalid username/password"
  6. HTTPS was never created to discover or report fake sites, its merely to encrypt the data between your browser and the site you are visiting to stop it being intercepted by a "man in the middle". What you are saying does have some validity though, as some guides online have portrayed if you are entering (bank details/paypal/credit card details) to make sure the site is using HTTPS. Although this is good practice to follow , it has never "meant" that the site is legitimate as some guides fail to point out.
  7. Read this article on a few different sites now. What i did notice was that if you are running windows 10 fall update or later then the method does NOT work and will cause a BSOD Another reason to update to windows 10 Suppose the blue screen is the better option
  8. Things like this are generally resolved very quickly @BobU . Not issuing a timescale is pretty much the industry standard when fixing smaller(non security) bugs like this, as something could come along that requires a faster resolution as it might actually pose a threat to security itself which is a more urgent matter.
  9. @BobU Bah was hoping that would have solved your problem as that bug in the offline installer looked very much like the culprit by installing a feature(antispam) that's not actually part of NOD32. Maybe your best route would be to contact @Marcos via private message and give him a note of your support ticket number and he can marry it up with this thread you have posted and see how it goes from there.
  10. @BobU Might be worth noting before raising a ticket ........... Also noticed on this thread created on 04/12 by ESET themself states that version has been released that fixes a problem with the previous version of the OFFLINE installer that "installs the wrong product". It does state that it affected "ESET internet security" , but may also be why your install has became a little buggy ??? Maybe worth uninstalling your existing version of NOD32 , then going into outlook and manually removing the ESET antispam folder manually , then closing outlook and reinstalling your new version and seeing if the anti spam folder appears again when you launch outlook for the first time ??.
  11. @BobU On last windows update KB4051963 on 30/11 i did notice that there was a new process launched by my office suite , even although there was not an update to OFFICE or OUTLOOK itself. Might be worth your while raising a support ticket via the ESET GUI to see if there is a known issue (like yours) or this has happened since this update and your v11 install.
  12. Certainly seems that way @BobU I assume that the antispam folder is created by outlook when it is launched with the antispam feature enabled within EIS or ESSP and with NOD32 not actually having that plugin as part of the suite it seems bizarre that it has been created in the first place. Does your Outlook have the plugin tab showing like this ???
  13. No @BobU i don't work for ESET , but im getting a little confused here..... Antispam is a feature of either ESET Internet Security or ESET Smart Security and NOT NOD32. Are you sure you chose correct installer when you downloaded it originally and never installed one of the other products by mistake ?. You can see it on the comparison sheet here Within EIS or ESSP , its a very simple task of changing the slider to enable or disable the antispam integration feature within the GUI , without removing the email client protection as you can see from the image i have made up below.
  14. Your email will always be scanned , the integration part is what add's the anti spam function & folder
  15. @BobU details here